Capsule Computer’s 2012 Game of the Year Awards

After twelve months of blockbusters, it’s time to celebrate the games that went for big and delivered in excellence in every way imaginable. From the iOS to the Xbox 360, join us yet again as we revel in the year that was, and relive memories of what will go down as some of the greatest gems of a generation.

Welcome to Capsule Computer’s 3rd Annual Game of the Year Awards!

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LinkageAX1956d ago


futurefrog1956d ago

Walking Dead was an absolutely beautiful game in all regards. I think you are just bashing it because of some personal bias towards great games.

masterabbott1956d ago

I have to agree wit this frog guy, Walking dead is awesome and deserves to win! Well done to it.

coaidant1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Walking Dead deserves it

militissanctus1955d ago

Man...Walking Dead is intense. Can't play two episodes without taking a break in-between

ZacE1956d ago

I like the majority of this list. The Walking Dead told an amazingly crafted and emotional story. Loved it.

militissanctus1955d ago

Very few games put me on edge like Walking Dead did. Too bad that first person shooter coming up with the same name won't be able to even come close.

koga881956d ago

Meh, it's an alright list but I still can't see Journey as that great of a game and definitely not the Best PS3 title this past year. I never was enthralled by the online despite the fact that people always clamor how "great and emotional" it is with playing with someone who can't communicate in any way and often just screws up your game.

ZacE1956d ago

I agree with you about the online co-op to a large degree. I think it just presented something new as a game. Maybe not in terms of gameplay, but everything else.

Ryder491955d ago

I disagree. The whole point is that you can't communicate. It would absolutely destroy the atmosphere and emotional depth of the game if you could hear people yelling over mics the whole time.
"Bro go collect that thing"
"This section sucks"
"I'm only playing this for the Trophies"

Total immersion killers.

futurefrog1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I am shocked by the fact Halo 4 beat out Forza Horizon, I think that was a huge miscalculation on Capsule Computers part. Also the fact that Journey won anything really discredits this list in many ways to be honest as it is an over-rated piece of trash

discordman1956d ago

Forza...more like Snoresa

ZacE1956d ago

I loved Forza Horizon too, still playing it. But Halo 4 is a juggernaut so that was expected.

masterabbott1956d ago

Halo is 1000x better than a crappy racing game!

LinkageAX1956d ago

HALO 4 is the superior game in every regard. It's not one that I'd have at the top though.

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