Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Break down the new Gray Fox (Cyborg Ninja) trailer in HD screencaps

You've seen the preview for Gray Fox (Cyborg Ninja) in action. Now check out over twenty HD screencaps from the latest trailer to enjoy the beauty again!

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zerocrossing2017d ago

Grey fox, the most badass cyborg ninja ever.

yami9302016d ago

I think this( ) should be a costume for raiden or an accessory you can put on all raiden skins that do not have items already (meaning not compatiable with Gray Fox or Mariachi skin) then people will really be seeing this game as Devil May Cry lol, but it is an awesome look for him and also I would love to see stealth camoflauge as an unlockable or make it into the game somehow. Before you start to think "but all the cyborgs have thermal vision" Im sure there is an easy get around, such as in WW2 it was found that the japanese had super submarines which had a newly developed metal shell that interfered with thermal scanning and sonar, so it was basically invisible to everything but the naked eye (which is how it got caught). Being that Metal Gear has always referenced real life technology and events, that can be one way to add stealth camo, or they can implement it in a way that Doktor or someone else developed a new prototype armor / coating for armor that allows you to sneak by cyborgs, but they will kind of notice something pass and question if they saw anything or not (similar to enemies "what was that noise?" seacrh for you in MGS), but if you stand for too long in front of an enemy they will discover you. Lastly, I would love if the US version of the game had an option for Red Blood, White Blood or no Blood, you can never go wrong with giving people some options.

If they can get these things in the game it will be an awesome throwback to previous games in the series, plus will complete Gray Fox as a skin and make this game that much more awesome. Now if only I can reach the developers to let them know...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2016d ago

This isn't metal gear SOLID, it's Rising. It's suppose to be an action game.

yami9302016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Never said it was Metal Gear Solid and never said it wasnt supposed to be an action game, I know it is Metal Gear Rising, but it is Metal Gear nevertheless. I know this is an action game, I have been waiting for this game for a long time (was really hoping for a Frank Jeagar / Gray Fox game but this works too especially with a Gray Fox skin) I am a big fan of Metal Gear and if you didnt know, this game has a lot of stealth in it as well as a no kill mode where you go through the whole game stealth and taking down enemies with no leathal force via a wooden sword (I believe its a new difficulty / mode after beating the game once). The stealth camo would be great fan service and a fun little thing to have after beating the game (every big metal gear game has had the camo, just as they all had the cardboard box) plus, the enemy cyborg soilders in Rising already Utilize stealth camo (as seen in the demo) which is how they are able to approach Raiden to try and defeat him.

Also, if the link doesnt work on my comment above the picture was of Trench Coat Raiden which is how he is first seen in MGS4 before he fights all the Gekkos.

DoctorNefarious1232016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Not related to the article above but you can play as Gray fox on the final missions of VR in Mgs 1

Xklaw2016d ago

I bought VR missions just because we could play as Gray Fox. So i´ve been waiting for a game like rising ever since mgs1. Guess it wil be worth the wait.

DoctorNefarious1232016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Hate the criticism it is getting from some mgs fans. It going to be a different experience, but that not to say it wont be a great experience nonetheless.

quovladis2016d ago

the biggest son of a b**ch that ever existed in video games :D yeahh

gninja922016d ago

the gray fox costume should be an actual suit not a color swap. he didnt need any electric recharges, hence in the game he should be an actual character to paly as whose stats and functions differ from raiden. he should be able to use that power from mgs1 to emit an electrical field around himself. not need to recharge after every guy he slices. like raiden seems to need. also should be way more sleek and thin not a hulk-like fighter like the new raiden is.