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2012 was a year that gave us a lot of great games, in a wide variety of genres and wide variety of platforms. And amongst all of those titles, were some which told truly memorable stories, or featured rich character development and writing. Today, we bring you the Top 10 Characters of 2012, because whatever their actions, whatever their stories and whatever their games, this lot brought something to the table which really made an impact.

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ElitaStorm1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

this guy has made a list just to include vaas

where is kratos and Mr.freeman? and the others

or this might be the worst list of 2013

JasonXS121896d ago

This list is honestly pretty crappy. Slenderman as a top character? Connor as a top character? Haytham was better than Connor. Claptrap was alright, but Jack is far better.

Games_R_Us1896d ago

Who do you guys want? Smurfette?

ElitaStorm1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

no, but did u forgot to include her aswell?

icecoldfire1896d ago

what happened to the walking dead characters?

Games_R_Us1895d ago

Remember walkin dead is not out down under so we are not aware of those characters