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Top 5 Free PC MMORPGs to Play in 2013

The Koalition: "Free games aren’t new to the PC gaming scene by any means, but in recent years they have continued to grow more and more popular. With Steam’s whole-hearted acceptance of the genre, especially in the free-to-play space, it’s no surprise that 2013 is looking to be one of the best years for lovers of MMORPGs. Whether it be some of the top-tier formerly pay-to-play games going the F2P route, or new comers to the scene, there are nearly endless options for gamers of all types and skill levels.

Check out my (extremely brief) list of the top 5 free PC MMORPGs that you should be playing in 2013!" (Continent of the 9th Seal, Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter, PC, Star Wars:The Old Republic, TERA, The Repopulation)

rbailey  +   557d ago
Great informative list right here. I have heard alot about Neverwinter and am looking forward to seeing what other sleeper hit MMOs come out this year.
ATi_Elite  +   556d ago
Remove Star Wars The Old Republic and insert Blade & Soul and the List will be PERFECT!

SW:TOR is ONLy popular by name......it's player base has been dropping and dropping and even the F2P model switch hasn't produced good numbers as it's player base still continues to DROP. SW:Tor is DEAD!
MRMagoo123  +   556d ago
while i was playing wow there was a lot of ppl in trade chat talking the star wars game up and saying they are leaving wow once it released..............needless to say they are all back on wow maybe 1 month after it came out lol.
DeadlyFire  +   555d ago
Well I see why when playing it. Nothing is free. Just little stuff. Almost 95% of stuff is pay to own including races. So its pretty unattractive to me. A good way to socialize with some people is about all.
Slapshot82  +   557d ago
I barely have the time to play offline games these days, so MMOs aren't something that I can even consider jumping into fully. With that said, I do still keep up with them and one that I've put a considerable amount of time beta testing from time to time over the past year is DUST 514 - it's worthy of keeping an eye out for if you've got a PS3.
jaggernaut25  +   556d ago
OH most definitely, looking forward to that. This post was focused on MMORPGs - I will be making a separate post for other types of free games to keep an eye on this year :)
Slapshot82  +   556d ago
Oh yeah, I know that it was - just throwing that one out there, because it's truly a game to look forward to if you've not gotten a chance to test it. :)
Hassassin  +   556d ago
Is Tera to grindy?? I want to give it a chance...
CLOUD1983  +   556d ago
From my experience for the first 20-25 lvls from the beta it doesn't take too long to lvl up compare to other Korean MMORPGs but what sucks big time in Tera is the boring uninteresting quests(gather X items, kill X mobs, deliver X item to X person etc) & the prob is that u r going to do a lot of them as u lvl up & that it's a minus.

The combat system & the graphics is the reason to at least try this but seriously those quest sucks & destroy the enjoyment of the game I would expect from a new company at 2012-13 to think something more original & innovative but every1 keep on doing the same things again & again, disappointing...
solar  +   556d ago
Tera is very grindy, but the combat is great.
ExCest  +   556d ago
Phantasy Star Online 2!

I have fun, at least...
Xristo  +   556d ago
Even though it isn't F2P, but B2P (think GW2). The Secret World is another good one to look into.
jaggernaut25  +   556d ago
Very true, it would have been on the list but I wanted to keep it to only games that could be downloaded and played without paying any money. Great suggestion though!
MaleManSam  +   556d ago
Star wars: The old republic. God damn the amount of walking, maps are too large which are practically baron most of the time. Drove me insane, It's so bland.

I want to love the game, I loved Knights of the Old republic I&II..
kevnb  +   556d ago
there are usually easy ways to get around, and a decent amount to do. The problem is that they focused mostly on story, when you finish that the game isnt much fun anymore.
ninjahunter  +   556d ago
Not much for MMO's that actually play like action-ey games huh? A boy can dream.
jaggernaut25  +   556d ago
Actually, three of the games on the list have action focused gameplay (C9, TERA and Neverwinter) so you should definitely look into those!

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