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Plesioth Returns For Fun And Games In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Everyone’s best friend, Plesioth, is back in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Capcom have posted a profile of the wyvern. (3DS, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate)

Zichu  +   859d ago
Never expected this. I'm such a huge fan of MH and have been playing since the PS2.

I wasn't 100% on getting a Wii U, but everytime info is revealed for this game I get a step closer to wanting one lol. I will probably end up getting it just for this game and I know I will enjoy it just as much as MHTri.

This is probably the only game I enjoy the monster by Capcom.
Skate-AK  +   859d ago
Haha that's the first time I've seen 3 bubbles used up in one post.
belac09  +   859d ago
its gonna be on the 3ds too!
Zichu  +   859d ago
Crap, PC froze and it posted it three times... Ignore... Sorry
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Zichu  +   859d ago
Crap, PC froze and it posted it three times... Ignore... Sorry
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AWBrawler  +   857d ago
Definitely getting this

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