Neo & Dark Dante hitting DmC as costume pack DLC

The first image of costume-related DmC DLC has hit Capcom Japan. The bad news for the new-look Dante haters is that, well, the old-look Dante isn’t showing up. At least, not this time.

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TronEOL1957d ago

I'm pretty sure the PSN and Steam versions are getting this as pre-order bonuses. And I'm assuming it'll be available on launch day.

GSpartan7771956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

They are getting it for free as pre-order bonus, but I am assuming once it is released that you can purchase them, since it doesn't say that it is exclusive for pre-ordering, just that it's free. Players who have beaten Nephelim and DMD did not get these costumes as unlocked, just white-haired Dante, jacket-less Dante and Super Dante Mode. So most likely they will charge like they do for Street Fighter IV.

Ultr1956d ago

wuat is this, wannabe shinobi? looks aweful xD
Ill stick with the original. lol

Information Minister1956d ago

Yep, sounds like Capcom alright... Let the DLC milking begin.

Mocat1956d ago

ahaha wtf are those converse, i tought i'd never see the day.