Myvideogamenews Review: New Super Mario Bros. U

MVGN writes: "Something strange happened to me while playing the New Super Mario Bros for Wii U. Within the first opening hour of the game I was transported to my younger days of gaming and felt pure joy while playing the title.

I will fully admit that when Nintendo announced that a New Super Mario title was headed to Wii U, I was a bit disappointed to learn that the game would not be in 3D. After an hour or so of playing this all new Mario adventure, all those fears were erased and what was left was a very fun video game."

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Gr811925d ago

Nintendo eventually bundles this game with the Wii U instead of or in addition to N-Land.

Hell, judging by the attach rate thus far its pretty much the game people are buying any way. This is the game the masses want.

Knushwood Butt1925d ago

Nintendo Land seems to have sold better.

Gr811925d ago

Is bundled. Mario isn't and the sales of both games are damn near even.

Knushwood Butt1925d ago

Really? Not in Japan it's not.

Japan gets shafted again then?

ElectricKaibutsu1925d ago

I'd like to point out Japan doesn't have any games in its eShop either. They do tend to get the shaft there.

ElectricKaibutsu1925d ago

I was playing this game last night with some friends. It's not a game I'd play by myself but it's a lot of fun with a couple people.

DivineAssault 1925d ago

ya, i played it alone for about 45 min on launch day & never turned the system on again.. It was.. well, NSMB AGAIN.. Friendly fun competitiveness with friends over but pretty dull alone..

EddieNX 1925d ago

You played it alone for 45 Min on launch day and then never played your wiiu again ? Are you insane ? Why did you even buy a wiiu ?

This game is fantastic , Why don't you actually try finishing the game , collecting the starcoins and do the challenges on challenge mode?

This game is the best NSMB yet , by far.