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"Hey there Bats, time to play! Okay so, my experience with Batman these past 12 years or so has been limited to the very cool Batman movie trilogy and then of course playing some Arkham Asylum (of which I played about 30 minutes and I wasn’t that impressed). Due to my limited time with Arkham Asylum, I went into Arkham City not knowing what to expect, but I figured I wouldn’t be that impressed. As it turns out, I was wrong. I was really quite impressed and I walked away more of a fan than I was before. Alright, enough about me let’s talk about the game!"

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Gr811989d ago

The Wii U's best game right now. Very well done port and good use of the gamepad.

exfatal1989d ago

on a technical stand point i feel they did a sloppy drop porting the game. they coulda done alot better for a year old game

corrus1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Actually Batman AC looks much better on PS3/360
PS3 version
Wii U version

lilbroRx1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Actually, no it doesn't. The textures are slightly higher res and their are various graphical enhancements. There is also no screen tearing. The load times are also shorter.

Even the in the video you posted of the Wii U version, the guy says that its exactly the same as the PS3/360 version except the graphics are more polished.

The framerate and texture loading issues could easily be patched though I doubt they ever will. Its no fault of the Wii U's capability. Just a incomplete port.
The only parts that don't look better were the part that were poorly ported.

Its no secret nor is it a matter of opinion that the Wii U has a far stronger GPU compared to the the PS3 and 360.

EddieNX 1989d ago

The wiiu version uses FXAA aswell unlike the 360 and ps3 version. That's why when people first played the first demo's of it , they were saying it looke 1080p native. But of course it's 720p with FXAA.