The DeanBeat: Nvidia is taking big risks moving into game hardware. Is it crazy or genius?

VB - Nvidia grabbed a lot of the coveted media attention this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The world’s biggest standalone graphics-chips company announced it would make Project Shield, a portable game system that can run Android and Steam PC games on a 5-inch screen or via an HDMI cable on a television screen. Nvidia will make and sell this system itself, turning its traditional partners into competitors.

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blackout1959d ago

Seem like making your own hardware is the new trend. This is good for the industry. Make and take care of your own shit, no middle men just you.

decrypt1959d ago

Dont think this is going to work. Specially when companies like Sony and Nintendo are already struggling in the handheld business.

If anyone wants to play PC games they will rather play them on the PC. This just seems to uncomfortable to be playing on Specially since you need to be near the PC to stream the games, then why not just play on the PC?

EddieNX 1959d ago

Repulsive is the kind of word my grandmother uses to describe my potty mouth , I never use that word.

But Project shield looks trully repulsive.

Bigpappy1959d ago

I do not think it is a good idea. You need more than functional hardware to have a successful gaming device. There are many other companies already offering more.

kevnb1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

well they already make tons of hardware, and are already making hardware found in android devices... is this really a huge stretch? Im not sure if this will be a huge success, but lets just forget about the console publishers. Most of them are just losing money, gaming is changing and I think we have maybe another decade tops the way things are now.

hazelamy1959d ago

it's an extension of what they already do now though isn't it?

their range of graphics cards are built for gaming pretty much aren't they?
so it's not like it's totally new ground for them.

a bit out of their comfort zone sure, but they do have experience that can be transferred to this market.

and the machine is built around their new gpu, and that might help with getting games ported if they can't just run the pc version.

price is going to be the key factor here i think.
if you make the ipad look cheap in comparison, like that Razer gaming tablet, you've got slim chances of success.

competitively priced, this thing could be very popular, a powerful gaming handheld with touch screen and proper controls that can also be played on your tv.

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