TrustedReviews: Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3

Overall, this is a fine conversion of an excellent game - and one that deserves to thrive on a new platform and with a new audience. Is it worthy of the nine Hugo bestowed on the PC version? Well, yes and no. In some ways, the biggest gripe PC gamers had about UT3 was that it felt too much like the existing Unreal Tournament games, and TrustedReviews can sympathise. They can understand why long-term fans were disappointed by the decision to stick with two teams, not four and the maximum player count of 32 - now 16 in the PS3 version.

When gamers have been spoilt by things like Call of Duty 4's experience system and kill-cam, or Halo 3's Forge mode and Replay Cinema, there's a little disappointment that Unreal Tournament 3 hasn't innovated more. And while the single-player campaign is a huge improvement on what has been seen in previous UT instalments, it's still not totally convincing.

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shotputking3947d ago

didn't this game come out in november? why are people still posting reviews for it? if you haven't made up your mind on whether or not to get the game by now, you probably never will.

Kleptic3947d ago

did you read the review?...its from a European site...the game is just now releasing in Europe...thank localization for that...