Everyone’s Missed The Ghost - Official Nintendo Magazine's New Game Tease

A few websites and various readers have been commenting on the tease made by Official Nintendo Magazine. Most say it’s the rumoured Resident Evil: Revelations HD console port, others say it’s for a remake/reboot of an old classic series. However we’re certain they’re all wrong.

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kgamer202010d ago

Hmmm I wonder what the game could be? May be its like that other survival horror, like ZombiU, people have been talking about?

EddieNX 2010d ago

I would piss my self if it was the Walking Dead FPS. God please don't do that to me... I know that's not an Exlusive reveal though lol.

Better be something good...

Venox20082010d ago

walking dead fps was announced for Wii U before this

EddieNX 2010d ago

''I know that's not an Exclusive reveal though''

Venox20082010d ago

could be Eternal darkness 2, Fatal frame, resident evil..hell knows, but more horror, the better ;)

millzy1022010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

walking dead already been anounced so it defo not that plus it has ghost in the picture so not resident evil.

Venox20082010d ago

how about new Fatal Frame?

Greyslash2010d ago

If its a new Survival Horror IP, count me into to buying a Wii U Nintendo!

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The story is too old to be commented.