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Submitted by Slapshot82 1124d ago | opinion piece

Wii U sales data – not as impressive as Nintendo's press release would have you believe

Analysing Nintendo's recent Press Release from a certain perspective makes it seem that there is something funny up with the reported sales figures. (Nintendo, Wii U)

konnerbllb  +   1124d ago
Feels like something is off about this, information is held back.
Slapshot82  +   1124d ago
Hi konnerbllb,

If you're speaking to my article, the information I used is from Nintendo's own Press Release. There's even a link to an unedited version of the Press Release in full to ensure that it's completely clear that I've haven't changed/altered a single thing.

I can understand why you would think this (I see all the "quick hit" articles as well), but this isn't one of them. This is nothing more than a breakdown and analysis of Nintendo's recent Press Release. I have no interest in changing or playing with words to make things appear that they are something they aren't.

Thanks for your comment,

Athonline  +   1124d ago
Not a comment to the actual article but to you Chris:
Respect for replying to N4G and identifying yourself as the author of the article.
Most authors would just "defend" their articles and POVs acting as third parties...

As for the article:
Well I know in the UK just three weeks after WiiU lunch, there was a 60 pounds off deal at ebay for Christmas and unlike most ebay deals that time, this wasn't sold out for the two weeks it was up! Demands is little bit lower than Nintendo wants us to believe.
Personally I believe it is due to casual gamers who want a console, would prefer a cheaper Wii or PS360 and more mainstream gamers like me, want to wait until all next gen consoles are out -even then I doubt I will pick WiiU.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1124d ago
I think it's bad news when 360 & ps3 can outsell a new console. But maybe they didn't have enough units? idk..

But the wiiU sometimes doesn't come up in articles in regards to "next gen". When people say next gen they tend to think ps4/720. I think nintendo really did great things last gen but that makes the perception around wiiU to be more like wii and most hardcore gamers don't think wii when it's time to play Cod or BF games.

Nintendo really have to change the perception of wiiU as a mostly casual console if they are going for the hardcore. Only those who are big time zelda/mario fans will want one.

The casual market was the back bone of wiis success and now they seem to be playing $0.99 mobile games. I think that is the real reason wiiU has a tablet to attract that market not because of innovation. They released a tablet controller in the middle of a tablet boom.

Depending on what type of gamer you are if you see wiiU in the store playing Mario next to ps3 playing The Last Of Us that is a big difference in what kind of console people will think it is.

And most nintendo games are like rayman and zelda and kirby nothing like Halo.

But then again sometimes I don't know sh!t..
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MattS  +   1124d ago
Atholine - I think you're pretty much right there. There's also the simple reality that a lot of the audience for the Wii (the people that wanted a simple entertainment device and only bought one or two games - a big part of the Wii's market) has since bought iPads and don't see the need to get another dedicated console.

The Wii U has simply launched at a different point in time to the Wii. I still think it will do well in the long term, but there is no way it will hit the numbers of the Wii.
mshope10  +   1124d ago
all i want from you guys is just admit you hate nintendo and thats why your so hard on them.

cause it's seem yinz hate on them every chance you get.but if you dont like them it makes sense.

all i know is i love my wii u.i hope it gets great sales but i knew it would not do wii's numbers.if not doing wii's numbers but beating 360 and ps3 launch numbers is some how bad then this must be the twilight zone right?
Slapshot82  +   1124d ago
@Athonline Thanks. I don't consider myself to just be another writer and I don't write things solely for the amount of "hits" they will bring in for the website that I write for. Instead, I wrote this as an informative piece that shows that there is always more than what at first meets the eye.

In this case, this release easily pleases 'core' Nintendo fans with its excitement and praise. That's great and I have no qualms with Nintendo - they are running a business for a profit - but this isn't a time for patting Nintendo on the back and overlooking the simple fact that Wii U isn't catching on with mainstream/casual gamers.I want to see Nintendo get their marketing right, let people know what Wii U actually is (it does have a broken identity, because so many people don't understand it and it's boatload of controls and controller options) and get this unique console with a ton of potential selling to everyone - not just the core Nintendo fans.

This is my last comment that I'm allowed on this topic here at N4G, but I'll gladly respond to more on the site - hope to see you all there. :)
Athonline  +   1124d ago
@Matts , @Slapshot82

Thanks! :-) I try to be neutral and nonsubjective to my comments. I always try to speak as a software developer and someone who used to want to work in the game industry. Unfortunately some people disagree/ bubble me and other people down without any reasons...

I agree with both you. Wii U could be a sold out by now if it was lunch at a different period. I believe in the long run, it will be a win for Nintendo. People who bough just a Wii and may want to upgrade in the future may go after WiiU. Until then, these core people will just wait. Plus all these "doom articles" and developers saying that WiiU doesn't have enough power, the lack of memory, may scared people.

PS3 was more expensive and two same-gen consoles were already out. For 360 the world was hesitate original -in my opinion- as they were waiting for more PS3 related announcements.
I do not want Wii to fail. In fact I hope Nintendo will succeed and sell. The more major players, the better for the end-consumer things will be. Look at the industry as a whole at the moment. Many big publishers are no longer out there, studios are closing, game prices are going up... only an idiot would want another publisher/ console maker to fail. The article from a quick read, from what I understood, mine and Matts comments are all related to the launch of WiiU not its long run survival.
t0mmyb0y  +   1123d ago
Well Said Chris. I would point fingers at whoever was in charge of advertising. Even a month after the WiiU was out, gamers didn't even know what it was. Comments were "This looks pretty good for the Wii." I showed it to family for Christmas and they had a blast. Nintendo needs to show what it does.
Godchild1020  +   1124d ago
I think the reason is, most people don't expect Nintendo consoles to be expensive or to exceed a certain amount. I can only assume that the next time Nintendo releases a new generation handheld and home console, consumers will expect a high(er) price because they expect Nintendo to be pushing HD or whatever the new tech is.

It only looks Gloom(Not Doomed) because it didn't sell as well as the Wii, but I think the price came as a shock for for consumers. That could also be the case with the Vita, because of the lower price of the 3DS. Sorry to being the Vita into this, but I think it's true. It would have sold better if the price was lower or Nintendo didn't drop the price of the 3DS so soon.

The Wii U will sell better once Nintendo drops the Wii and more games launch on the Wii U.
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Slapshot82  +   1124d ago
Hi Godchild1020,

Thanks for your comment. I actually think just as you do on this topic. I do think it's the price point that's holding the Vita back (even if it's completely worthy of its asking price). I almost dropped a comparison with Vita into this piece, but I wanted to solely focus on Nintendo's Press Release here - there's always another day for more articles to expand on. :)

Thepcz  +   1124d ago
typical flame bait garbage
yeah yeah, its all doom and gloom, the wiiu is failing,3ds is failing, nintendo stocks down, mario not selling, its the end of days for nintendo, they are becoming software only, this will be there last gen in the console market etc etc

meanwhile, sony and microsoft are stuck in the last gen while nintendo grab a massive market share for the current (next gen) with wiiu.

wiiu is flying off the shelves, dont listen to this trash
MattS  +   1124d ago
Don't listen to the sales numbers because a random N4G user knows better.
Beastforlifenoob  +   1123d ago
It's absolutely true! The share market price of Nintendo has gone done 81.53% (A RIDICULOUSLY HUGE DROP) and has lost 22% of it in the last three months (release of WiiU)
Neko_Mega  +   1124d ago
The only draw back I think the Wii U has, is alot of the games for it are ports or remakes. Plus the lack of space for those who brought the 8GB (Yeah you can use a USB flash drive and all, but the problem is. Not everyone understands how to do that).

I got the 32GB model, but I'm sitting at 16GBs left and I can easy add more memory. But what I'm kind of worry about is, if the system gets knock over or mess with. It can damage the usb slot or whatever device plug into it.

So it would be nice if the WIi U had more memory build in.
BattleAxe  +   1124d ago
This is going to go down as I have predicted since Nintendo announced the WiiU. This console will not last more than 2 years from its release, and the obvious reasons are the timing of the release of the PS4 and the Xbox 720, the low hardware specs of the WiiU and proliferation of PC gaming into the console market thanks to Steam and their partners such as nVidia. There are alot of exciting things coming to the gaming industry in the next year or so, and the WiiU (Dreamcast 2)isn't one of them.
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Software_Lover  +   1124d ago
.. *looks at avatar*..

Even I dont want a WII-U
Kingofwiiu  +   1124d ago
Who cares , this is boring now. How about we all give the Wiiu one year in all regions then add the sales up and see if it can hit a healthy 10M ? And then we can compare that to the 720 and ps4 sales.

I'm trully bored of everyone dancing around the wiiu's OK sales figures.
LOL_WUT  +   1124d ago
Butthurt much? We need more articles like this to show us what Nintendo doesn't want us to know. ;)
PopRocks359  +   1124d ago
You mean the part where the Wii U's launch sales were still faster than the 360 or PS3's? Because those were the NPD's numbers. What do you say about that?
rainslacker  +   1124d ago
Why would they hide sales numbers or make them up? There's no reason to, as they know they would eventually be found out. The truth will out they say.

Press releases are just that. Typical PR nonsense that is used to generate interest in the product. The only people Nintendo have to answer to as far as sales goes is the shareholders, not the gamers.
mshope10  +   1124d ago
its hard to listen when you know they hate nintendo.if nintendo told you ps3 is doing bad would you take there word for it?
Godchild1020  +   1124d ago
It wouldn't make sense for Nintendo or Mircosoft to tell us about Sony's sells figures and it wouldn't make sense if it was the other way around. So no, I wouldn't take their word for it. But that is not the case, Nintendo reported those numbers and made a spin to make it seem like it did better sales wise, than the Wii (It brought in more revenue, but which matters more to third party publishers and developers?). But Nintendo is not alone in this, Sony has done the same thing, so they are just as bad.

When you have to spin a PR statement, to make it look better than it is, you can tell there is something wrong. I'm not saying and the writer is not saying the Wii U is doomed, we are just saying the Wii U didn't sell as well as the Wii did during the same time frame, as Nintendo is trying to make it seem. If people can compare the PS3 to the PS2, then they can do it to the Wii and Wii U. It's life, it happens. You can complain, but that doesn't mean everyone will care.

Not every article that has constructive criticism towards a company means the writer hates/dislikes that company. You are too emotionally tied to Nintendo, that you think everyone hates Nintendo, when that is not the case. Not everyone will have something good to say about a company or a video game that is made; Hence opinions and reviews. I will remember this when another PS3/Vita doom article shows up.

The world we live in, is subjective, take it how you see it.
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mshope10  +   1124d ago
they said it sold alot less then wii. Nintendo said that already so you are just hating to hate on them.

they said it made more money for them then the wii did in the same time period but it did not sell as much.

see none of this is secret news they just told us something positive.

that's how I know your just hating to hate on Nintendo you told us old news and tried to make it seem worse then it is.

just say I hate Nintendo and hate wii u and we would feel better about it.instead of yinz trying to be like we like Nintendo but they suck right now but its ok that we talk trash. them cause we like them.
bobshi  +   1123d ago
@mshope10 yes, it sold less and generated more revenue due to increase cost, but it is sales volumes that counts.

It wouldn't matter if it cost $10,000 and they sold less but made more.

Sales numbers count.

More consoles = more software sales. More software sales = more profit.
Godchild1020  +   1124d ago
You say the word "you" like you are directing it towards me. I don't hate any console, I just dislike certain features in each console, but that doesn't mean I hate the console as a whole.

You need to grow up and if you can't take criticism on the internet, it will be hard for you to take it, when growing up in the real world.

Also, you need to stop making it seem like Nintendo is the only console that gets hate, Doom & Gloom and constructive criticism articles. The Vita, the PS3, the Wii, the 3DS, and the 360 gets them as well. As time goes on, they will stop or at least slow down.

I don't want any system to fail, I like knowing there is competition and the market keeps growing with each new console and innovation that hits the market/game industry.
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tweet75  +   1124d ago
if a new metroid and zelda were included in the launch lineup the system would have sold even more
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MadMen  +   1124d ago
by all counts the WiiU will be a failure compared to the Wii.
PopRocks359  +   1124d ago
With that logic, the PS3 was a failure compared to the PS2.
Hicken  +   1124d ago
What do the PS3 or 360 have to do with anything? Or the PS2, for that matter. This is strictly Nintendo. The author doesn't mention anything but Nintendo, and most of the comments are solely on Nintendo's systems.

Yet you seem to only be able to defend Nintendo by bringing up other consoles. The Nintendo are expected to have that sort of response, but since you always try to portray yourself as neutral or something, I didn't expect that out of you.

Perhaps I should have, though.

Edit: Don't care about your preference, really. To each his own. But both this comment and the one above are not only defensive with no good reason- after all, does not the article bring up logical arguments, like you say your comments are based on?- but also doing so by bringing up unrelated systems.

MadMen's comment fails. Not even gonna defend it. It's stupid. But you bring up the PS3 and PS2 as if to rebuke his personal preference of systems or something.

And your first comment ("You mean the part where the Wii U's launch sales were still faster than the 360 or PS3's? Because those were the NPD's numbers. What do you say about that?") is similarly themed. No one brought up any other systems.

Arius Dion isn't worth my time responding to, so my edit will disregard him/her.

But really, why not address the Wii and Wii U? No way would you be just accepting if the tables were turned. If this were a PS3 thread, you'd have turned right around and tossed your comment in without a second thought.
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PopRocks359  +   1124d ago

He said the Wii U will fail in comparison to the Wii. I assume he means because it won't sell as much. By that logic the PS3 did not sell as well as the Ps2 and therefor is a failure in comparison. I felt that was a pretty fair observation on my part.

But no, attack me for having my preference. After all, providing a sound and logical (as well as respectful) argument, really is not your forte, is it.

EDIT: By the way, I have not expressed any actual neutrality. I just don't think I have to defend myself because I like Nintendo more than the other options. Being a Nintendo fan does not really invalidate my opinion, especially when the point I've made is completely sound.

The PS3 did not sell the same numbers as the PS2. Does that make it a failure? No. I think that same logic applies to the Wii U. Excuse me for pointing that out. Don't get so mad.
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Gr81  +   1124d ago
Don't even waste a bubble trying to explain anything to Hicky. If it's anything negative to say about Nintendo he is there, front and center to agree. Yet he will defend to the hilt anything negative about the Vita or any Sony product.

Your opinion is just as valid as any one else on this forum, perhaps more so because I've never seen you attack any body for having a difference of opinion, and you do so with the utmost respect when bringing your opinion to the table.

I happen to agree in this instance too that people seem to be jumping all over Wii U's launch numbers, comparing them to the Wii from 2006 and not taking into account many differences; The economy is in the shitter, the Wii U is more expensive than its predecessor, and all things considered equal, the Wii U performed better than either the PS3/360 in a comparable amount of time, despite better economic conditions back then.

These same folks that down play Wii U's sales are the same ones talking about Vita in a positive light.Hypocrisy at its finest. They care more about the name on the plastic box than attempting to look at anything objectively.
wiiulee  +   1124d ago
wiiu sales data is actually more impressive then what nintendo said...nintendo is actually downplaying it just like not having a really good wiiu tv commercial.....take sily articles like this and haters and the hate wiiu has been getting from the press, its the most expensive console on the market at a time when ps3 and xbox360 has finally started selling well at a cheaper price, the bad economy, a couple launch hickups, more competition, the lie of systems from the competition blowing it out the water.....wiiu has all the leverage against it more so then the wii and still selling close to the same amount as the wiiu is doing fantastic and is a fantastic system.
Godchild1020  +   1124d ago
I don't think it's the most expensive one. I'm sure Sony still sells the Move PS3 Bundle and that is 350 and they have the 500GB bundle which is 300 and the 250 GB for 269.99. Microsoft has the 250GB model which is 300 and the 360 250GB Kinect bundle which is 350. So, the Wii U is not the most expensive console on the market. I know they are bundled with game(s), but Nintendo can bundle as well and currently has a game bundled with one of their consoles.

I will agree and say the Wii U is a fantastic system and with the games Nintendo will release for it, it will sell very well. But I will hold that close to the chest until the next PlayStation, Microsoft console is released/announced and Nintendo announces (new) games for it.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1124d ago
Its just a slow starter like PSvita which is still moving very slow.
millzy102  +   1124d ago
the thing is its not a slow starter it still sold more than 360 and ps3 at launch, yes there still on shelves but nintendo over supplied, they probably did want more sales than they got at this point but it is not that bad, i know people trading in there 360 to get one because they played mine and fell in love with it. yes ps3 and xbox sold more this christmas but no console sells that number at launch.
stuna1  +   1124d ago
I think nintendo should have came up with a better name than the WII U, it IMO has sent mixed signals to consumers as a whole!

It has basically associated itself to closely to the WII. Meaning most have not researched what it truily is.
millzy102  +   1124d ago
i agree, i call mine the ultra snes at home it seems more fitting, i also hope they go with orbis for ps4, its got a nice ring to it and orbis vita means circle of life and seems quite fitting, cant wait to hook my vita to that machine.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1124d ago
People wanted the Wii U to fail and it didn't. Now the fanboys are getting desperate.

We saw Xbox 360 NPD numbers after Christmas. We saw Wii U PD numbers as well. But surprisingly enough, we haven't seen PS3 numbers in over two years. And Sony is a company that loves to crow about sales figures. Hell, Sony invented using NPD sales numbers as a PR weapon. I'm sure I can't be the only one who remembers "THE CONSOLE WAR IS OVER."

Wii U is here to stay. Nintendo is here to stay. Deal with it haters.
WiigotU  +   1124d ago
Ok someone explain where the spin comes in.
Nintendo - we sold less units than the wiiu at release but we made more revenue because it was more expensive.
Oh yeah in a rough economy we still managed to make more money on a high priced peice of equipment than the 360 and ps3.
You can say that sony and microsoft shipped less units but that's what companies do and because nintendo is doing it there wrong?

There are a few facts that people are forgetting here the economy is rough and people are holding onto that cash.
The system that is priced lower in the beginning sells more yeah the wii offered a different play expereince but it was still almost 200 dollers cheaper.

Nintendo droped the ball with horrible marketing plus they didn't properly educate the masses. Had they had all things working from day one and pushing the console hard it would have sold better plus they should have made less basic models. Everyone says I saw a lot of units on the shelf but there always the black units. I know because I work at target and there is always one basic unit and no premium and people don't ask for the basic because the whole HD thing.

Games I understand that Nintendo is courting publishers and we had a lot of ports but why not ports of older games that didn't sell well and remake those for the wiiu.

But that's that heres where it gets better if Sony and Microsoft have to be looking at the wiiu especially sony and be thinking do we want to take a big hit and risk selling at a loss for the next 5 years?
If the wiiu is selling at a loss can they afford to do it again.

I can't wait to see peoples faces when they find out the newer systems are not going to be that cheap. So for everyone who wants a super system be careful what you wish for.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1124d ago
I enjoyed this article. Very informative. I voted the site up.
Deku-Johnny  +   1124d ago
"Wii U sales data – not as impressive as Nintendo's press release would have you believe" on the other hand "Wii U sales data – not as bad as Nintendo doomers would have you believe"
Jek_Porkins  +   1123d ago
Good thing as a gamer I only care about gaming, not numbers and not hate. Wii U is an interesting gaming experience and Nintendo all swings for the fences with their first party games.
Fatty  +   1123d ago
I picked one up at Best Buy the other day and I'm pleased with it so far, although I was very surprised to see how many were on the shelves (probably 50 of the regulars, 8 of the Deluxes).

Given at this point after the Wii launch, the only ways to get one were to know a manager, be there when a shipment came in, or pay high prices on eBay, the Wii U doesn't seem to have the same incredible momentum as the original. However, the Wii did launch with a lower price, both in regular dollars, and definitely in comparison to the 360 and PS3. Add the surprise hit of Wii Sports to it, and you had something that everyone wanted and everyone, eventually, could get. I think the planets aligned in Nintendo's favor for the Wii in the beginning, and it'd be hard for any company to replicate it in the future.

Will it happen? Probably. When and how it will happen? No clue.
AO1JMM  +   1123d ago
Unless you own stock why do these numbers matter so much to you?

Is it as good as Nintendo says it is?

Is it as bad as the haters say it is?

Probably not but it was far from a bad launch numbers wise.

If you are a gamer should be playing games.
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