Faster Than Light Review (

Developed by a team of two men Faster Than Light is a space strategy game. They have a ship with a crew and several subsystems sci-fi as shields, engines, weapons, sensors and life support to manage. They are being chased by a huge rebel fleet, trying to reach Federation with key information that is vital to the survival of humanity. The story is not really the most important of FTL, except as a basis for some basic rules, such as why they can not stay in an area for too long or because they can not ask for any help from the Federation.
The battles have a configuration in real time where they can pause and issue orders at any time. Then, once the battle is over, every jump you make is between systems as a shift in a turn-based game, and each time the enormous rebel fleet approaches involving the whole sector. Usually move to the right to escape from a sector and into the next and the game is constantly generating meetings. In a system can find a ship that sells some useful resources important, in others it is just a fight against the mercenaries, slavers, pirates and rebels, and in still others, will have to make choices that can have a nice benefit, or cost so that they may lose because of it.

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