Why The Next Gen Will Suck

Chris Lohr: Five months from now, it’ll be time for E3. As with many other people out there, I’m looking forward to it. I always do. This year is going to be great though. Most likely, we will see two new consoles. There’s also a possibility of a third coming in from Valve. Aside from the coming influx of posts online saying “599$ lel” and “remember rrod m$?” new consoles should be a great thing. The bad part?

They’re all going to suck.

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TheGameScouts1866d ago

"why" don't you read the article first before you make any comments.

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Hicken1866d ago

"Why" did you fail with that horrible-ass title?

Don't get mad at others for calling out your flamebait title.


Kotaku's enough.

khowat1866d ago

That article actually made sense the last part made me really optimistic. Let's stop worrying about the consoles and go back to worrying about the games

animegamingnerd1866d ago

if publishers continue their actions that they have been doing this gen then yes

Bigpappy1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

because some of us will actually click on your link to be disappointed when they find out you can see in to the future, no more than they themselves can.

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