The Dorklyst: 10 of the Greatest Canceled Projects in Videogame History

Making a videogame is a huge undertaking – imagine trying to make a sandwich, except there's a team of 100 people working on the sandwich. There are writers, directors, programmers, designers, and executives, all with their own opinions and agendas on the sandwich (Should it have ham? What kind of bread should it use? Wait, what shape should the sandwich be?!), trying to merge their ideas into a singular, delicious

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NukaCola2015d ago


This was the game I wanted on Xbox more than anything else in the world. Peter Molyneux's BC with AI unlike anything before. An open world caveman/dino game. Take care of your tribe. He said the AI was so amazing, you could follow a roach throughout it's entire life or track a pack of raptors as it they hunts a mammoth and then kill them while they are tired out after eating. Making fire, roaming the lands.

Well, this was just first of many disappointments from ol' Pete.

Snookies122015d ago

I'd never heard of that, but from the way you described it, sounded freaking amazing...

calis2015d ago

Molyneux says a lot that never happens. I'd take the "amazing AI" with a grain of salt.

Snookies122015d ago

You forgot the remake of Chrono Trigger... That hurt me the most.

prototypeknuckles2015d ago

you guys forgot to add the sequel to prince of persia 2008

guitarded772015d ago

Star Wars Battlefront III and/or Star Wars Battlefront Online are always on these lists. LucasArts invested so much into the games with no finished product. Wish they'd just make the damn game in-house and make it happen... Oh well, maybe next gen.

ShaunCameron2014d ago

So much for Nintendo being "kiddy".

<The game was so rife with violence, that publisher EA refused to publish the game – even though it was nearly 100% complete, on the grounds of it being so stupidly violent that it would forever damage their image.>