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Why the Steambox could completely change the console gaming market

Valve is entering the console market for the first time later this year with their Steambox console. Previous to this device, Valve has really only been known for game development, and of course Steam, which has become the major gaming software for PC gamers. (Industry, Next-Gen, Steam, Valve)

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KingWilly105  +   592d ago
If Valve can make something original and beneficial, I see them finding a good niche; maybe even more than that.
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Nes_Daze  +   592d ago
Valve has a lot going for them...except a timely release...jk jk...
guitarded77  +   592d ago
"Why the Steambox could completely change the console gaming market"

could just as easily be titled...

"Why the Steambox could completely change the PC gaming market"

It's a two way street, and everyone is focusing on how Steambox will affect the console market, while I personally believe it will have more impact on the PC gaming market. If Steambox succeeds, I hope it makes a beneficial impact for all gamers.
SethAFitzgerald  +   592d ago
Very true, that is why I also talked about how PC gamers could start migrating to console because of the Steambox. It will have an impact on both markets, and just gaming as a whole.
guitarded77  +   592d ago
Fair enough... good that you talk about this. I think there needs to be more attention give to this since it's been so one sided. Steambox could also limit PC games to be optimized for lesser spec machines. Consoles get crap for this all the time because they are a closed/set hardware... If Steambox is very successful, PC game builders will design their games to be optimized for Steambox.

Note: I'm not saying this stuff to be negative, I am just looking at multiple possibilities of how this will play out. As long as the price is right, I'll be all over Steambox. I wasn't criticizing your title, just bringing up a point.
n4f  +   591d ago
i guess you can say
*remove glassess*
valve has created a portal
Bigpappy  +   592d ago
"Why the Steambox could completely change the console gaming market"

Abdou23  +   592d ago
It will not change anything, actually i don't think it will sell that much.
finite  +   592d ago
Why the Steambox will not completely change the console gaming market,

1. Linux
2. $500+ 'upgrades Custom Built' (More Expensive than std PC upgrades)
3. 99% of developers currently do not create games for Linux (Will they?)

Enough said...
gamernova  +   592d ago
Steambox is a way for valve to mainstream linux. It's trying to take it to ms and their pc monopoly. I personally am happy with my pc.
trenso1  +   590d ago
Not if it's digital only it will have to perform very well Nd be well priced for my by

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