Always-On DRM, Day-One DLC,Online Passes – What We Don’t Want to See in 2013

Overall, 2012 was a good year for games like Far Cry 3, Dishonored,The Walking Dead, on the other hand, certain games, trends became so ubiquitous that we hope to be rid of them for a good while.

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prototypeknuckles1985d ago

i can bet money that well still see a bunch of these, gamers just et it happen and dont care.

brish1984d ago

I think they care. A lot of gamers feel helpless about it but not all do.

I know a lot of people who got sick of the DRM on PC games and stopped buying them. The PC game industry started to shrink when they added intrusive DRM.

The vita has technology that makes used games, and sharing games a pain. It also limits the device to one psn account. The vita is failing in the market.

I predict that new games, and consoles will continue to do these things. The gaming market will continue to shrink and the industry will use this as justification to put even more DRM into their products alienating yet more of their customers reducing the market even further.

I expect the game market to crash in 2013, or 2014.

SAE1984d ago

I agree with you. i dont think they will stop doing these limitation because it gives them money and people buy them too . vita is the prototype for these things.

brish1984d ago


"i dont think they will stop doing these limitation because it gives them money and people buy them too."

Less people are buying console games since the market started using more DRM.

The problem is those pesky pirates right? ... despite that there wasn't any piracy for the ps3 for the longest time and ps3 games typically undersold the xbox games which did have piracy. If pirates are to blame then why weren't ps3 sales significantly better than the xbox?

I know, it's bringing games over to friends places to play, and the used market must be the problem right? Now they have online/content passes which are required to enable portions of the game that are bound to a specific account. So of course adding these would fix everything right? Since passes were introduced the console market has been declining.

So if they add even more DRM like the vita has it will be a success right? There is a vita sitting about 15 feet away from me. A device that I can use any time I want ... but there is a problem. It's not mine. It belongs to someone else and it's bound to her account and always will be. I have playstation plus and could download games for it ... but it isn't bound to my account so I can't even put the games on it. She almost never plays games and won't likely be buying any. If the single account restriction wasn't in place I would buy a VITA game to try it out and if I liked it I might even buy my own VITA. I don't buy VITA games because of the DRM.

I know, it must be the economy right? People are spending less money on entertain in general right? If that were true than the movie industry would be in decline but it isn't.

There is something very wrong with the game industry right now. The industry likes to blame everyone from pirates, used games, game sharing, to the economy for their woes. There is no way anything they do could negatively affect sales, right?!

Who am I? I'm one of the millions of people who stopped buying PC games because of DRM. I moved over to the console market because it had far more sane DRM (can't copy the disc for the ps3). Then they added online passes. I used to buy 1 or 2 games a month which is significantly more than the average. Today I rarely buy games for the console anymore because I'm disgusted with what they are doing with the DRM for their products.

MikeMyers1984d ago

Just because it happened doesn't mean they don't care.

prototypeknuckles1984d ago

actually it does, if we dont support it then the company would back down and not use it, such as DRM with ubisoft people got pissed and ubisoft took it off, but online passes especially for single player games,makes no since, people dont speak up about it and a few gams have had it, not many but a few.

MikeMyers1984d ago

For the PC they have spoken which is why some publishers have now retracted their stance. There is only so much the consumer can do, companies like Sony now have online passes for their own games. So when I buy a used game I make sure my copy hasn't had the online access used or else I take the difference in price and use that to counter what it will cost me to unlock it. I also support GOG and other DRM free game services. I still haven't picked up Diablo III because the price is still too high IMO for a game that is online enabled for even single player. So yes, from my end I do care. I cannot speak for anyone else.

I will not buy digital games on Xbox Live or Playstation Network for example unless the price is lower than the physical format. I will not support online pricing if the price is the same as it is at retail. That is why I like Steam, the prices are much more competitive. If publishers want to take away the flexibility of the physical format then give me something in return like a lower price.

rainslacker1983d ago

No doubt you'll continue to see them. There is hope though as Ubisoft said they were cutting back on their DRM practices. It's safe to assume that others may as well, depending on the reasons Ubi did it.

Day-One DLC is just added revenue, so it'll likely never go away.

Online passes are a way to prevent, or at least recoup revenue from, the 2nd hand market, so they'll likely stay. Quite frankly a better solution to me than cutting out 2nd hand sales. Although I personally don't care for online passes.

SilentNegotiator1985d ago

Yes. I hate those things. Restricting the new buyers isn't the right way to fight used and piracy (the latter of which finds ways around anyway).

showtimefolks1984d ago

Let me tell you how to stop a lot of this non sense 2 way solution

1: gamers need to stop beng used copies at GameStop where they only save $5 from regular price.

2: publishers need to look at Sony with sly 4 and not charge full 60 for every game. Some games don't offer enough content to justify a full $60 price

So both sides are at fault. Used game business is a multi billion dollar business so publishers will find a way to take some of that piece of pie

animegamingnerd1984d ago

what if the game is out of print that is the problem with this war on use games

Cam9771984d ago

I agree with point 2 whereas I disagree with point 1; some gamers really need to save money, even if it is a measly $5.

SAE1984d ago

People buy and sell used things for hundreds of years. why is it wrong now ?. hiding these stuff to collect dust and no one play them just to give the companies more money is the wrong thing.

people sell for these reasons and many other reasons such as to bring back money and try new things by selling what they dont use / or just like what you said games are toooooooo expensive now so when they sell the used games they ذompensate for the loss..

Software_Lover1984d ago

If it weren't for the ability to buy/sell used items, we wouldn't have...........drum roll..

Used Car lots
Pawn Shops
Consignment shops
Rent-to-own places (stupid commercials)

Imagine how many business would close down and how many more people would be out of work. People need to get off this and let consumers decide what they want to do with their own purchases.

I will say that because of the popularity of steam, although pc gamers couldn't share as fluently in the past because of install codes, it shows that if you have great prices people dont care.

000011984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

more people should act like a broke college student, as i one, and dont deal with most of these gripes on the list. i wait if i know a game like Batman Arkham City will get a GOTY edition, just like im waiting now for a Borderlands 2 GOTY. that way you get all the dlc with the retail game at a $40 price tag, instead of just buying the retail game at full price and buying all of the dlc too. also i've become more patient over the past few years, i now only buy three games a year at the full $60 price tag, as much as it sucks, i now wait a couple months for a lot of games to just drop in price to at least $40 or $30 if im buying it new.

other than that im not a pc gamer so the always on drm isnt affecting me, so i dont have answers to solve that problem. and as far as day on dlc, just dont buy it, or that particular game if its a big deal to you, because it stupid to complain and then turn around only to support the game developers and publishers that continually do that to its fan base *cough* EA and Capcom *cough*. equally unless you are playing a game like COD, Halo, or Battlefield, it is pointless to purchase a season pass. season passes vary game to game as to whether its worth it or not.

Day one patches and shitty ports are just apart of gaming, not everything is perfect, so i think those two will be around to stay.

but i think with a costly hobby like gaming, whether you can afford spending a lot of cash or not, gamers should be more conservative with how they purchase games and dlc. i have too many mates who buy multiple AAA games when the come out only to take months to finish, whereas by then most of those titles have drop in price. just like movies, comics, and art, gamers need to show a bit more restraint rather than throwing cash at the companies like a titie bar dancer.

kagon011984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I'm glad I still avoid those kind games, too bad most "gamers" are fools that accept digital extortion unfortunately....