DmC: Devil May Cry - 9 reasons we’re excited to tear up Limbo City

GamesRadar - Listen up: Whether you love it or hate it, the first new Devil May Cry game in five years is almost here. Capcom has entrusted Ninja Theory to reboot one of the most revered hack-‘n’-slash franchises ever made, and its radical take on Dante’s world promises a stellar mix of old gameplay with a new aesthetic. If you’re as stoked as we are to take the new Dante for a spin, you won’t be disappointed; we can say with certainty that this is one of the most intense action games you’ll play all year.

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GSpartan7771927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Just a fair warning, if you do not plan on buying the game or have no interest in it, don't read the article. It has some satire/passive-aggressive parts to make you feel like you are unintelligent or bad person. Example below.

"If you’re not excited, well, don’t buy the game, and don’t forget to swing by the market and pick up another jug of Haterade on the way home from work."

Summary if you don't want to go through 11 different pages (Not kidding):
- Half angel, half demon, all awesome
- A new take on a beloved series
- Not insanely difficult…
- unless you want it to be (Punishing on higher difficulties)
- Tons of new weapons
- Mixing your Angel and Demon moves
- The young Dante is still badass
- An intriguing take on established lore
- A fresh approach to level design
- Colossal boss fights

Review score prediction: 10/10

LOGICWINS1927d ago

"Just a fair warning, if you do not plan on buying the game or have no interest in it, don't read the article."

Well that goes without saying. There'd have to be something wrong with you if you took the time to read an article entitled "DmC: Devil May Cry - 9 reasons we’re excited to tear up Limbo City"...knowing beforehand that you have no interest in the game.

1927d ago
VileAndVicious1927d ago

Lol!!! Why the disagrees I wonder

Sevir1927d ago

The typical and predictable naysayers are still spreading their gospel of hate in a thread about a game they've said they won't buy. Go figure eh?

On topic**

I'm ready to play it. This is starting off 2013 with a bang.

Root1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Thanks GenoZStriker now I don't need to read another defense article

"Half angel, half demon, all awesome"

How is him being half angel's stupid and goes against the franchise mytho.

"Not insanely difficult"

That's a bad thing....jesus Christ

" unless you want it to be (Punishing on higher difficulties)"

Played it on the hardest difficulty in the demo, played through it a few times without a sweat. It was p*** easy

"Tons of new weapons"

You mean tons of boring new weapons which are very unoriginal

"The young Dante is still badass"

No...he's a douchebag who thinks he's badass but comes off as a massive unfunny arrogant ass, just like Tameemi Antoniades funnily enough

"An intriguing take on established lore"

lol...seriously NT don't give a crap about the lore. They've crapped all over it.

"Colossal boss fights"

Where all you need to do is button in every other fight. Even the ending fight against you know who is the same as any other enemy.

They seem to be grasping at straws to try and defend the game.

MikeMyers1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

You seem to be grasping at thin air thinking your opinion is going to sway those interested in it. Seems to me any positivity surrounding the game have you working overtime making sure you're there to counter it every step of the way.

Yes you are entitled to your opinion but so are articles like this expressing their interest in it.

VileAndVicious1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I don't know Mike...he has me reconsidering

TheKindRoost1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

I've been watching couple of streams of the full game ,couple of things that stuck out:
-Story is downright bad
-Voice acting is all over the place
-music is out of place and downright deafening
-Many element of the game felt incomplete and rushed
-games is 70% platforming and not a good one at that
-glitches/broken mechanics found in the demo are still found and untouched in the full game.
-Visually it's not an improvement to 4(UE ftl)
-brain dead ai( do note streamers were playing of highest diffcult)
-Death come mostly from the broken platforming
-too little enemies on screen enemies gives no challenge at all.
-Very dull boss fights
-Unfulfilling ending

doomtrain1927d ago

compared to your take on the dmc franchise ???, your game must be AMAZING ............ when is it out ??? i would love to see your script work, weapon design, character development , music scores, story etc etc , oh wait you actually have no clue how to do any of those things , just like most of the other troll penises on here ........

BuffMordecai1927d ago

Go away Tameem.

TheKindRoost1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

@ Doom
By your logic we shouldn't judge a bad dish because I didn't cook it? the thing is this game is broken down the the basic.

zerocrossing1927d ago

Thanks for the warning.

It's pretty amusing that we, the ones disliking the game for its poor/characters story and over simplification of the combat mechanics, are being treated as the knuckle dragging idiots here.

As apposed to the target audience I mean.

Hingle_Mcringleberry1927d ago

You have no interest in the game. . .yet here you are, reading about the game. . .that doesn't interest you. . .-__- not sure if serious or trolling.

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Haha1231927d ago

The stories in the old DMC games sucked!!! compared to this game

doomtrain1927d ago

well this one actually has a story lol

Sevir1927d ago

To repeat how they aren't getting it... 1.. 2.. 4... The same 4 that's been consistently trolling it since 2010! You'd think they'd be tired and just give up. I totally understand that they have their opinion but with 3 days till release you'd think the point would have stuck, those who are interested will play it irregardless of the , however much merit or lack there of, it may have for those haters to hate.

I guess bashing DmC is a serious priority in their lives.