PS3 Addict: Unreal Tournament III review

Unreal Tournament is a legend in PC first person shooter land. It's up there with Doom, Quake or Counter Strike amongst the most successful FPS franchises. What makes Unreal unique is the extremely fun multi-player mode, with it's fast paced action and futuristic weapons of mass destruction.

It's games like Unreal Tournament that make people become gamers. If you call yourself one, stop reading and go buy UT3 now.

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Swe_Goliath3942d ago

anyways, i totaly agree.
I got the Eu version ( i live in sweden ) and i love it.
I played in a Elite clan in the beginning of the Unreal Tournament Era , even fought in some big matches and won some money.

I was skeptical for an other ut game on ps3 but when i plugged in my keyboard and mouse i directly felt the great feeling in this game.
This is a must by 4 all the fans of Unreal Tournament.

THe only thing i am asking now is: Is a patch coming soon that fix the mic problem and some other small things?

add me if ya want: psn- ZmokeR