Dante vs. Jack - Who'd win in a fight?

GamesRadar - A mechanic/ex marine with a retractable chainsaw arm versus the wily spawn of a powerful demon and his angel lover--this week's battle to the death is gonna get ugly. Good news, readers: You'll be the ones to decide who will live and who will die. Drop us a line in the comments as to who you think would win.

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zerocrossing1263d ago

Kratos would win, but afterwards he'd kill all the spectators...

prototypeknuckles1263d ago

jack, why because he has white hair, because the hair was the problem all along,-_-

hebce this idiot is still thinking people hate DINO because of the hair color.

RuperttheBear1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

This is like those Batman vs Superman arguments I used to have when I was a kid.

It's childish really. My Dad could beat all of them.

Kalowest1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Batman wins hands down.

GSpartan7771263d ago

LOL! A vs. article. I haven't seen one of these since.......... a long time.

Haha1231263d ago TrollingShowReplies(3)
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