7 Terrible Excuses People Make For Losing At Online Games

WC - If you want someone to lose all faith in humanity, give them a headset and let them try out Xbox Live. Small groups of normal people exist nervously amongst the waves of frantically swearing 6 year olds and casual racism. Sometimes it’s preferable to just disconnect your headset and mute everyone, but if you can resist that urge you’ll spend a lot of your time listening to people complain. One of the favourite causes of complaint is losing the game, and the vast majority of the excuses people give while losing are ridiculous.

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Relientk771984d ago

I think the most common excuse is lag lol

Heisenburger1984d ago

I liked this article. I got the "you have no life" one last week. PSABR playing as Drake with my buddy, a guy(upon losing) exclaimed "yeah if all I ever did was sit around and play this s*** I'd win too".

Idk. I usually use Jak and I'm only a level 46 with him. I've beaten a level four hundred before, and I have also been decimated by two level ones.

People are just very insecure I think.

gamernova1983d ago

People even get mad at others for trying to win. Try hards haha gamers and their labeling