Microsoft Confirms HD DVD Price Cut To $49.99

Microsoft has confirmed that they are dropping the price of the external HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 from $129.99 to $49.99. This comes just two days after Microsoft confirmed that they would no longer produce the HD DVD player.

Bloomberg is reporting that a Microsoft spokesman has told them that the price point of the external HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 will drop to $49.99.

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Joey Gladstone3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Everything Must Go........We have HD-DVD Players on sale.....Regular price is $129.99, but we'll give it to you for the Unheard of price of $49.99 if you act within the next 15 min. we'll also throw in 20 MS Points, A Free Week Trial of Live, and 5 dollars off of the Xbox360 Wi-fi Adaptor......Operators are Standing By
......."The JOEY has Spoken"

The Killer3949d ago

and they were selling it around 160% more than the real price, just to still the money from the bots!

KeenanTheSavage3949d ago

haha! Seriously. Now since HD is going to go out, and it's just going to be Blue Ray, I wonder if blue ray prices are going to go up, or go down.

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Darkiewonder3949d ago

then i'll get. But hey. 50 dollars + 5 free movies isn't so bad.

chester3949d ago

add on that amazon is selling most hd-dvd's for about 15 bucks each right now and you could almost make a case for buying one. almost.

SeNiLe9113949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

HD-DVD is dead but with the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player at only $50 with 6 free movies is worth it even if it is a throw away format. How much would it cost if you bought 6 movies in the old DVD format? Let's say each movie you bought cost $9.99, times that by 6 = $60.00 and there not even in High Definition! So you would be getting 6 movies under $10 each plus a up-scale DVD player for FREE that just happens to play a dead format that has close to 400 titles to choose from in High Def. Sounds like a deal to me.

Don't forget, you can connect this to your PC as well.

Boink3949d ago

if they had offered at that price from the beginning this war would have been over a long time ago...

craymoogy3949d ago

LOL. I'm sure it would have been over by now.

Sony will sell ps3 for 50 bucks. LOL

BeaArthur3949d ago

hahahah, only Microsoft. How about sending me an HD DVD player when my console breaks instead of a free month of xbox live.

Dashmoney1013949d ago

does it upconvert standard dvds? if so , i'll take it

bym051d3949d ago

I'm sure it does, but so does the standard 360 DVD drive.

GuCCi5123949d ago

the standard 360 drive does not upscale dvd's

bym051d3949d ago

I believe it does upscale over VGA and HDMI. I don't think it does over component (stupid DVD rules).

Silellak3949d ago

Yeah, the 360 will upscale DVDs but only over VGA or HDMI.

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The story is too old to be commented.