'Fallout 4' Rumor Is A Bunch Of Fake Nonsense

GR - "The rumor about Fallout 4 being set in Boston was all a made up lie."

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konnerbllb1837d ago

Too bad. Could have been an interesting location for fallout.

Blacklash931837d ago

Nothing is ruling out the Boston setting. That was rumored long before this.

TOGC1837d ago

This is what happens when journalists/game site writers take word without proof...

wallis1837d ago

I don't know - so long as its reported as a rumour and we all know I can support reporting of rumours that sound realistic. Not to mention Boston and MIT have been rumoured from a few more sources on multiple locations. It makes sense as its a big and unexplored part of the fallout bible.

lashes2ashes1837d ago

I agree. They really kept info in fallout 3 about the institute close to the chest. Enough info to follow the android story but pretty vague.

cl19831837d ago

It's one thing if I see a article written and re-post it here as rumor, but its a whole different thing to write a piece claiming second hand knowledge and starting a rumor.

Detoxx1837d ago

I just want a big destroyed city and an awesome dangerous wasteland.

Skate-AK1837d ago

Boston was the rumored to be the setting way before this guy said anything.

jjb19811837d ago

I am crushed! I love fallout 3, it's one of my favorite games of all time, number 7

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