Fox Reporter Tries Hard to Get Gaming Expert To Attack Violent Video Games

Kotaku - Ready for an incredibly uncomfortable 3:39 of financial news? This schizophrenic clip from Fox Business starts off with a mention of Vice President Joe Biden's meeting with video game industry representatives today and, from there, seems like it's supposed to be a straightforward rundown of how sales trends are shaking out. But the numbers and stock movements get shoved to the backseat as bumbling reporter Dennis Neal repeatedly tries to get Brean Capital director of research Todd Mitchell to make linkages to video game violence.

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NukaCola1870d ago

Yeah, nice try Kotaku.

Yeah we get it. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc etc...the media doesn't understand games and they are the first to blame games for all the evils in the world, but this is a garbage article. The reporter asked about games that are violent and asked what the game industry needs to do. The guy said, it's about good parenting and understanding games do not kill people. Said right out that all boys play with soldiers and cowboys and Indians. The reporter said, he loved his James Bond kit growing up and it never made him any more violent.

Kotaku, you guys truly suck.

aceitman1869d ago

the the guy from gamestop said kids played cowboys and indians that didnt start people from shooting anyone . its not the games or movies or guns that kill people its people , the person that did the crime , so are they saying for every person that died from a gun its the movies and video games fault, so everyone that killed, played video games or watched movies . just sad .

GamerToons1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Not looking to stick up for Kotaku but ever since the NRA blamed gun violence on videogames, Fox News has been reporting articles against the industry every since.

Fox News deserves no sympathy from any of us regardless of your political feelings.

They just repeat talking points from sources like the NRA because they are a right wing political talk machine and could careless about facts.

You wanna join the videogames kill people bandwagon, by all means go for it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )


Question why does everyone here hate Kotaku? Just wondering. Do they make false claims or something?

I just don't get it. What do they do so bad?

You said they suck but never said why.

Hicken1869d ago

Most of their articles have no substance. As an example, they were caught publicizing a video that purported long load times for GT5 while under the full knowledge that those videos were doctored.

Really, though, just look through their submitted articles. You can almost tell which ones are theirs by the stupid titles alone, and the articles, themselves, are rarely ever any better than the titles.

Recently, there was the issue of the (now changed) title of an article of theirs saying a Japanese dev was "clueless" about PC gaming, when what he said was that he wasn't interested, or something to that effect.

I mean, who writes and promotes crap like this: (the aforementioned article about being "clueless")

It's just a bunch of hit-mongering crap.

Here's the site's profile:

Check who's doing all the submitting. Obviously, the guy doesn't care about the quality he provides to the site. But it DID help him win something.

So, yeah...

-Mezzo-1869d ago

Yes i have been submitting a lot from Kotaku, just like I've been submitting from IGN, EuroGamer, CVG, GamaSutra, Joystiq, Gamesradar, GamesIndustry etc.

What i'm trying to say is that, to me Kotaku is nothing more than 'Just Another Website' nothing more.

I could stop submitting from them & still walking away the winner each month, without a single hiccup.


jrbeerman111869d ago

if thats the case mezzo then stop submitting kotaku

SilentNegotiator1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Kotaku: one of the few that are truly worse than FOX or MSNBC.

Figures Kotaku would try to make FOX look bad the one time that they actually do something that doesn't directly attack games. Kotaku is THAT crap.

elmaton981869d ago

Yeah kotaku suck. And they are getting as crazy as those people in japan, i mean just look at the name (kotaku, take the k out and its mean otaku)anyway a gun dont kill people why because a gun alone is just a toy its harmless but in the wrong hand it does unimaginable things.

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FarCryLover1821869d ago

Eventually these types of people will move on from these jobs and they will be replaced with people who gamed their whole life and will be less likely to attack something that they understand.

Just have to wait a while.

konnerbllb1869d ago

Guns don't kill people. Media kills people

Rivitur1869d ago

Correction media kills brain cells.

ShiftyLookingCow1869d ago

Anime kills people! At least imaginary people.

specsmatter1869d ago

Its common sense you have cartoons like spongebob where thy run eachother ovee, pull eyes out and choke one another but thy dnt blame thse on killings smh

GamerToons1869d ago

Ohhh yes. Tom and Jerry really made me want to go out and drop and anvil on people.

Bugs Bunny made me want to shoot People.

Stfu you sad little bastard.

grailly1869d ago

I think you missed his point...

Qrphe1869d ago

Well, N4G users aren't the brightest of course.

specsmatter1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Thats my point you %ucking %ag moron. Obviously common sense eludes you and you dont know what double standards mean. Next time take the $ock out your mouth and learn how to read lol

What a shame!!!!

DragonKnight1869d ago

Kraptaku voted down. Nice try trying to switch gears and getting people to think you're more than a tabloid gaming news site. Won't work.

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