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Forgive Your Friends - The Importance of Friendship in Majora's Mask

ZI writes: As Link journeys through the Kingdom of Ikana in Majora’s Mask he witnesses first-hand the barrenness caused by rifts in friendships. He observes the devastation left by those who never forgive and seek only for revenge. Link listens to the above words of King Igos du Ikana and learns the power of embracing friendships instead of destroying them.

While his two lackeys pettily argue over who once was the best swordsman in the kingdom, King Ikana cautions Link to never lose trust in his friends. Speaking from his own experience the King counsels Link to always forgive his friends and to never desert them, a message further driven home through the story of the lonely Skull Kid. (Culture, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

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