EA bid for Take-Two timed not to "screw with GTA", slip unlikely


"EA CEO John Riccitiello, speaking in a conference call, has just said that the timing of acquisition activity towards Take-Two was specifically designed not to "screw with GTA".

He said earlier in the call that he and the rest of his team were assuming that the game was practically complete.

Riccitiello added that retailer pre-orders for GTA IV are a "strong sign" that the game will hit its April 29 release date but refused to steadfastly say he was convinced it would release on time.

"I have had conversations [on the subject of GTA's release date] with Strauss [Zelnick, Take-Two boss]," he said. "I will not repeat them here as it feels a little out of school."

He added, "You can reserve the game from amazon" and other retailers "and that's normally a strong sign. I really wouldn't want to speak for Strauss… that's his call.""

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Joey Gladstone3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

EA wants to Purchase Take-Two prior to the GTA launch date, whereas reaping all the HUGE profits that will surely be generated by this Must Have 08' title.....and once the GTA hype has passed EA will kill off all traces of the quality or uniqueness that Take-Two has, in the normal "Borg" like assimilation process that EA is sadly known for
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

conswella3922d ago

In that case, I hope to God that T2 will resist this god forsaken company that is EA. I hope that they stay resolute and somehow ride it through for another 2 months or however long until GTAIV is released. I WANT to know what these implications will be of a merger, and what EA's bidding means for shareholders, which is where the decision will be, and how it will be be made and why. I do not understand these thing because I have never asked the question. it is the question that drives us.

Marcello3922d ago

first they ruin Burnout with there efforts to turn it into a GTA clone but failed so now they are going straight for GTA itself, they are relentless in there mission to destroy all great games to get even richer.

Jamegohanssj53922d ago

Joey is a god.

The Genius has spoken.

Joey Gladstone3922d ago

For Your Gracious Admiration you have just guaranteed yourself a Continuous STREAM of Bubbles and Agrees......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Yi-Long3922d ago

... and if enough gamers feel the same way, than EA will just have bought a useless studio.

I hope that the people that work for Take2, will all just quit if EA takes the company over, and form a new studio where they can continue working on their own games... perhaps under a different name.

Mwaan3922d ago

EA is destroying the industry. I think they'll screw Microsoft over with the GTA downloadable content. There's just no way it'll stay exclusive once EA takes control. I wonder how Microsoft felt when EA announced the Mass Effect PC port just a couple of months after the release of the game? I bet it stopped the 360 sales of the game dead in it's tracks. EA will also continue to screw over Sony with lazy ports and games with terrible framerates. No one should ever buy an EA game, ever.

Yi-Long3922d ago

... plus EA games mostly SUCK when trying to play online, cause they insist on running their own servers.

Silellak3922d ago

EA bid for Take-Two timed not to "screw with GTA", but is designed to screw with anyone and everyone else involved with the gaming industry.

conswella3922d ago

EA is making it out as if T2 or R* are going to have any difficulty with GTA, "citing Atari as an example." WTF? Everyone and their grandmother will be purchasing this game, and they thingk that T2 and R* will have finacial difficulty with it? waht are they, gay? Jolly? EA says it will care for them and provide them with everything they need including a stable financial backbone to support themselves, but is anyone aware of T2 or R* having any trouble with that, ESPECIALLY with GTA4 coming out? WTF. They just got paid 40 or 60 million by MS for the exclusive DL-able content, do you RELLY tink they need more money from EA? open up your assholes people. Fudge EA up its ass. Unless someone explains to me a single atom of a benefit of EA destroying R* as we know it, you can go hug yourselves.

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The story is too old to be commented.