'A lot of families rely on pre-owned games'

CVG:On this week's mailbox we've got Simon Millington, who's feeling a little unsettled by rumours suggesting Sony will impliment technology to lock out used games in the next PlayStation.

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dazzrazz1868d ago

"rely on pre-owned" You mean when they only buy used games from gamestop which marks up price almost to the level of retail for recently released games ? :D

konnerbllb1868d ago

If games come with an activation code like PC games it's not going to stop people from buying games. Sure you can scream from the rooftops that you will quit gaming but the truth is you will buy less cigarettes and beer to afford your gaming hobby.

Console players have enjoyed a pre owned model that has hurt the industry for many years. Game developers don't see a "tail" of sales, they receive most of their profit in the first few months after release. After that most people purchase preowned versions and there is just no revenue anymore for the publisher.

I own all consoles and a pc and I'm hoping for DRM next gen. I feel DRM will keep the cost of next gen games down and ensure a profitable future for publishers to keep allowing our favorite developers to make games we all enjoy.

Hicken1868d ago

PLEASE explain to me why, if it's so hurtful to the industry, only the biggest developers and publishers are saying ANYTHING about used games "hurting" them?

Why is it that only the ones making all the money- Activision, EA, etc- complain about the used game market? And what makes you "feel" that publishers will cut the price of games, when all they've done this gen is find ways to make more money off each copy of a game made?


konnerbllb1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

@hicken They don't openly speak out about it more because it's hurtful to their business. Telling people who are trying to save a buck that they are hurting the industry is likely to make their customers upset. Sound familiar? State of the industry right now. What they do instead is create online passes that require a code to play online, or dlc season passes. This helps them recoup some extra revenue for future projects.

Games are costing more and more to make and with their being little return it wouldn't make sense to continue making games. Some IP's are considered a failure if they don't sell more than 3 million units. See Dead Space. Sounds crazy huh?

Oh and also, why do I feel publishers should get a "cut" of the price of games? Because that's how the model works. Publishers give a lot of money to game developer. That game developer creates a game, the publisher brings it to market and generally get's either a percentage or all revenue from said game, depending on the deal between the publisher and developer. Why the heck wouldn't a publisher deserve money? Without them there would be no games on the market! Unless you expect the developers to work for free.

I hope you've learned something.

miyamoto1868d ago

Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has said he doesn't like the idea of implementing technology designed to block used games. In Jack we trust.