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'God of War: Ascension' Preview: A Stylish, Confusing Affair | StickSkills

StickSkills said, "The God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta went live for PlayStation Plus members just a couple of days ago, giving subscribers a first-hand look at what's in store for the online component of the game. Being a direct prequel to the trilogy spanning across the PS2 and PS3, people have been skeptical as to whether or not a multiplayer component was even necessary at this point. Alas, whether you'll jump into it or not, it's there and we're here to fill you in on what's currently being offered." (God of War: Ascension, PS3)

solid_warlord  +   615d ago
Lionheart377  +   615d ago
Early contender for comment of the year.
GribbleGrunger  +   615d ago
I hate online play but for some reason I love the Arena in this. As long as the singleplayer doesn't suffer, I think this could be the crowning king of all GOW games ... and it looks incredible to boot.
AusRogo  +   614d ago
I was playing the demo that came with Total Recall (no hate, I enjoy the movie not as a remake) and holy shit, the visuals blew me away!
TheRealHeisenberg  +   615d ago
I'll be online in a few to try this out.

@ Nykamari

I kind of figured that would be the case; should be fun though. I'm out.
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Nykamari  +   615d ago
Be prepared to get destroyed early and often, well until you rank up. It's brutal to new players!
SAE  +   615d ago
Nah. it's easy. 2/3 deaths then it became easy for me. i even kill the giant monster almost every time. i always become the first. maybe games becoming too easy for me -.- . that's sucks. not learning in a game takes half the fun in multiplayer. the second half of fun comes from kicking my friends/brothers/people ass's hehehehe ..

oh well. i will enjoy the single player more . god of war mp is just like AC mp. after you master it it becomes boring for me..
GribbleGrunger  +   615d ago
So you are that good nobody will ever be able to beat you? Doesn't everyone have the same opportunity to learn the game as well as you ... and at that point, won't it become a challenge again?
SAE  +   615d ago
Yea. but that takes time because you wont see good players a lot. most of people play normal in all mp games..

so i judge the game from it's gameplay. like when you play gt5. each car have it's own gameplay. so if you mastered a car and went to the other car you will play sucks again which is good because the game is not repetitive . you learn new things . same when you play skate. you learn new things. but here i don't find something new to me. no challenge in the gameplay ..

im not complaining here. it's me who find it easy. so i hope you dont get the wrong idea :P . i just understood the gameplay very fast. i even killed 3 players in the same time that tried to kill me alone in moster level. im not saying it's sucks or easy for every body. it's just too simple for me because i played many games that have it's tactics ..
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Tontus  +   615d ago
Why are some people so confused of what to do? Team Favour is the first team to reach 8000 points, capture the flag is self explanatory and Favour of the Gods is just a free for all mode with the winner being the first to reach 8000 points. I don't understand how anyone could be confused.

This preview had a lot of text but barely shared any useful information about the beta. I and the vast majority have been loving the beta, of course some things need tuning, polishing etc, but this is a BETA after all, the final game will have an additional 4 maps, 2 modes, a lot more customisation and will be perfectly balanced and polished. It's already 9/10 MP experience in my opinion and I have no doubt the final game will be a 10/10 for the MP.

The single player is no doubt going to be amazing as usual for the series but I think Sony are leaving it too late to start showing more of it! It releases in 2 months and we've still had no story trailer and no new gameplay since June 2012 for goodness sake!
FunAndGun  +   615d ago
For a website called StickSkills I would assume they could figure out the basics of gameplay and scoring on their own.
ZILLA  +   615d ago
before heading online.its a huuuuge help for newcommers.then get ready for some ONLINE MADNESS!!!!
specsmatter  +   615d ago
Jumped right in on closed beta and learned quickly, nothing confusing about it. Love the mp by the way was lvl 30 until thy reset it.
Nes_Daze  +   615d ago
Multiplayer is harsh to noobs, I had a death streak -_- didn't even know that was possible in a game until now..LOL

But I'm not too fond of the multiplayer either way, might grow on me later on but for now it just seems like a mess. As long as singleplayer is good, the game will be fine.
Nykamari  +   615d ago
Yup, freaking death streaks gotta love it though! And getting ganged up on is insane but fun!
molsen81  +   614d ago
Played for 5 minutes and was done.
r21  +   614d ago
Are codes being given out? If so, could i have one please ;D

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