Metal Gear Countdown: Top 5 Most Iconic Snake Quotes

With its rich history of more than 25 years, the Metal Gear series always presents a balance between new inventions and repeating elements. One such returning element entails the repetition of certain iconic phrases. What are the most recognizable quotes, that players will immediately relate to the famous videogame hero?

The words that follow are spoken by either ‘incarnation’ of Snake, be it Solid Snake or Big Boss. They are lines that are instantly recognized by Metal Gear fans, and probably also by people who aren’t as familiar with the games.

Here are the five phrases you can’t hear without a gravely voice anymore.

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Tdmd1867d ago

"I'm no hero. Never was..."

Nyxus1867d ago

Yeah, that one could fit in the list as well. Although I associate it more with MGS4 specifically than the series in general (that goes for number 5 on my list as well though).

DoctorNefarious1231867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

My favourite quote which isn't included in the article is in MGS 1 were Snake says to Octacon just before the hind battle: 'I've got to go and swat a noisy fly'

Nyxus1867d ago

Yeah, I like that one as well. :) Although this article is more about iconic quotes than favorites. But good one!

TheModernKamikaze1867d ago



Not snake,

Nyxus1867d ago

I only chose quotes spoken by Snake himself. ;)

HarryMasonHerpderp1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Love Metal Gear.
This is a funny article, love how Snake keeps his quotes short and simple and to the point.
Just to add Snake also says "Kept you waiting, huh?" at the end of the installing screen when you press start to continue in MGS4. Always made me chuckle to myself that did lol.

BladerunnerZX1867d ago

Snake also says "kept you waiting huh?" in other Metal Gear games like MGS 2.

Metal Gear is my favorite single player game series of all time.

HarryMasonHerpderp1867d ago

Yeah I know I'm a huge MGS fan too, love all of the games. Which is your favourite Metal Gear Solid? mine would have to be the first game.

wenaldy1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Kept you waiting huh?


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