Digital Foundry vs. 4K gaming

How well can games run on the new ultra-HD standard - and are next-gen consoles invited to the party?

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nirwanda1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

1080p resolution and 4k with scaling chips thats what will happen with next gen consoles with the odd arcade game surporting it and prob sony surporting 4k blu ray films.

deadpoole1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

4K Television will be great in my point of view but not LCD/LED backlit display panels. Today I saw 84inch 4k LG television, I have to tell ya, it didn't look any better than current LCD/LED display panels, black level were still crushed and white level were way to white that you lose all sort of definition in between.

Little bit off topic:

Can somebody tell me who has been to CES or if have the information that whether OLED Televisions will be plagued by Dynamic Contrast disease.

Dynamic Contrast is the only thing I hate sooooo much in LCD televisions. Whatever dynamic contrast algorithm they use (doesn't matter who the manufecturer is) and apply on movie frames ... it literally ruins white and black levels beyond any recognition and all you are left with crushed white/black/color mess.

This is a problem with not one but with all Tele Manufecturers, whereas if you watch the same movie on your CRT television, you can see each and every individual color detail, richness and soooo much more depth in shadows/black levels/colors.

Edit: Thank God CRT Televisions doesn't have the dynamic contrast ratio disease. What they offer are simple brightness, contrast and color setting. And you can watch darkest of dark scene sooooo much clearly that it literally makes you hate your LCD/LED Televisions.

nirwanda1891d ago

Ive just bought a new LG LM6200 and it literally took me about 4 day to mess with all the settings turning all the so called picture enhancers off.
I got it just right in expert mode but for some weird reason every few minutes it the picture froze for half a sec which it didnt do in movie mode.

Tsar4ever011892d ago

I don't believe ANY Ps Orbis games will run in full 4K. At best they will be either 1080p or sub 1080p games up-scaled(*stretched) to run on 2k or 4k HD signals.

M-M1892d ago

All we can hope for is 1080p at 60fps. I honestly don't see a point in upscaling unless it's true 4k, and even if there was 4k on next gen it would still be pointless. No one has 4k TVs except for the rich. Although, I do see support for 4K films near 2020 when 4K TVs get cheaper.

GribbleGrunger1892d ago

Nobody had 1080p TVs either. People need a reason to buy them and once they start selling reasonably well, they come down in price. Having said that, I do not see a reason to make 4K games, especially when most of the true 1080p games are PSN games and none of the AAA titles use that resolution. 1080p at 60fps is probably what we'll get with the occasional PSN game at 4k (maybe).

ShaunCameron1892d ago

Unfortunately even that is not a possibility due to the current HDTV's bandwidth limitations. I say newer HDTV's have to be made to accommodate 1080p @ 60fps.

raytraceme1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Actually 3D 1080p 60hz is not possible using the standard hdmi cable that most tv's support at the moment. 1080p 60hz is possible by any 1080p tv.

FlyingFoxy1892d ago

More BS articles, look at pc gaming and bad system hogging games like Crysis, you would be lucky to get 40FPS on a mid-high end graphics card, speaking of which.. sometimes we get mid range cards within 10% of the performance of a high end one that costs a lot more. So if a game runs crap on the mid range card it's gonna on the high end one. Nobody wants games that take 2-3 years for a new graphics card to play it 60FPS at med-high settings.

I remember back in 04 when i bought an expensive 6800 Ultra card for Half Life 2 and Doom 3, even on that high end card Doom 3 would drop as low as around 20FPS on high settings. Now that is a joke, games should be coded better, or at least not hog med-high end hardware so bad that it runs crap. That was at like 1024x768 nevermind HD.

4K res is a long way off from being anywhere near playable unless you want to play games that are like 7-8 years old. 1080P will be the sweet spot for speed and quality for a while yet.

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