PGR 5 launch game for new Xbox?

PGR 5 would occur this year? All in all, would be fitting.

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TheModernKamikaze1954d ago

I don't exactly want to eat a game. Unless I was an animal.

AngelicIceDiamond1954d ago

Imo MS doesn't need 2 racing franchises, Forza already has huge recognition as it is. This team needs to do something different with MS

RuleofOne343 1954d ago

Thiers no such thing as having to much .

PRHB HYBRiiD1954d ago

is good to have variety..some people dont like forza and prefer the hybrid sim/arcade style racer like pgr plus it haves bikes!! loved the bike vs cars idea in nurburgring with a hayabusa against a ferrari f50gt toe to toe it was just awesome...i hope turn 10 keeps the game fun and enjoyable.

spicelicka1953d ago

Well the problem with that is they have Playground studios now which worked on Forza Horizon. It's going to make racing games in the future so with two studios both working on Forza we'll get yearly crap, just like call of duty.

That would be horrendous for the franchise and to be honest Horizon was not really a Forza game at all. It was more arcade-ish but since it was really good, i don't see why they didn't just revive it as PGR.

Turn 10 can keep working on forza but if they really must have Playground work on another racer, they should expand on the PGR franchise.

kingxtreme811954d ago

I sure hope so. I loved PGR4.

Anyone remember the weather effects from that game? They were incredible. Shame that most racers that come out today cannot seems to get good weather systems into their games. Hell, some of them don't even have a weather system, letalone a good one.

PockyKing1954d ago

Uh, the makers, Bizzare Studios got shut down. So unless Microsoft handed it off to somebody else, I wouldn't get your hopes up.

aviator1891954d ago

If ms can make the amazing team that is 343i for their halo franchise, I'm sure they can put together an awesome team for their pgr franchise.

PockyKing1954d ago

Considering how short MS has been on exclusives, ok quality exclusives, in recent years, I would love to see PGR come back. Not really sure of the sales numbers PGR brought in, but I hope you're right.

RuleofOne343 1954d ago

They already a Studio in turn 10 or they can let those from Playground games do it before the do the next Horizon.

RuleofOne343 1954d ago

Could have read somewhere that some of Bizarre work at Turn 10.

juaburg1954d ago

Id SHAT my pants.... I just bought PGR4, and im enjoying it sooooo much! I got PGR 3 with my xbox in 2006, have such fond memories. I have to say, PGR4 may be a 4 year old game, but it stil looks impressive and plays the part 2. I hope PGR 5 comes out soon!

iistuii1954d ago

A new PGR, that would be great. My most played racer online was PGR2 on the original Xbox...started online in Horizon now after completing the sp game & Horizon is the closest I've come to the PGR series, which is my type of racer.

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