Double Fine exploring THQ’s distribution rights for Costume Quest and Stacking

Following yesterday’s rumours that Double Fine were looking into the paperwork from the ongoing THQ bankruptcy case, the Costume Quest and Stacking developer have said they are exploring options to purchase the limited distribution rights for both games.

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Yi-Long2014d ago

... to get complete control over these games they created and developed.

Y_51502014d ago

Whoa! Just learned that they made Stacking. That was free for plus and it was a good game.

WeAreLegion2014d ago

Please release them on Vita!!! I'd gladly pay for them again!

Pintheshadows2014d ago

A fully fledged Costume Quest on the Vita would be fantastic.

Skate-AK2014d ago

Stacking was awesome. I would pay for a sequel after getting the first from PS+.