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Persona 4 Golden Review | Gaming Illustrated

Persona 4 Golden is not the only reason to own a PS Vita, but it is certainly hard to argue against people buying a PS Vita to play P4G because the game is a masterpiece. (Persona 4 Golden, PS Vita) 95/100

G20WLY  +   995d ago
Awww, hurry up and release this in the EU, I wanna play it!
fatalis95  +   994d ago
my local game shop was selling the US version bought it without thinking lol best impulse buy ever!.
vikingland1  +   995d ago
I am 15 hrs into this game and I am liking it alot. I am still learning all the Persona and social link parts. Does anyone have any links they could hook me up with for some sort of help on how to build up Personas? I bought the digital version so I don't have a manual. It's a little confusing.I'm sure I can figure it out eventually with a bit of trial and error though. But the game is certainly amazing.
G20WLY  +   995d ago
On most digital games, when you click the icon from the main menu and before you press start there is the option to click the little red book icon at the top, which is the manual.

I don't know for sure it's there for P4G, just assuming, so sorry if you already knew this :)

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