EDGE picks the Top 50 greatest developers, DmC and Ni No Kuni rated

Edge magazine has picked its top 50 developers of all time, and the studio at no. 1 is not surprising at all.

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Ezz20131830d ago

Edge reviews :

Planetside 2 – 8
DmC: Devil May Cry – 8
The Walking Dead – 8
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – 8
Ace of Spades – 4
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward – 7
Uncharted: Fight for Fortune – 5
Aero Porter – 7
QatQi – 8

Smurf11830d ago

Lot of 8s there, but I'm kind of happy Ninja Theory is getting the recognition they deserve.

firelogic1830d ago

They don't deserve recognition. All they've done so far are 2 mediocre games in Heavenly Sword and Enslaved.

Allsystemgamer1830d ago

The game is bad and I'm not even a dmc fan. I like them but I'm not a raging fanboy. The reboot is a step in every wrong direction.

Aceman181830d ago

i have no words on how crappy this list is lol.

iChii1830d ago

Ninja Theory is lower than Sony Santa Monica?

XB1_PS41830d ago

The only one they may have gotten right is Valve..

Hmm.. Jagex? The Runescape devs? They ran out of people to put on this list?

Mojang should be quite a bit lower, considering the games beside Minecraft are Cobalt and Scrolls.. #2 is far from correct.

Mediocre list at the very best.

ZombieNinjaPanda1830d ago

This list was nothing but crap. Mojang on there? They released one game and it's still buggy as hell and filled with problems.

Jagex is on there? They've ruined a decent game (runescape) with their bs. I shouldn't even need to explain that. They also bought out and ruined another game (Ace of Spades).

I'm not even gonna go on with the rest.

kwyjibo1830d ago

This is an ANNUAL list, not ALL TIME, which is why you're not going to see Atari on there. It's only active studios.

Mojang has had an absolutely stellar 2012. I don't even like Minecraft, but acknowledge that they've absolutely killed it in 2012 - they've probably made more profit per employee than any of the other names on there.

ABizzel11830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I agree with just about everyone on the list of top 50 developers, but the placement of these studios is completely wrong and this list could easily be cut down to a top 30.

44. Sony Santa Monica. Beyond ignorant, yes God of War is pretty much their only standout franchise (Kinetic was a decent racer), but they aid in the development of EVERY 1st PARTY PLAYSTATION EXCLUSIVES. That alone puts them in the top 30 (if not far higher).

41. Criterion are basically the kings of the 3rd party racing game. Top 30.

39. Quantic Dream, are the leading studio in acting, emotion, character modeling, mo-cap, and everything that makes games comparable to movies. Top 30.

37. Id. Rage was a good game, not great, but good. However, Id's history is more than enough to give them a Top 30, especially when it comes to pushing tech.

32. Crytek. For the same reason as Id. WHen it comes to pushing tech they have gone above and beyond any developer to date, and that achievement alone is enough for a top 30.

31. Sony online entertainment. Makes some of the best MMO's out there as well as many pick up and play games for PC. Got the first true Console MMO up and running. Top 30.

21. Double Fine. Shouldn't be anywhere in the top 30. I enjoyed Psychonaughts, and Brutal Legend was decent, but No.

10. Riot Games. No.

9. Arkane Studios. H#!! NO. Placement too high.

8. FromSoftware. No. Placement too high.

4. Platinum Games. Top 30 Yes. Number 4 H#!! no.

2. Mojang. Success story YES. Number 2 H#!! F'ink NO. Top 30 H#!! no.

Valve and Nintendo are numbers 1 & 2, in any order your desire (Nintendo simply because of legacy and it includes EVERY developer except Retro and Gamefreak). Those 2 companies have done the most for PC and console gaming, with Sony (console gaming), MS (console online, DX), IBM (PC), NVIDIA (PC), and AMD (PC) right behind them.

grailly1830d ago


"21. Double Fine. Shouldn't be anywhere in the top 30. I enjoyed Psychonaughts, and Brutal Legend was decent, but No."

wow I couldn't disagree more on that. I think it should be top 3. They revolutionized the gaming industry by starting the whole kickstarted craze.

they are on of the only big studios doing absolutely what they like and want to do rather than following the market. even though they only came out with kinect games in 2012(I think?) they had the double fine adventure going on and amnesia fortnight was awesome. double fine is a real breath of fresh air in this industry.

ThanatosDMC1830d ago

Terrible list. It's like they ran out of things to write and just wrote down crap.

BattleAxe1830d ago

4.Platinum Games
9.Arkane Studios
10.Riot Games

The fact that these studios are in Edge magazines top 10 greatest developers shows how out to lunch these guys are. Edge has got to be one of the worst publications out there, and its clear that they do not have any Gamers working there.

Murad1830d ago

I actually really enjoyed the DmC demo, and was hoping that it got at least a 7, so I'm probably going to wait and see if the story is worth my time, because I know Ninja Theory makes great action packed games, but nothing to well concerning the story part

1829d ago
Grap1829d ago

who wrote that list srsly?

Perjoss1829d ago

Why did you put an image of the Naughty Dog logo when the studio that came first was Valve?

ShinMaster1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

How are they the #2 developers ever?

Also Platinum Games that high? come on.

And even though I'm a big LBP fan, I don't see how Media Molecule is above Kojima Productions.

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Root1830d ago

God what's with dmc getting good scores, the demo goes against what reviewers say about the game. I could think of a ton of games which were alright but better then dmc and they got crap scores....sorry but with all the defence articles before release I think there's something been going on behind closed doors. Capcom have either threatened them or paid them off

As for the list...Platinum Games BEFORE Naughty dog....are they blood high.

EddieNX 1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )


Mojang has done more for the industry than Nintendo , ND , Capcom , Square soft , Kojima productions , ETC , ETC , ETC????

Minecraft isn't even a proper game.

Sorry , but I can think of 40 developers at least who have done MUCH MUCH MUCH more for the industry.

EDGE is shite anyway , Makes me embarassed to be British.

kratos1231830d ago

you think that's weird.
Ninja theory is above sony santa monica and by a lot
this list is a joke

Root1830d ago


See this is some of the stuff I'm talking about, ever since they've been working with Capcom on dmc sites/mags have been starting to praise their past work and have been defending them.

It's happened more the past month leading up to dmc's release....strange don't you think. Then it suddenly gets good scores when the demo was crap and of the final release aswell.

Now they're ranking NT above Sony Santa Monica....come on.

Nimblest-Assassin1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

The entire list is a joke

Arkane has only made 2 games and has only been used as assets in other games and they are above established studios like Epic and Gearbox

Mojang number 2 based on one game?

Santa monica underneath Ninja Theory even though they have produced and finance the most titles for sony first party ranging from journey to god of war


irepbtown1829d ago

Kojima Productions at #14?

Santa Monica way down near the bottom of the list?

That is weird...

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geddesmond1830d ago

Platinum games at number 4 lol. Yeah they make games that don't follow everything else thats out there but they couldn't get Bayonetta working properly on the PS3, Vanquish is a 4 hour campaign story and the graphics on both games are crap. Rockstar North should be at least number 2 and Platinum games should be are 20 or so. But hey its their list they can choose what they want but that list just confirms what I've thought all along, that Edge really don't have a clue about games and what people want.

grailly1830d ago

you shut your mouth! I won't let anybody say anything bad on vanquish.


HammadTheBeast1830d ago


showtimefolks1830d ago

IMO ND and rockstar should be in top 3. Long history f making great games so valve RS and ND in top 3 in no particular order

Welshy1830d ago

Mojang > Platinum Games > Naughty Dog? I'm sorry but EDGE are terrible at the best of times, but what the F*CK?

If i were to state a case in this comment for every out of position dev tea i'd probably just end up re-writing the entire list.

Ally wrong. ALL WRONG.

j-blaze1830d ago

where is CD Projekt RED?? lol Kojima Productions lower than ND and Capcom the company that made hit games like SS4, Lost Planet, Dragon's Dogma, Ghost Trick, Dead Rising, RE: Revelations, Monster Hunter and Phoenix Wright series is nowhere to be found on that list but instead they put a mediocre studio like Ninja Theory THIS IS A COMPLETE JOKE!

1.Kojima Productions
2.Platinum Games
5.Quantic Dream
6.CD Projekt RED
7.Capcom Japan
10.tri Ace
12.SCE Japan Studio
15.Square Enix
16.Tecmo Koei
17.Epic Games

i don't have time to list more but this is how it should be in my opinion

Marquis_de_Sade1829d ago

Without Valve? I don't think so champ

Welshy1829d ago

No Valve, Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital, Media Molecule, Critereon, Guerilla Games, DICE etc even in your top 18 devs?

Sorry dude, but i'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one.

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moegooner881830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I find the absence of Insomniac from this list disturbing, they did plenty of great titles to secure a spot among the top 50 greatest developers of all time, compared to the likes of Ninja Theory.

J86blum1830d ago

Yeah why no Insomniac nothing but great quality from them. Ninja Theory is..ehh.. im picking up DMC so this is their last chance. I didnt enjoy Heavenly Sword, or the fact the complain alot anytime one of their titles don't sell what THEY think it should.

Catoplepas1830d ago

Pretty much the entirety of the list is a joke.

And not a particularly funny one.

DonMingos1830d ago

I find it odd how one game (League of Legends) is enough for Riotgames to be ahead of Kojima Productions, Blizzard, Bioware... And where the hell is Guerrilla Games???

Walker1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Naughty Dog should be in TOP since valve .

Smurf11830d ago

Nintendo EAD and Rockstar are better imo.

EddieNX 1830d ago

IGN's list still stands. Number 1 - Nintendo EAD .

No arguments. EDGES list is a horrific fail.

Best developer OF ALL TIME , Nintendo has done the greatest things for the industry since the SNES , No one even comes close.

-GametimeUK-1830d ago

I think Naughty Dog deserve the 2nd sport imo.

I also don't see why Mojang is number 2. I think a spot like that has to be earned over the course of many years and you have to prove yourself whilst constantly moving forward. I think Naughty Dog have done that from Crash, to improving to Jak n Daxter and then really blowing my mind this generation. Plus, they are awesome to the community and give off a really positive vibe.

However, Valve are just the complete package. I'm not even a huge PC / Steam type of guy and I only really play Portal, but I can just tell Valve are awesome. High rated games, brilliant community interraction and the inability to count to three lol :-)

Walker1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Undoubtedly Naughty Dog will be in top after the last of us .

adorie1830d ago

You had to do it. You had to mention '3' lol

kwyjibo1830d ago

It's an annual list. About their current work - not "over many years". You've been mislead due to the crap ass N4G approval process.

Report this story.

irepbtown1829d ago

So you want consistency... I think Kojima Productions should be 2nd with Naughty Dog 3rd.

Where's Polyphony digital? Surely a top 50...

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HarryMasonHerpderp1830d ago

Surprised a Sony studio is in the top 5 in Edge magazine since they seem to have incredible bias towards them.
So well done Naughty Dog!

Ezz20131830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

they give uncharted 3 a 9/10 and awarded it best gfx and best ps3 game and other awards
and give alot of ps3 exclusives 9 to 10 as well

even though i still hate them for 6.5/10 they give for infamous 2 and witcher 2

also i don't agree with the list order though
Sony santa monica and SMM(LBP) should be in the top 10 and valve/ND/R* should be the top 3

miyamoto1829d ago


if they give Uncharted lower than that their bias will be too obvious & they will be grilled to death by their peers

No.1 Naughty Dog

majiebeast1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

2.Mojang... Go home EDGE your drunk.

Arai1830d ago

Haha yeah they made like 1 game, another 3 currently sitting on "TBA" status and they are listed as number 2 on that list.
List fails big time, but what do you's EDGE.

nirwanda1830d ago

Crazy personally if its an all time list they should have listed the real innovators for instance minecraft is just a modernized version of 3d construction kit one of the first ever 3D games, i would like to see mojang get anything running in 3d with a 3.5mhz processor and 48k of ram

Relientk771830d ago

^This, I just had to Google Mojang, didnt know who they were lol, dont really understand how theyre #2