PSUni's DmC Devil May Cry Unboxing

"DmC Devil May Cry is set to release this coming week on Tuesday, January 15th. Capcom was gracious enough to supply us here at PlayStation University with an early release copy of the game. Check out the full unboxing video below to check out the full details on the box design and what all is included inside. Keep it locked on PSUni early next week for our full review and grade on the game."

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Killzoner991890d ago

You will NEVER see me with this game and I highly suggest anyone reading this does the same. This game is a slap in the face to the TRUE fans of DMC and ALL gamers as well. Crapcom will learn that they CANNOT betray those who support them if they want to stay in the video game industry much longer. The backlash from this SCUM game is going to be severe and I for one look forward to it because I see it as the end of Crapcom.
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calis1890d ago

Oh shut up.

Don't like it, don't get it. Don't get on your high horse because you're having a sook about a game.

Haha1231890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

lmao good for you bro... I on the other hand will support this new series and hope for more sequels :)

@calis I think its his time of the month lol

SonyNGP1890d ago

Nope. I pre-ordered my copy.

Gambit071890d ago

You're right, this one seems better than the old ones.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1890d ago

sorry already pre-ordered.if i listened to people like you i would have missed out on one of the best action games to date in lords of shadow.

AdmiralSnake1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Yet we see you on this article.....

Anyway I preordered my copy also. I can't wait to play it...lmaooo I forgot I'm NOT a real DMC by people standard on this site....yet I have all of the games except 4... Installed on my ps3 hard drive.

richierich1890d ago

Im gonna buy 2 copies now

Sevir1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

I'm super excited about this.

On topic**

This unboxing is pointless, its a game case with a disc, if its not a collectors edition then the merit behind this is pretty silly.

Elda1890d ago

I'm a fan,played all DMC's & I've got DmC on's all about "different strokes for different folks" also I & other people who are interested in this game aren't "STUCK IN A RUT" don't mind change or trying new & different experiences.

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VileAndVicious1890d ago

True fans huh? What exactly is the criteria to be a "true" fan?

calis1890d ago

Probably have to be someone who has an irrational hate for a game that changes the formula and saying it sucks despite never playing, or seeing the game, or reviews that suggest otherwise.

Servbot411890d ago

Do you have to eat dog crap to be allowed to say it tastes like crap?

I've played enough of Ninja Theory's games to know the gameplay won't be up to snuff. They were games you played for the story, and from videos I've seen, DmC doesn't even have that going for it.

calis1890d ago

Do you know saying it tastes like crap is a metaphor, they're not being literal?

nolifeking1890d ago

Are you serious? This is a question you really needed to ask? I would have to say you arent since this abortion of a franchise peeks your interest. Since all the regression is nonexistent to you. Tell me, would a true fan of Texas chainsaw massacre fan be weary of the remakes or put thumb firmly in ass and say " I'll give it a chance"? A true fan would know the answer.

VileAndVicious1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

So...someone that hates the game. That's all it takes?
Is your interest not piqued? I mean... you are here after all.

nolifeking1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

You kidding me? Have you used the brain you were given? You act as if the dislike or "hate" as you put it is unjustified. The game is an affront to what the series is based on. "true fans" recognize this because of a little thing I like to call experience. The past has shown us what a true DMC game is and as far as im concerned only casual players of the past games see what's been done as "okay".

Edit: yes, my interest is piqued. Im always interested in how people will defend garbage or substandard offerings.

VileAndVicious1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

This isn't about whether or not people don't like the game. Believe it or not I can be pretty objective. And I understand why some people don't like the game. I respect that. Infact I agree with some gripes.

This, or rather my earlier comment is in reference to "self appointed" true fans (more like purist BTW) who feel the need to speak for everyone. "Agree with me and your a true fan, disagree and your a casual." Its actually quite silly. Its an elitist way of thinking

calis1890d ago

"A true fan would know the answer."

No, only a single-minded fool would know the answer.

nolifeking1890d ago

I agree with you on the supposed true fan feeling they know all and if you don't agree you were never a fan. Your right and "silly" is the tip of the iceberg, but what I'm saying is the term "true fan" has merit. Simply liking something doesn't make you a fan, it's the dedication and devotion that does. As has been said time and time again, if the name had been any other random thing, this whole conversation would never happen and the "true fans" would have nothing to complain about.

Sevir1890d ago

In your meaning "true fan" has no merit, what these fans are is disgruntled at a change, fans none the less than the ones who played the series since its birth to the point it is now and are excited. They aren't casual, what they are is fans with an open mind, and in its truest and purest form those are actually the true fans because they are willing to stand by a franchise that has had its fair share of highs and lows and mediocre moments and even the changes it has had to endure, even in the face of fans like you who are holding on to ire from 2010 announcement.

What ever your reasons for turning on the franchise because of REBOOT is your reason and that's fine, but please understand that your reason for hate doesn't negate that someone else can't have enjoyment out of it, and to try and disenfranchise a person from series because they like the change makes you look like a prick who can't have his way. You don't know their gaming history so you make crazy assumptions in trying to justify your own elitist way of thinking because they disagree with what you perceive as trash.

nolifeking1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

When was "I hate" ever used to describe how I felt about the game? Never. Moving on. What I feel has no merit is your description of why " true fans" are angry. Change. Change is a double edge sword, on one hand it can be for the better, improving what was lackluster prior and implementing better ideas. On the other, it can degrade what was once great into something mediocre, tarnishing something that didn't need change in the first place. Change isn't the problem, but HOW it changed is. You think anyone would care if they changed and IMPROVED the design phiosophy of previous games?

Turn on the franchise? I don't like this one game that has no connection to previous entries and somehow I've turned my back on the earlier greater games. Hyperbole at its finest.

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nolifeking1890d ago

So are you saying crap may actually be delectable? We all may just be missing out because of some stupid metaphor? LOL

Also if you think TCM needed to be remade, thumbs don't belong in your butt.

Enemy1890d ago

Where's the Hot Topic sticker?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1890d ago

I don't understand the point in doing an unboxing video for a non-collector's edition item. Seems like a waste.

NovusTerminus1890d ago

I know... Even more so since most games don't even come with a book... It's like "Yep... There is a disk in the case."

Very pointless.

The_Devil_Hunter1890d ago

For me, ASMR, unless theyre talking.

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