The developer behind Activision's first-person Walking Dead game says don't judge it on old footage

The developer behind Activision's first-person Walking Dead game has called on fans not to judge it on the recently-released, heavily-criticised gameplay footage that emerged late last year.

That, Terminal Reality's principal effects artist Glenn Gamble told Eurogamer in a recent interview, was "old footage". "We've made big strides since then," he said.

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majiebeast1923d ago

Well show new footage then. But no you release a trailer about 1 of the actors of the show.

papashango1923d ago

If you remember Activision had BO2 marketed the same way.

Please don't buy into their BS

taijutsu3631923d ago

Ill believe that when I see it!

Twignberries1923d ago

No I'll judge it by you're track record of garbage, mass produced, cut and paste jobs you call games. F***ing dipshit no talent devs they are..

karlowma1923d ago

Hey now, Monster Truck Madness was a fine piece of work.

NoFanboyRequired1922d ago

Lets see how good of a game you can make...

I bet it would be one big turd.

Twignberries1922d ago

Yes of course because you actually know me personally and my experience and skillset. You're a turd mate.

metroid321923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

The WiiU version will be the best looking version ?

decrypt1923d ago

PC will be the best looking version as usual.

LAWSON721923d ago

Ya this will be a poor port probably, so the pc version will be god awful.

NukaCola1923d ago

From what I saw, PC will be the least worst looking version. It looked terrible for a TI-83 game. How old was the footage anyway?

chronoforce1923d ago

i cant see lots of wii u owners buying this, they already have zombiu which has similar gameplay. This game has to ship with a good online for wii u owners to pick it up

Godchild10201923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

I can't see a lot of PS3, 360, Wii U or PC owners buying this.

PS3 users have The Last of Us and Until Dawn, 360 owners have Dead Space 3 (Also on PS3) and Dark (Also on PC), Wii U owners have Zombie U and PC owners have a Sugar Honey Ice Tea load of survival horror games to look forward to this year.

I would be surprised if this game sold more than 300K combined on all platforms.

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The story is too old to be commented.