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Submitted by YoungPlex 1128d ago | news

Rayman creator still high on Wii U power, no limitations

Rayman creator Michel Ancel has had nothing but praise for the Wii U. In an interview with GamesTM, Ancel continued to speak positively about the hardware.

Ancel told the magazine that the Wii U is powerful and his team hasn’t encountered any limitations. (Rayman Legends, Ubisoft, Wii U)

Phil32  +   1128d ago
Having watched many vids and played the demo so many times, Rayman Legends is one of the most beautiful games in a long time. If the Wii U's first and third parties can make games that are more artistically brilliant than realistically, then I think the Wii U might be able to compete in that regard with whatever Sony or MS comes up with.
Y_5150  +   1128d ago
Don't underestimate. I'm going to get a Wii U...After the fact that PlayStation announces what they are offering. It could be anything , possibly surpassing the Wii U when it comes to limits.
stragomccloud  +   1128d ago
Why not get both? Personally, I couldn't live without either nintendo or sony's offerings. I already have a Wii U and it's truly an amazing console, but there is no way that I'm not going to preorder the ps4.
NukaCola  +   1128d ago
I am with stragomccloud on this one. Will own all like this gen. I have a PS3, a 360 and Wii. So I don't miss out. Of course I have built up my profile adn trophies on PS3 so the next PS system will be my main one. Many Xbox gamers will carry over to the next Xbox and that will be their main one. But this is the Wii U, and it's what 99% of us asked for. No one cared about DVDs or movies or anything really. They said I WANT NINTENDO GAMES IN HD WITH SOME ONLINE. So that is what we have. We will all get to play Zelda in HD which is awesome. I am not going to buy Wii U any time soon as it has nothing that sets it apart, but when their core titles come out, I will be there to get one. When the next Playstation launches, I will be there day one. I will get the next Xbox when I see it's line up as well. I know we can't all always get anything and everything we want. But no need to hate one or the other, love games because that is what we are...gamers.
decrypt  +   1128d ago
Rayman Creator knows:

Childer.. Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

Hence thinks Wii U has ample power.
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pixelsword  +   1127d ago
@ decrypt:

Crysis Creator knows:

PC gamers who think like you... don't care about gameplay.

Hence he thinks blowing up barrels == fun for you.

And he's right!
Y_5150  +   1127d ago
@stagomcloud I never said anything about me passing up a console over another but you somehow assume I meant that. I always got one of the two first and got the other a little bit later. N64 before PSOne, Playstation 2 before Gamecube, Wii before PS3. So I'm waiting for the release on the next Playstation to see which one I'm going to enjoy first this time around because it'll be too expensive right now to buy both.
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metroid32  +   1128d ago
It can do realistic graphics equally as good what are u talking about ??

There were limitations with Origins on ps3/360 ect in fillrate and memory mate and that game wasn't as demanding as Legends even the resolution on Origins was 600p at 30fps the wiiu is powerful and can make BGAE2 look better than his original vision in my opinion.
PygmelionHunter  +   1128d ago
"Origins was 600p at 30fps"

You sure you got that right?
dirthurts  +   1128d ago
Origins was definitely 1080p.
deafdani  +   1127d ago
Source? I haven't been able to confirm anywhere the native resolution for Rayman Origins on both consoles.
1upgamer99  +   1127d ago
It looks better than Origins already. People who comment on the clock speed tend to not take into consideration the CPU/GPU "more modern tech". The Wii U is still in its early stages of games. If we all recall the 360 launch, MOST of the games were not very good at all. They had some major issues. Now look at the 360, it has some beautiful games, though it is not my Console of choice. Cryengine 3 runs "Beautifully" on Wii, and Cryteck is developing a game using the engine for Wii U, too bad it is not Crysis3, but I will pick that up for PS3.
Links to back up what I am saying for the people who are going to disagree.
N4g_null  +   1127d ago
The intro to the forest level was crazy. Really really well done. It goes 2d then full 3d so you never know which you are playing in. Im thinking god of war type games should be a dime a dozen here soon. We need more space shooters like that too hell just bring back the 80s and 90s!

This and aliens are starting to look really good.
corrus  +   1128d ago
Yes but PS4 and new XBOX will can do 4K
millzy102  +   1128d ago
how do you know ps4 and Xbox will be in 4k can you see the future, also even if it can do 4k we havn't got a disc with enough memory for it to hold that amount of data, tekken tag tournament 2 is nearly 17 gig and that is only 720p that's 1 about 1/6th the resolution of 4k. and even if they make 4 layer Bluray to hold it, its a lot of wasted power for almost everyone, I for one hope they don't push 4k because I don't want to pay for something I would never use for at least 7 years, a lot of people have just upgraded to full 1080p so even if the price of 4k TVs drop in price many won't upgrade for a good few years. I highly doubt they would push 4k but ill let you keep dreaming. and as for the fact people only say Wii u is powerful only for side scrolling are you saying ps3 and 360 are weak consoles as it can't handle Wii u version of trine 2 and rayman legends (ok they are borh side scrolling but the almighty powerful ps3 can't handle them silly side scrolling games). and with the fact that he has found no limitations tells me that they are not even pushing it.
badz149  +   1127d ago
no limitation?
lol yeah, right! who is he trying to kid? kids? everything has exception!

saying such thing, he's 'high' for sure!
millzy102  +   1127d ago
yes everything has limitations but he hasn't came across any yet which is the point he's making, he never said there will be no limitations just he hasn't came across any in the development of legends.
Ezz2013  +   1127d ago
batman has no limitation
specsmatter  +   1127d ago
Some of you guys are easily taken over and convinced lol Ihvnt seen one Rayman game on any platform including mobil tht doesnt look gorgeous so why wiiu is getting praise4this is beyond me. Come and talk about wiiu power when the game isnt a cartoony 2d side scrolling game and its technologically advanced like a say kz2\3, uc series, gow3 and such games like ths just cnt compare there not as taxing on hardware.
I MEAN look at the more complex wiiu exc. zombi u before it was released touted to be tgis awesome looking nxt gen game but ended up looking worse thn four year old current gen games. Agame def. more taxing on hardware and more complex thn Rayman. If tht would have looked awesome i would have been like wow.
N4g_null  +   1127d ago
The zelda demo has stuff those games can't even think about doing at that frame rate. Zombiu shadow frame buffer along is more impressive. Some parts artistically better but tech wise there is way more going on.

Ray man really is in a league of its own now. Tech wise or not... I really don't think ray man can run on the older consoles. If you want to see what I'm talking about try playing the forest level on the demo...
specsmatter  +   1127d ago

Your argument is a mock up zelda tech demo lol haha how many times havnt we seen mocked up tech demos tht are never realized and never come close to what is released lol How long have you been gaming to believe tech demos ?

News flash zelda on wiiu wnt look nothng like those demos and nintendo already said zelda is going the less realistic route with a direction like skyward sword so dnt be disappointed.

By the way when you talk about 2d cartoony gd looking games tht arent complex and have been done a dime a dozen their is no league of its own. What it takes to make tht type of game as oppossed to a say killzone is a league of its own . I dnt understand whats so hard to grasp?
specsmatter  +   1127d ago
Lol yes we already knw how your imagination runs wild. We knw your fantasy claims of bo2 being 1080p and wiiu being 5 times more powerful lol How many times have you eaten your words and been made a fool?

Wiiu is actually weaker thn ps3 in many regards and thts sad. Rayman and trine? non complex 2d cartoon games lol Plz tell me kingofpoopoo why wasnt the game zombiu u knw the exclusive you touted on your other account as this graphical monster just tht? You were praising its graphics werent u? Yet it turned out to look worse thn four year old current gen games lol You knw why? it isnt a cartoony 2d game and shws wiiu true weakness.

Please guys come back to us when you have a 3d game even slightly comparable to an old game like uc2 i dont even need to mention kz2\3, or gow3 lol Smh wow Rayman lol hahaha
herbs  +   1127d ago

^ Here is a link to a video of a dude who tests cpu performance for gaming and is payed money to do it (he knows his $hit better than anyone on this site)

Guess what games he uses to run his tests... Crysis, Metro, Halflife and Trine 2

Obviously Trine 2 is a less taxing game than Crysis but its still up there and if this guy is using it to benchmark high end PC stuff it's obvious that it is also a good way to benchmark a consoles overall performance.

So fanboys of N4G stop saying that Trine 2 isn't a fair comparison and that the Wii U is weaker than your current consoles because it simply makes you sound stupid...

If my link doesn't work search (AMD FX 8350 vs Intel 3570K vs 3770K vs 3820 - Gaming and XSplit Streaming Benchmarks) on YouTube :)
Ben_Rage_3  +   1127d ago
I completely agree. I finally played the demo at the local gamestop and I was very impressed. Not only was the game beautiful, but it played excellently and intuitively using the Wii U gamepad. This is one of the titles that I'm most excited for this year.
Sp1d3ynut  +   1128d ago
Sure, if you only make 2.5D side-scrolling games, the sky's the limit I suppose.
1upgamer99  +   1127d ago
As commented above. Trine 2 Directors Cut and Legends do things graphically that PS3 and 360 simply can not do. Its is a fact. So no the sky is not the limit for Current gen consoles.
There you go, Trine 2 had to be downscaled for 360 and PS3,but not on Wii U.
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Sp1d3ynut  +   1127d ago completely and utterly FAIL at reading comprehension. I was obviously referring to development on the know, since that's the subject of the article.
Jadedz  +   1128d ago
It's a great console for platformers (Nintendo's type of genre)
I believe Raymond Origins is 1080p/60fps.

Yep: (under development).
deafdani  +   1127d ago
No. Under development, what it says is that the game engine used is capable of making games at full HD (1080p). It's not the same as saying that the GAME itself is actually running at 1080p.

So, no, this isn't confirmation at all.
Jadedz  +   1127d ago
Nice loophole you caught there :P (kidding of course)!
dark-hollow  +   1128d ago
The Wii u is a more powerful than current gen but highly probably that it'll be weaker than ps4, 720.

End of discussion.
Kingofwiiu  +   1127d ago
Indeed. A simple way of putting it is this.

3DS is considerably more powerfull than PSP and has a 3D screen , Gyro , AR , etc . but not as powerfull as PS vita (not that big of a difference though , Resi rev anyone ?)

Wiiu is considerably more powerfull than pS3 and has a wireless streaming tablet controller , etc , etc , But not as powerfull as a PS4 (not that big of a difference though Zelda Wiiu anyone ?)

The difference between Wiiu and Ps4 will be roughly the same difference that 3DS and Vita have. Which is quite frankly in my opinion not even worth caring about.
FlyingFoxy  +   1127d ago
Vita is quad core 3DS is dual, in pure speed terms Vita is roughly 800mhz or more in total clockspeed while 3DS is nearer 500mhz. Vita could even be 1ghz total if each core is the same speed as 3DS. The Vita GPU is also quadcore.

For comparisons of graphics see Uncharted to Mario 3D land or Resi Revelations like you said, theres quite a difference. However, being a different style artwork on 3DS makes their games look vey good anyway, either system is good enough to produce good graphics it's just Vita has a lot of horsepower and will likely be able to emulate systems that 3DS can't like Dreamcast also.
deafdani  +   1126d ago

Vita can't emulate Dreamcast, dude, that's absurd.

Now, playing ports of Dreamcast games? Yes, it can, but that's a completely different thing, and the 3DS can play ports of Dreamcast games too.
wiiulee  +   1128d ago
he's a developer and he knows what he is talking about and since the other two systems will not be all that much more powerful then wiiu....he is absolutely right...and he can focus on unique games with the gamepad
Genuine-User  +   1128d ago
He is developing for the Wii u, ofcourse he's going to say good things about the hardware.
That's not to say the Wii u is bad but in terms of power, I don't think it stands a chance against the next console from Microsoft and Sony.
Kingofwiiu  +   1127d ago
3DS doesn't stand a chance against the PS vita ?

tre  +   1127d ago
Remember Wii did not stands a chance against the 360 and PS3 but how did that pan out? lol
Wii fan base was so much higher that 360/PS3 and most third party games never made it to Wii because the games had to be changed alot to run on it. So what PS4/720 will be more powerful but the difference won't be great and developers won't need to make alot of changes for WiiU version.
metroid32  +   1127d ago
He keeps saying just how powerful the WiiU is and said in ONM that BGAE2 is a good fit for wiiu.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1127d ago
Not to troll but the only devs saying this seem to be 2d game devs like rayman devs and trine 2. Dice and 4A have the best looking games and seem to be unimpressed.

I am sure he will have more and more power for next rayman games as well.
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1upgamer99  +   1127d ago
It is not just 2D games that are going to look better. Gearbox says the Wii U is more powerful and will have the best looking version of Alien Colonial Marines over other console versions. Also they are developing the game for all consoles, so I I don't want to hear "well of coarse they are going to say that, they are developing a game for it and they want to sell it." Why would Gearbox downplay the PS3 and 360 versions, wouldn't that be bad PR? Here are your links.
Also they love the gamepad. "this is the best Controller Nintendo has ever given us for hardcore games."
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N4g_null  +   1127d ago
There is also a conference on GPgpu computing coming up soon. Sony is using one nvidia just camp up with a great one.4A is a hack and dice is owned by who? EA who have an ax to grind with nintendo for not using origin exclusively.
Genuine-User  +   1127d ago
At Kingofwiiu,

Yep in terms of power, it doesn't even come close.
Genuine-User  +   1127d ago
Tre, I'm no talking about sales mate. Most people that owned the Wii didn't really buy anything on the system except Nintendo exclusives. I'll be getting the Wii U this summer but I know my purchase will not be based on third party support. I love Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin and Kid Icarus, those are enough reasons for me to delve in to the Wii U.
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millzy102  +   1127d ago
it doesn't matter if nintendo has made there best controller for hardcore gamres because most "hardcore gamers" don't seem to be playing games but instead winge all the time, im my opinion what makes people a hardcore console gamer is not limiting your self to either certain genres or consoles and play games for fun, i play everything from pokemon on ds to resident evil revolations metal gear solid 3d on 3ds to littlebigplannet plannet and uncharted on vita and ps3, killzone, aswell as multiplats like walking dead, batman, farcry, rayman origins, call of duty, borderlands assassins creed, devil may cry, silent hill, then zelda and mario aswell as red steel etc on wii to zombiu on wii u, hell i still play resident evil, abe oddysee, silent hill 1, dino crysis 1 and 2 on ps1, banjo kazooie, mario party, goldeneye on n64, even sonic adventure and shemue shenmue on dreamcast, to sega knights and sonic jam on sega saturn, to name a few, thats not even going into nes, snes, master system and megadrive games i own, i have a massive collection spanning 6 generations of consoles, although i have not mentioned xbox games i had and xbox which i traded for my 360 but i got fed up with all the rrod problems (i went through 5) and paying for live, the only exclusive i miss from xbox is project gotham racing but i can live without that, however i might get a 720 after ps3 depending on what they have to offer but microsoft better have an exclusive i want or else my money is going to velve, my mate is trading his 360 to get a wii u because he really wants to play zombi u (he is a massive survival horror fan like myself) and its killing him not playing it.

play games not systems.

on a side note those people that say resi revolations doesn't look close to a vita game obviously havn't played it, its not at equel quality but its not generations behind. also why is vita highly rated when obviously no one has one, i own both 3ds and vita so i can make these comparisons. also vita needs more games after compleating mgs hd, gravity rush, littlebigplannet, uncharted and wipeout nothing screems buy me, i have assassins creed 3 so liberation seems a waste of time.
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DivineAssault  +   1127d ago
The game looks beautiful & i cant wait to play it.. I think wii u is perfect for games with these types of visuals.. IDK about nx gen games that are graphically taxing but this & trine 2 type games will be fun on it... I really hope devs take advantage of the second screen & use it in unique ways because from what ive played, the pro controller is a much better option for most games.. IDK i like wii u but i know PS3 will remain my console of choice & PS4 will follow... Zelda n Metroid will be all i need for wii u & my investment will be worth it.. Rayman & bayonetta 2 will be some pretty good 3rd party exclusives.. Unless its timed exclusives like most end up being
metroidfusion2  +   1127d ago
If the ps3 and 360 can make good looking 'taxing games' and since the wii u is stroonger then them I think its going to make good looking 'taxing games' and stop assuming things dumbass and the wii u is getting a ps4 and 720 port in 2015 look up HUMAN ELEMENT

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