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Submitted by doctorstrange 1121d ago | opinion piece

The Unspoken Problem with Piracy

Piracy is a controversial topic that often leads to heated debates over how much it really impacts profits and game revenues, with some saying it is killing the games industry and others saying that it might even have positive benefits. But a new interview has highlighted another problem – how the mere notion of it can put off publishers from creating new games. Daily Reaction discusses.
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Foolsjoker  +   1122d ago
I think the internet offers enough free stuff, that anyone who tries to justify piracy is an idiot.
dbjj12088  +   1121d ago
Very true. Or look at the Humble Bundle. There are amazing deals on the internet. No need to pay a lot to play a lot.
tachy0n  +   1121d ago
sheeps, sheeps everywhere...

take a look at the DRM BS we PC gamers go through with serial keys, everytime we upgrade our systems, DRM recognizes the entire computer as another one, therefore we have to go and pirate the game if we want to keep playing it because the serial key gets blacklisted.


i dont mind people from the third world pirating stuff because they get stuff really expensive, i remember when i was on a trip to mexico, i went to check how much PS2 games cost(in 2003) and they were going for $120 USD new....
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Soldierone  +   1121d ago
I always hated that. You'd see an activation disapear because you change out a part, re install the OS, or modify something simple..... then the game sits there and fights with you about being a new "un registered" user. The game company then accuses you of stealing the game because you want the activation back.....

It's like, seriously? I pay 60 dollars and you want to treat me like a criminal? Then why not just pirate it? I often buy the game, then just hold the disc or key and just download the pirated version. Bypasses the DRM and sometimes adds perks like "portable" version where you can run it off a flash drive.
MikeMyers  +   1121d ago

I guess that explains how busy torrent sites are for games that aren't even released yet. You can get around the DRM limitation if you can prove you're the owner of the software, I know because I went through the process. People pirate games for other platforms like the Xbox 360 and the DS which is what this article talks about. I didn't know Halo had restrictions of how many times I can play it from my disc. I also didn't realize that Mario Kart needed to be pirated because of the evil doers at Nintendo not allowing my games to work properly unless I pirate the game.

I don't agree with DRM but I certainly don't agree with people using excuses to pirate games.
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tachy0n  +   1121d ago


since when people keeps their proof of purchase from stuff they buy several years ago their entire lives?

games that has not been released get pirated because we got to check if the game runs in our systems correctly since a demo is not offered and devs appear to do a half assed job by porting games and system requirements....

piracy on consoles is so small because as soon as you hack your system you are denied access to the PSN or xbox live.

first you say:

" I didn't know Halo had restrictions of how many times I can play it from my disc. I also didn't realize that Mario Kart needed to be pirated because of the evil doers at Nintendo not allowing my games to work properly unless I pirate the game."


"I certainly don't agree with people using excuses to pirate games."

*godzilla facepalm image below"

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MikeMyers  +   1121d ago
How is that a facepalm when games on the Dreamcast, PSP, DS and Xbox 360 are not pirated due to DRM or blocking people from accessing their own software? The reason why games are pirated is because they can be. Using the excuse you can only use the same software up to 5 different times for certain PC games does not validate piracy.

"games that has not been released get pirated because we got to check if the game runs in our systems correctly since a demo is not offered and devs appear to do a half assed job by porting games and system requirements...."

What's next, that I want to download a free copy of a blu-ray movie to make sure the transfer is worth the purchase beforehand? Let me guess, you're the noble one who goes to the game forums first to educate everyone on what the game requires by pirating the game early and giving out your thoughts?

"since when people keeps their proof of purchase from stuff they buy several years ago their entire lives? "

There goes that self-entitlement attitude even further. Piracy has dips and the rate of which people download torrents is busiest in the beginning, not years later because someone lost their receipt. No matter what excuse you can come up with it still does not validate piracy. I am not the internet police, what you do is your own business. I just get tired of the excuses, and when game support stops you only have yourself to blame. People pirate non-DRM games too (such as those found on GOG) and movies and everything else. They do it because they can and because technology has advanced to the point that it's become easy to get exact copies for free.
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doctorstrange  +   1121d ago
I hate the argument "Oh games shouldn't be $60, it's unfair". Then wait, they get cheaper.
showtimefolks  +   1121d ago
while i agree with you think about it like this why wait when you don't have to wait for a price drop and get it for free

both sides are at fault here, there are many games that are launched for full $60 when its worth half that. Many publishers need to look at how sony is handling SLY4 at $39.99 which could lead to more sales up front.

not every game is full $60 so when publishers release half finished games and still charge casual fans full $60 than shouldn't that person next time get a game for free? or half off?

i hate piracy as much as the next guy but games need to be priced according to the content they are offering, also if this means a game is $69.99 instead of $59.99 because of development cost than i don't mind paying $10-20 extra but than when a game only offers 10hrs of single player than don't charge full 60 release it at 40.
knifefight  +   1121d ago
I never really thought of that. It's true though, we see it a lot on handhelds especially, what with the PSP and DS having been involved with a lot of pirated software. Sad =/
Ve_Chuy  +   1121d ago
Most of the people that pirate games they cant buy a 60$ game so isnt sale lost cause if the game couldnt be pirate that guy will never buy that game anyway.
doctorstrange  +   1121d ago
They could save up for Christmas/whatever. There is no need to have it day one.
jeeves86  +   1121d ago
I'm a gamer. I have all the systems that I wanted and the games that I wanted, and I never had to steal any of them. Here's a rule of thumb that will help any of you financially. It will help teach you morals and financial responsibility. If you can't afford it, then you can't have it.

If I want a candybar that's $2.00 and I don't have any money, I don't put the candybar in my pocket. If I want a car that's $30,000 but I can't afford to finance it, I don't hotwire it to drive it off the lot.

For many people it's not about the fact that they can't afford it, it's not about the fact that there's DRM, it's not about the fact that it's not available to them in their country. It's about getting something for nothing. If they can get it for free, regardless of whether the price is $60 or $5, they'll get it for free.
miyamoto  +   1121d ago
This is why I support the PS3.

Sony has done a terrific job at keeping the pirates at bay. Its a legitimate success driven by legitimate software & legitimate gamers unlike any other video game system before it like the Xbox 360. A first in video game innovation history marred by piracy.

It was not a flawless victory though and it is still a hard fought battle along with keeping up with M$, Nintendo and the global recession & some USB dongling out there. It caused Sony so much time, money & effort investing in Blu-ray, PS3 & PSN security measures, constant software & hardware updates & adjustments stripping the PS3 to the bare essentials.

But ultimately Sony has achieved their goal!

Sony has kept the whole PlayStation ecosystem in control. They reformed many pirates and frustrated many hackers. They gave hope to many publishers, developers & retailers that a decent anti-piracy in gaming can be done. Compelling EA & Ubisoft to make exclusive deals. They even made Gabe Newell eat his words and jump on the PS3 bandwagon with Steam along with Epic Games, Crytek and other PC developers.

With this legitimate success Sony has also laid the anti-piracy ground work for the next PlayStation console. Talk about long term planning.

Yet Sony & PS3 is still being ignorantly criticized in terms of sales figures without considering this important factor.

PS3 might not sell as fast or as many as the PS2 but this time its sales figures, its profit, its attach rate & its success is truly legitimate.

I live in Third World Asia where for the first time in many generations many gamers like me pirate games since the Family Computer, Mega Drive, Super Famicom, PSONe, to Xbox 360. But the arrival of PS3 changed all that. All though we are a poor country but many gamers here actually bought legit games for PS3 & - the reason why PS3 has done so very well overall worldwide.

When it comes to quality and quantity of hardware & software and anti-piracy the PS3 is the true victor in every sense of the word.
ShaunCameron  +   1121d ago
Most people pirate because they think they have the right to steal (get something for free), don't wanna pay for anything, think the industry is there to run a charity.

$60 for games too expensive? Where the hell were you 20 years ago when games costed between $50 and $75? On average that's about $2.50 more than the price gamers are currently paying.
ATi_Elite  +   1121d ago
Oh Great another dumb Piracy article
Piracy made Publishers slash prices and lower prices have made games sales go up thus increasing revenue and game exposure in the long run!

I don't condone Piracy but it has it's Pro's and Con's.
yungprince23   1121d ago | Spam
catch  +   1121d ago
If you own the game already and don't want to deal with the hassle of DRM then I say by all means get a copy. Like the comment above mentioned though, if you can't afford it, you can't have it. I think that is a reasonable way to go about it. Wait for a price drop if you really want it or learn to accept the fact that you can't always get what you want when you want it.
jetlian  +   1121d ago
how bout i take it? games arent food which goes bad over time. waiting 2 months for a game to go down in prices changes nothing in the game so why wait?

Just so said company can maximize their profits? They make you wait hoping you cave and pay what they want.Truth is all this moral and you cant have it doesnt exist in the animal kingdom. Animals steal all the time, its instinct.

Also if everybody waited they would still complain how they didnt make money. Why does COD have paid DLC when it makes 1 billion? Are they giving back to those that support them? hell naw.

Pirate cod then BUY DLC and theres their 50-60 bucks how about that?
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Foolsjoker  +   1121d ago
Well the next time someone comes into your home and robs you, make sure to tell yourself it's "instinct".
instantstupor  +   1121d ago
Your argument is a strange one. It isn't like food which goes bad over time. Which, insofar as I can tell, is as good a reason as any to WAIT for a price drop. The content isn't going to change. It isn't going to spoil. If it were, your argument might have a tinge of validity to it. However your argument manages to actually undermine your point. Pay for the game later when on sale and it has been patched and possibly had things added to it, free/paid/discounted DLC.

I'm not saying I've never pirated. When I was younger, I was particularly bad about it on my mobile platforms. But it does make them weaker. People don't want to put games out on a console that has obscenely high piracy rates. A constant stream of new content is much more important in the long run than me getting to play a game RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND for free because I can't justify the expense. I don't pirate any more. I don't have any pirated materials even though I'm fairly broke. Just wait for game sales, especially PC digital downloads.

No argument is good enough to entitle a free download. None. If you do pirate, you just have to accept the fact that you are doing something illegal and it isn't a grey area. The only reason it is so prevalent is because of how easy it is with no chance of being caught. No repercussions. I certainly agree that the COD DLC stuff these days (and a good chunk of DLC period) is absolutely absurd, but you know how I show my disdain of that practice? I don't buy COD. Period. Last COD I bought was COD4. Plenty of other great shooters out there that get it right.

Also using "animalistic nature" as a defense is weak. If we have to go so low as to devolve our species back hundreds of thousands of years to get to a point where we can justify our actions, that is just sad. Same reason why cheating on your girlfriend isn't OK when you try to pull out the whole "it's just animal instinct. it's nature. can't help it". It is simply a weak excuse where you try to shift blame to the point where it not only isn't your fault, it is expected behavior. Sorry, that dog don't hunt.
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jetlian  +   1121d ago
its not grey.. illegal is just a term. People crack me up with this moral ground BS. I killed in the name of WAR omg "he's a hero" I killed for crack "you monster" Fact is your a killer. crack,oil,gold,diamonds, all a means to get somebody money

No one has told me a legitimate reason why you should wait to pay less if its worth 20 day 1. what am I waiting for? like I said they want more than 20 and hope you cave.

Nature actually functions better than us. Animals dont waste energy on BS. Truth is nature is at play.

I will thats why people have weapons or learn to protect themselves. Fact of life people steal from you everyday you just accepted it. Explain to me why im paying for taxes on ish that I may never use. Money stolen before you even get your check!!

name me these shooters that made 1 billion dollars and have free dlc?! they want money by any means.

ps I think you should pay something but this just wait for it or accept not getting it needs to be done with

edit: also how is it 95% of games come out same price regardless of production
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Bladesfist  +   1120d ago
I admit that I used to pirate games but after spending some time developing them I stopped and bought most of the games I can remember pirating. One thing I believe is needed is the return of demos. £40 is quite a lot of money for a lot of people and if you keep burning your customer then they might turn to piracy. Treating your customers bad with online always DRM and SecuROM and all you do is make the pirated version of the game better than the payed version without stopping piracy at all.
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