Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Ruminations on Character Design

Platinum concept artist Cho posted some cool looking concept arts of the boss character Mistral and sub-characters Cyborg Soldiers in Platinum's blog. Here's the full translation and images:

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LackTrue4K1990d ago

dont care if others are not looking forward to this game, but i have always love the art in Metal Gear Solid

Clover9041989d ago

I'm loving the art as well. Really love the art book that came with the collectors edition of the HD collection. It's disappointing that the collectors edition of Rising wont include one here in the states.

yami9301990d ago

On that last picture of concept arts that didnt make saddens me, that ninja on the bottom right corner was probably the most awesome one to look at. Other than that, I think Cho did a great job, I could understand the pressure when your trying to fill in the shoes of such a great artist, must of been great experience though.

007771989d ago

O yeah! Can't wait for it release!