EA is taking on Pokémon

An EA funded company are planning to take on Pokémon with a new original title!

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TekoIie1712d ago

NO!!! Go away EA!!!

Pokemon is one game that really doesn't need DLC or Online passes!

animegamingnerd1712d ago

pay a dollar to catch them all

TekoIie1712d ago

Oh Im expecting much worse...

Their version is going to let you buy them off EA. They'll then have a time limit until they die and you have to buy another one.

When online and your... Pokemon wannabe faints you can pay 5$ to revive it.

Dont want to train your pokemon? level him up faster for the modest fee of 1$... Per level :3

Mark my words it'll happen!!!

Septic1712d ago

That's the kind of thing you should expect from EA's handling of the game.

Ezz20131712d ago

CLOAK ENGAGED "maxsimam ripp off"

TechOne1712d ago

I can see it all now.

CATCH ALL 151 "insert pokemon ripoff name here" BY DOWNLOADING 15$ DLC!!!!!

TheCagyDies1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

World is small isn't it. It is also going to have unnecessary tacked-on MP with Online Passes and a bunch of DLC packs.

uncharted561712d ago

Wow you guys behave like EA is capcom or Activision. EA has been one of the better publishers this gen then others pushing out quality titles

the_eddster1712d ago

Put simply it's going to be worse than pokemon but that is only because it has like 11+ years of catch up to do. However, I'm surprised it has taken this long for a proper rip off, digimon was close but the game world screws itself over by having digimon de-evolve back to the first; it never really feels like it has grown up with you. But for a pokemon game that wont be just on nintendo as long as it sticks to a simple formula it cant go wrong.

zerocrossing1712d ago

Oh I get it, EA are planing to take on Pokemon with their own new IP, the article title is a little misleading.

Well competition is a healthy thing, maybe Nintendo will decide to mix pokemon up a bit.

ApolloTheBoss1712d ago

Perhaps it will inspire them to change up the Pokemon anime with a timeskip and make it you know, good. One can only hope!

zerocrossing1712d ago

Haha, yeah maybe.

I know Pokemon can be better if Nintendo tried, but their main market is kids so its like they don't have to try so hard to be appealing.

Eremgee1712d ago

Well, they seem to be mixing it up a bit with Pokemon X & Y.
I'm sure Nintendo would never let a ripoff happen though. Since they've shut down a few crappy ios ones recently.

Kalowest1712d ago

So true, when it comes it Pokemon Nintendo sues ppl quick.

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The story is too old to be commented.