Egmnow: PlayStation ‘PS4/Orbis’ Roadmap Points to Q4 Release

VGLeaks, the WikiLeaks of videogame hardware specs, claims to have the system’s “roadmap,” which contains dates as far back as June 2011. If the roadmap (listed below) is to be believed, then PS4/Orbis is scheduled for release this year, Q4.

2011 June/July – PC with Win7 64-bit and a “jailbroken” ATI r9 graphics card
2011 Sept/Oct – PC with Win7 64-bit and a “jailbroken” ATI r10 graphics card
2012 Q1 – disclosure to more developers
2012 E3 – potential unveiling window start
2012 Jul – devkits for engineers writing OS
2012 Q3 – first true hardware prototype devkits
2013 E3 – potential unveiling window end
2013 Q4 – launch

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360ICE1987d ago

Kind of hope the rumors are true. Even though I'd like to see a console with a 12.2THZ 50-core steamroller 8000 exabyte DDR300.000.000 V-RAM Nvidia AMD 8900^8800 crossed with a cell-processing 90m tower watchpoint modified with LED motion sensing heat night vision ray combo display OLED lights 500hz ultramotion clear vidid display 3D 4K no glasses needed sensor modified to overclock water cooled ice cream maker george foreman grill design.

Maybe the gen after that :/

TheGamerDood1987d ago

they're going nuts over this info on neogaf and I can't get one stinking vote on N4G. and they call this a mostly Sony fanboy site. lol

Red_Orange_Juice1986d ago

join them, n4g is boring anyways

talisker1986d ago

Don't expect teenagers with no clue about technology to indulge in a discussion about console specs. They need a clear message: X SUCKZ, Y OUTSELLZ, Z FAILZ.

Maybe if you named it "DURANGO HAS DOUBLE THE MEMORY AND CORES THAN ORBIS. IS SONY DOOMED?", you'd catch it. Other than that, you're not getting much support. But I thank you very much, I don't regularly go to NeoGAF (which I should as people there at least know what they're talking about) and I'd miss it without your post. +bubble for being helpful.

AngelicIceDiamond1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Its funny because this site mostly is a Sony fanboy site.

Nonetheless E3 season inches closer and closer we have to wait for MS and Sony's official word on all of this.

ABizzel11986d ago

LMAO. So if the rumors and rumored specs. are true it's basically what I've been saying for the longest.

If you want to see what the PS4 and Nextbox can do go to youtube and type in "AMD 7970M". That's what you can expect from then next consoles.

For the lazy it runs all current games on PC in 1080p @ 60fps on High - Ultra, aka the graphics jump you expect from a new console, but not mind blowing.

aceitman1986d ago

@ AngelicIceDiamond and Red_Orange_Juice this site is for all gamers not fanboy based , if it is like that it would be sony news only ..... anti remarks like that should be kept to yourself and not put on the comments section , if u like to see news for the 360 then click on the 360 tab on the front page . or just enjoy everything great this site has to offer at no charge ... in other words cut the fanboy stuff out be a gamer and enjoy everthing u see to ur liking.

Sarcasm1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Funny of you guys to say this website is a Sony fanboy website. Boy you guys should have been here in 2006-2008. The sheer mention of you having a PS3 gets you 10 lashes.

starchild1986d ago


That's a myth I often hear some of you PS3 fanboys repeat, but it doesn't have any basis in reality.

In the early days of this generation the number of PS3 to 360 fanboys on this site was closer to even. Now it is heavily overrun by PS3 fanboys.

You almost can't be a fan of another platform and hold on to your bubbles. I am a PC fan mostly, but I do also like the PS3 and 360, but if I am not 100% pro-PS3 at all times then I am attacked non-stop.

Even in the early days, 360 fans were attacked by PS3 fans just as much as vice versa.

I was here on this site back then and I also have gone back and read many articles from that time period. There is simply no evidence whatsoever that PS3 fans were the victims, ever.

TheGamerDood1986d ago


And leave you here all alone to fend for yourself... no I wouldn't think of doing something like that to you. No I'll stick around for a while if you don't mind.

bratman1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

@ starchild

ive been a member for 5 years now, using n4g for maybe 6 years and its not a myth... when ps3 first launched it was nothing but doom and gloom articles left right and center, comparison articles from big sites like gamespot and ign, and 360 fans bashing ps3 in all articles ("no games","doesnt sell", "gonna fail") Guys like powerofgreen and pp racked up the agrees like crazy... how times change.

NeverEnding19891985d ago

Use the search tool on the top right corner fr articles from 2006-2007 and you'll see its ALWAYS been a PS3 fanboy haven.

That's why it's so fun:)

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TheBrownBandito1986d ago

Bubbled up even though I was gagging for a comma, lol!

360ICE1986d ago

I don't want any commas in my console >B|

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majiebeast1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I think Sony is gonna unveil before E3. With either Killzone 4 or a new IP by guerrila at launch. Seeing as they said 2013 is gonna be their biggest year yet and i doubt they are talking just about Killzone Merc's.

nirwanda1986d ago

With new consoles alot of new Ips get launched too so get ready, I like the look of new star wars game.

Prodigy-X1986d ago

Can't wait till E3 2013.

nirwanda1986d ago

Specs on the new xbox sound better if they sort the memory out its no good without the bandwidth, I stll think MS may drop the bluray drive to save costs and maybe even go with an ssd.

solid_warlord1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

The bandwidth on DDR3 is good enough..bluray drive is very cheap. I saw one for £40 and it has much fast read speed than the primitive version on PS3. No way Next Xbox is gonna have an SSD. Too expensive. The CEO guy from Cryteck said he'd much prefer a higher DDR3 memory than more bandwith But less memory DDR5. Another words, 8gb of DDR3 is better than 4gb DDR5 plus DDR5 cost Shit loads. Also take to acount the OS will use 2gb or 1gb of Ram with all the rumars about PVRs and Kinect buit in ect. Looking at this(if its legit), XBOX Next has slight edge.

nirwanda1986d ago

Thinking about it sensibly you wouldn't need an ssd if you had loads of memory as you could load the whole game into the memory, hope they don't make the OS too big, you don't need loads of [email protected] going on when you playing a game, all its goin to do is clog up memory and cpu cycles.

M-M1986d ago

It's all about that DDR10.

portal_21986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

DDR3 is becoming archaic.

ABizzel11986d ago

"Another words, 8gb of DDR3 is better than 4gb GDDR5 plus DDR5 cost Shit loads."

Not true at all, especially not knowing the speeds of the RAM which the GDDR5 should be significantly faster, plus GDDR5 has significantly higher bandwidths than DDR3, it has significantly higher transfer rates, and significantly higher clock frequencies.

For gaming 4GDDR5 smokes the 8GBDDR3. But for multitasking having more memory is generally the most important thing, and so the 8GB DDR3 could very well be more important than having higher quality and faster RAM in that regard (aka why the article says MS OS should be faster).

But again if they plan on using Kinect to completely control the Xbox 1080 then they need as many CPU cores and as much RAM as possible to dedicate to a seamless Kinect experience, while also running games, apps, and preparing for the future.

Sony's not using Kinect to run their console, so they don't need as much. But more wouldn't hurt.

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Skate-AK1986d ago

I don't think either console will have an SSD.

M-M1986d ago

They will both have memory cards. 1 megabyte on each one.

sdozzo1986d ago

1TB? Hopeful. Yet doubtful.

Conzul1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Hopefully they'll have a hybrid though, like what Seagate did with their "Momentus XT" line.

Both companies' games could benefit from just 6-8GB of SSD and an OS/games tailored to use it properly. And it's MUCH cheaper than a full-on SSD.

ABizzel11986d ago

Agreed maybe a 500GB 7200 rpm HDD, and 32GB SSD / mSD for the OS to allow the OS to run faster.

FlyingFoxy1986d ago

SSD's are getting cheaper, you can get a 256gb drive for a good price now. There is literally no excuse not to have one if you own a Gaming PC.

Load times of games improve a lot, even loading maps online.

Since they want to keep a console as cost effective as possible tho they prob wont use one.

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Skynetone1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )


For gaming 4GDDR5 smokes the 8GBDDR3. But for multitasking having more memory is generally the most important thing, and so the 8GB DDR3 could very well be more important than having higher quality and faster RAM in that regard (aka why the article says MS OS should be faster).

if i run my 1 gig os of ddr5 memory or i run my 1 gig os of ddr3 memory, multitasking will be faster on ddr5 memory, because its just simply faster

if ms goes with a 2 gig os and sony goes with a 1 gig os, sonys os will still be faster because its designed to run with a 1 gig os

the advantage ms might have is it has 8 cores, 1 for kinect and 1 for the os and 6 for gaming

i dont even know why im typing this, i dont even care lol, both will be fast and close to instant