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Submitted by TheGamerDood 1126d ago | rumor

Egmnow: PlayStation ‘PS4/Orbis’ Roadmap Points to Q4 Release

VGLeaks, the WikiLeaks of videogame hardware specs, claims to have the system’s “roadmap,” which contains dates as far back as June 2011. If the roadmap (listed below) is to be believed, then PS4/Orbis is scheduled for release this year, Q4.

2011 June/July – PC with Win7 64-bit and a “jailbroken” ATI r9 graphics card
2011 Sept/Oct – PC with Win7 64-bit and a “jailbroken” ATI r10 graphics card
2012 Q1 – disclosure to more developers
2012 E3 – potential unveiling window start
2012 Jul – devkits for engineers writing OS
2012 Q3 – first true hardware prototype devkits
2013 E3 – potential unveiling window end
2013 Q4 – launch (Next-Gen, PS3, Sony, Tech)

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360ICE  +   1126d ago
Kind of hope the rumors are true. Even though I'd like to see a console with a 12.2THZ 50-core steamroller 8000 exabyte DDR300.000.000 V-RAM Nvidia AMD 8900^8800 crossed with a cell-processing 90m tower watchpoint modified with LED motion sensing heat night vision ray combo display OLED lights 500hz ultramotion clear vidid display 3D 4K no glasses needed sensor modified to overclock water cooled ice cream maker george foreman grill design.

Maybe the gen after that :/
TheGamerDood  +   1126d ago | Interesting
they're going nuts over this info on neogaf and I can't get one stinking vote on N4G. and they call this a mostly Sony fanboy site. lol
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1126d ago
join them, n4g is boring anyways
talisker  +   1126d ago
Don't expect teenagers with no clue about technology to indulge in a discussion about console specs. They need a clear message: X SUCKZ, Y OUTSELLZ, Z FAILZ.

Maybe if you named it "DURANGO HAS DOUBLE THE MEMORY AND CORES THAN ORBIS. IS SONY DOOMED?", you'd catch it. Other than that, you're not getting much support. But I thank you very much, I don't regularly go to NeoGAF (which I should as people there at least know what they're talking about) and I'd miss it without your post. +bubble for being helpful.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1126d ago
Its funny because this site mostly is a Sony fanboy site.

Nonetheless E3 season inches closer and closer we have to wait for MS and Sony's official word on all of this.
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ABizzel1  +   1125d ago
LMAO. So if the rumors and rumored specs. are true it's basically what I've been saying for the longest.

If you want to see what the PS4 and Nextbox can do go to youtube and type in "AMD 7970M". That's what you can expect from then next consoles.

For the lazy it runs all current games on PC in 1080p @ 60fps on High - Ultra, aka the graphics jump you expect from a new console, but not mind blowing.
aceitman  +   1125d ago
@ AngelicIceDiamond and Red_Orange_Juice this site is for all gamers not fanboy based , if it is like that it would be sony news only ..... anti remarks like that should be kept to yourself and not put on the comments section , if u like to see news for the 360 then click on the 360 tab on the front page . or just enjoy everything great this site has to offer at no charge ... in other words cut the fanboy stuff out be a gamer and enjoy everthing u see to ur liking.
Sarcasm  +   1125d ago
Funny of you guys to say this website is a Sony fanboy website. Boy you guys should have been here in 2006-2008. The sheer mention of you having a PS3 gets you 10 lashes.
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starchild  +   1125d ago

That's a myth I often hear some of you PS3 fanboys repeat, but it doesn't have any basis in reality.

In the early days of this generation the number of PS3 to 360 fanboys on this site was closer to even. Now it is heavily overrun by PS3 fanboys.

You almost can't be a fan of another platform and hold on to your bubbles. I am a PC fan mostly, but I do also like the PS3 and 360, but if I am not 100% pro-PS3 at all times then I am attacked non-stop.

Even in the early days, 360 fans were attacked by PS3 fans just as much as vice versa.

I was here on this site back then and I also have gone back and read many articles from that time period. There is simply no evidence whatsoever that PS3 fans were the victims, ever.
TheGamerDood  +   1125d ago

And leave you here all alone to fend for yourself... no I wouldn't think of doing something like that to you. No I'll stick around for a while if you don't mind.
bratman  +   1125d ago
@ starchild

ive been a member for 5 years now, using n4g for maybe 6 years and its not a myth... when ps3 first launched it was nothing but doom and gloom articles left right and center, comparison articles from big sites like gamespot and ign, and 360 fans bashing ps3 in all articles ("no games","doesnt sell", "gonna fail") Guys like powerofgreen and pp racked up the agrees like crazy... how times change.
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NeverEnding1989  +   1125d ago
Use the search tool on the top right corner fr articles from 2006-2007 and you'll see its ALWAYS been a PS3 fanboy haven.

That's why it's so fun:)
TheBrownBandito  +   1126d ago
Bubbled up even though I was gagging for a comma, lol!
360ICE  +   1125d ago
I don't want any commas in my console >B|
The_Infected  +   1126d ago
I hope both consoles launch at the same time this year! E3 is gonna be so exiting watching two next gen consoles go head to head:)
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danyeager464   1125d ago | Spam
majiebeast  +   1126d ago
I think Sony is gonna unveil before E3. With either Killzone 4 or a new IP by guerrila at launch. Seeing as they said 2013 is gonna be their biggest year yet and i doubt they are talking just about Killzone Merc's.
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nirwanda  +   1126d ago
With new consoles alot of new Ips get launched too so get ready, I like the look of new star wars game.
Prodigy-X  +   1126d ago
Can't wait till E3 2013.
nirwanda  +   1126d ago
Specs on the new xbox sound better if they sort the memory out its no good without the bandwidth, I stll think MS may drop the bluray drive to save costs and maybe even go with an ssd.
solid_warlord  +   1126d ago
The bandwidth on DDR3 is good enough..bluray drive is very cheap. I saw one for £40 and it has much fast read speed than the primitive version on PS3. No way Next Xbox is gonna have an SSD. Too expensive. The CEO guy from Cryteck said he'd much prefer a higher DDR3 memory than more bandwith But less memory DDR5. Another words, 8gb of DDR3 is better than 4gb DDR5 plus DDR5 cost Shit loads. Also take to acount the OS will use 2gb or 1gb of Ram with all the rumars about PVRs and Kinect buit in ect. Looking at this(if its legit), XBOX Next has slight edge.
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nirwanda  +   1126d ago
Thinking about it sensibly you wouldn't need an ssd if you had loads of memory as you could load the whole game into the memory, hope they don't make the OS too big, you don't need loads of cr@p going on when you playing a game, all its goin to do is clog up memory and cpu cycles.
M-M  +   1126d ago
It's all about that DDR10.
portal_2  +   1126d ago
DDR3 is becoming archaic.
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ABizzel1  +   1125d ago
"Another words, 8gb of DDR3 is better than 4gb GDDR5 plus DDR5 cost Shit loads."

Not true at all, especially not knowing the speeds of the RAM which the GDDR5 should be significantly faster, plus GDDR5 has significantly higher bandwidths than DDR3, it has significantly higher transfer rates, and significantly higher clock frequencies.

For gaming 4GDDR5 smokes the 8GBDDR3. But for multitasking having more memory is generally the most important thing, and so the 8GB DDR3 could very well be more important than having higher quality and faster RAM in that regard (aka why the article says MS OS should be faster).

But again if they plan on using Kinect to completely control the Xbox 1080 then they need as many CPU cores and as much RAM as possible to dedicate to a seamless Kinect experience, while also running games, apps, and preparing for the future.

Sony's not using Kinect to run their console, so they don't need as much. But more wouldn't hurt.
Skate-AK  +   1126d ago
I don't think either console will have an SSD.
M-M  +   1126d ago
They will both have memory cards. 1 megabyte on each one.
sdozzo  +   1126d ago
1TB? Hopeful. Yet doubtful.
Conzul  +   1126d ago
Hopefully they'll have a hybrid though, like what Seagate did with their "Momentus XT" line.

Both companies' games could benefit from just 6-8GB of SSD and an OS/games tailored to use it properly. And it's MUCH cheaper than a full-on SSD.
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ABizzel1  +   1125d ago
Agreed maybe a 500GB 7200 rpm HDD, and 32GB SSD / mSD for the OS to allow the OS to run faster.
FlyingFoxy  +   1125d ago
SSD's are getting cheaper, you can get a 256gb drive for a good price now. There is literally no excuse not to have one if you own a Gaming PC.

Load times of games improve a lot, even loading maps online.

Since they want to keep a console as cost effective as possible tho they prob wont use one.
Skynetone  +   1125d ago

For gaming 4GDDR5 smokes the 8GBDDR3. But for multitasking having more memory is generally the most important thing, and so the 8GB DDR3 could very well be more important than having higher quality and faster RAM in that regard (aka why the article says MS OS should be faster).

if i run my 1 gig os of ddr5 memory or i run my 1 gig os of ddr3 memory, multitasking will be faster on ddr5 memory, because its just simply faster

if ms goes with a 2 gig os and sony goes with a 1 gig os, sonys os will still be faster because its designed to run with a 1 gig os

the advantage ms might have is it has 8 cores, 1 for kinect and 1 for the os and 6 for gaming

i dont even know why im typing this, i dont even care lol, both will be fast and close to instant
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PS4isKing_82  +   1126d ago
cant wait for ps4. im ready to put in my pre order as soon as sony announces it.
M-M  +   1126d ago
Same here :).
portal_2  +   1126d ago
nirwanda  +   1126d ago
The big problem for sony and MS is that they are both using similar tech so as soon as it becomes clear which has the best specs everyone will go for that console if the price is nearly the same, I will wait til early 2014 till i decide which to buy, there will be definatly no point buying both this time.
PirateThom  +   1126d ago
Maybe they'll go where the games are instead....
nirwanda  +   1126d ago
Maybe all the devs will go where power to make the best game possible, which is why the PS3 had more exclusives.
Edit at marcus below, in the past when the playstation 1 launched it because it had better specs than the established saturn and had a CD rom unlike the N64, if all the games are better on one console but the consoles are released at the same time they will get the most surport in the future. Loyalists are in a minority gamers go where the best games are
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USEYOURFIST  +   1126d ago
I hope they do as Sony could do with the boost as I'd hate for them to have to change from being the company who pushes for new interesting games. And would force ms to do a bit more on the game front, better for us gamers all round!!
The_Infected  +   1126d ago
Not true. Loyal 360 gamers will still buy the new Xbox and loyal PS3 gamers will buy the PS4. Also don't forget even if one is more powerful they will have different hardware and extra tech probably. Not to forget they both have their own exclusive games also.
USEYOURFIST  +   1126d ago
I agree, I will be getting a ps4 first but will be open to getting a Xbox if it has some killer games...hopefully they don't both think like this though as worried they may just chase the casual market
IRetrouk  +   1126d ago
Im just glad that we are finaly gearing up to new consoles, couldnt care less which is more powerfull as i will own both, have been very tempted this past year to build a new pc, just because this gen is starting to get very stale
BitbyDeath  +   1126d ago
Lovin these specs

PS4 "Orbis"
- AMD x86 3.2GHz APU Solution (Jaguar/Steamroller), 4 cores (2 core pairs), [Higher Clock than X720/Durango]
- Maybe AMD 8000 series GPU solution [Customised Solution Possibly utilising GPU + APU combo]
- 2-4GB GDDR5
- Launch Fall 2013/Early 2014

Explanation: PS4 has a higher clock, but less cores and is using an APU solution (CPU & GPU elements combined onto a single chip). The PS4 has less RAM but is using faster GDDR ram, so the overall performance should be a wash.

Xbox 720 "Durango"
- AMD x86 Jaguar 1.6GHZ 8-Core [Targeting one core being dedicated for OS tasks]
- AMD 8000 series GPU
- ESRAM on the GPU (unknown amount)
- 8GB Ram DDR3, [1.5GB of RAM likely reserved for the operating system]
- Launch 2013
DeadlyFire  +   1126d ago

RAM I am not even going to bother explaining to anyone. As it simply will change to match the competitor of either side in a flash as far as the amount goes if its pushed from the public for it. RAM is dirt cheap so matching the competitor with similar amount is easy as eating pie.

These are still speculative guesses.

I personally believe PS4 CPU will be two Kaveri APUs for PS4 stacked with TSV around 3.2 Ghz-4.0 Ghz.

I don't believe Xbox 3 would use a core solely for the OS when one ARM CPU could be utilized on the side to run Windows 8 RT. Cost effective? ARM CPU costs how much? Less than $10 in most cases.

I don't believe at all in them using Jaguar cores, but we will see. Steamroller looks almost certain to me.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1126d ago
I rather see sony go with a 6 core & 8gb ram.
#9.2 (Edited 1126d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
seanpitt23  +   1126d ago
I don't believe anything until I hear it from the horses mouth (Sony)
jujubee88  +   1126d ago
Also, just like ever1 else I am already saving up for PS4.
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M-M  +   1126d ago
Hopefully we can hear something from them before E3. I just don't want to wait that long :P.
TotalHitman  +   1126d ago
I have a strong feeling that Ready at Dawn will show a new IP at E3. They did say that they were developing a third-person action-adventure game for a "next generation home console game system."
Pintheshadows  +   1126d ago
I'm hoping it's Syphon Filter.
belal  +   1126d ago
I think most of this info is false either way. I think ps3 will have 6 gig ram and use ssd. Sony like pushibg hardware so i don't think they will back up.
riverstars86  +   1126d ago
Having 6 gigs of GDDR5 is not possible, trust me when I say 4 gigs of GDDR5 ram is a boat load. They will most likely have some cheap DDR3 ram for the OS as well, this is definitely better than I thought the PS4 would be.
tubers  +   1126d ago


But yeah, doubt the consoles will get that on the next gen release.
Ju  +   1126d ago
I'm not sure what I'm getting if anything at all - at least not on launch. I'd like to see Sony pushing for specs, but it looks like they are going with the price this time. We'll see by end of the year, I guess. I still feel Sony lost their Mojo because they got burned with the PS3 (at first). It'll be a tough race.
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Adolph Fitler  +   1126d ago
Xbox 1 supposedly had the edge, but I had games on both that were equally as impressive, & I'm not talking about the same game side by side, I'm talking about, say, Riddick looking awesome on Xbox, but GOW2 looking just as awesome on PS2.
Same with PS3 supposedly being more powerful than 360, yet no game showcases either ones power over the other, as Gears gets cancelled out by Unchartered & vice versa.
The only PS3 game that really shows any discernable power differences in my opinion is Killzone 2/3....these two titles really looked a$$kicking, & even though they really never lived up to that infamous E3 (2005/6, I think), they still really did show a step up in class over anything MS had to offer on 360, & anything else on PS3. But, on saying that, Guerilla custom built the engine to fit PS3, whereas, Epic (who I see as the most accomplished developer to get the most graphically from a system) used there proprietry engine for all the Gears, that was UE3, a engine built well before 360's, it's hard & unfair to compare, unless a developer with as much talent to make a visually stunning game, such as Guerilla, do the same thing on 360 as Guerilla did with Killzone on PS3.

So, even if 720/Durango does have a slight edge in specs over PS Orbis/3, you can bet your balls that nary a developer in sight will want and/or know what to do with it.
It is not worth a 3rd party developers time to try tailoring a game to a specific machines specs (thats why PS3 got so many shoddy ports at the start, as they would just do bare minimum to get there already established code running on a less pc-esque, as in PS3's case, piece of hardware).

Anyhow, I don't care if MS's incoming machine is more powerful than PS Orbis, as I know that Sony's machine will still be a powerhouse, & a massive step up from PS3, & most importantly, I will get all the Sony exclusives I have loved since the day I bought my PS1. Sony still have the best 1st party studios, & even though they have had troubles & lost some of my favourites (R.I.P. Zipper, London Studios, Cambridge Studios, Lightbox Interactive, etc, etc), but, with Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, Evolution Studios, Team Ico, Guerilla, Santa Monica, San Diego, Foster City Studios, Sucker Punch, Icognito, Polyphony, Bend Studios & Sony Japan (now 1 or 2 of these ones may also have gone, as I only learnt yesterday that Lightbox of Starhawk fame are all but kaput), but overall, they have a massive array of awesome 1st party, exlusive developers, all with very different & varied genres.

So, although I would be dissapointed & rethink my next purchase if PS Orbis/3 came out & had specs that rivalled the Wii-U, we all know that won't be the case, we also all know that where one of the 2 big ones may have a spec advantage over the other, it will probably be made up for in another spec, & in turn the machines will more than likely be evened out.
If we are impartial to all these BS rumours popping up on the web lately, & are smarter than the other average boo boo bears, then we know that until these machines are officially announced & the specs revealed, then, well, we can carry on like foolish rabid fanboys, with school kid, special class mentalities, that involve d!ckswinging, "my specs are better than yours" talk, that really, none of us know what the f$#k were talking anyway,..........because if we did, we'd be disigning Sony's, Nintendo's, Ouya's, MS's, Apples, Samsung's or Valve's newest consoles, instead of trying to act like we know what were spitting shit about.
ILive  +   1126d ago
I am sorry, but I have yet to see a 360 exclusive that looks better than uncharted 2 & 3, killzone 3, heavy rain, and even god of war 3. Even resistance 3 looks good, but I just don't want to go that far. 360 does have some good exclusives, but none of them come close from my perspective.
solid_warlord  +   1126d ago
I own both consoles i thought Gears of War 3 looks like uncharted graphicaly. Me personaly and thas just me, i felt Halo 4 looked better and certainly played better than killzone. I played the demo of Heavy rain, it was probaly the worst game i have ever played this gen. It felt like a pre rendered game. Very slow and every decision was pre rendered like cutscene. U could hardly shoot like a shooter, those types of game hardly have any gameplay. All in all, third party games like Crysis 2, LA Noir, Far Cry 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect and few others look just as good if not better than any exclusive PS3 or XBOX 360 has. It can also be argued those games looks and plays better on 360.
#15.1.1 (Edited 1126d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(17) | Report
superterabyte  +   1125d ago
@solid_warlord nope I am afraid halo does not look remotely as good as killzone
5eriously  +   1125d ago
Halo is more like the cartoon version of Killzone3. Then there is nothing to compete with Uncharted and Heavy Rain is unique, sure not everyone would like the genre but the 360 have nothing there to compete with. Then there are LBP, GT5 and so many more.
Irishguy95  +   1126d ago

again and again I hear the same arguments.

"uncharted 2 & 3, killzone 3, heavy rain, and even god of war 3. Even resistance 3 lo"

Do any of them let you fly and drive vehicles like Halo? Are the maps large?


Seriously, same stupid argument thinking 'graphics' is the only thing that developers use the systems power on.
Mr-Dude  +   1126d ago

again and again I hear the same arguments.

"uncharted 2 & 3, killzone 3, heavy rain, and even god of war 3. Even resistance 3 lo"

And then you say: "Do any of them let you fly and drive vehicles like Halo? Are the maps large? No. "

And thats all Sony fans hear all the time.. HALO, GEARS, Forza...

I'm glad this gen is almost over, hopefully next-gen is more games for everyone and less fanboy behaviour...
TheGamerDood  +   1126d ago
Starhawk's MP allows you to do all of that but you can also become a freakin' transformer! lol Seriously though we're talking graphics not features or mechanics.
extermin8or  +   1125d ago
Well actually, killzones maps are massive- and their are vehicles and a larger player count than halo etc per match....
remanutd55  +   1126d ago
E3 2013 Here i come!!!!! hopefully sony have demos on the show floor!!!
Motorstorm World Tour
Kizzy 4
The Last Guardian
Eight Days
The Getaway 3 and more lol
Pintheshadows  +   1126d ago
My wishlist is similar.

Motorstorm World Tour featuring the best tracks from the previous games and a bucket load of new ones with destructible environments. For example, larger vehicle could barrage through buildings creating new routes etc.

Killzone 4 or Guerilla's long rumoured fantasy IP.

The Last Guardian updated and even more beautiful.

The Getaway 3 resurfacing.

Syphon Filter developed by Ready at Dawn.

A new action RPG developed by Santa Monica.

Agent. (ha!)
remanutd55  +   1125d ago
ohhh yes i would add Syphon Filter to my list too !!!! and i like your Motorstorm ideas as well
Mathew9R   1126d ago | Spam
supremacy  +   1126d ago
Thats always been the difference between the two, Sony always seems less concen with the o.s. When this is what they really need to target this time around; games are always going to look and perform great because its something thats expected with every new generation.

They need to think about o.s performance and what can help them streamline things like psn and make their platform a multitasking beast. As we look around today,more and more devices are aiming for these kinds of things because at the of the day people seek convinience. Vita can xchat, okay, now lets take it to the next level Sony.

Psn started out slow and has grown quite a bit since its inception, but with 6 years of growing pains i think its time for major upgrades. And i believe that can be associated with the right memory archictecture designed for the o.s.

No more loading screens or long and huge installs. Things like background downloading while i xchat with freinds doing different things should be the norm going forward. voice messages and a bunch of heavy tasking is what this platform should be build for. I should be able to chat or send someone a messages even if i am browsing the store or the web which by the way should support HTML5 and FLASH with no slowdown or crashes while chatting or running other apps in the background.

This^ is what this system should be build around and for, and not just another graphics jump. Yeah 4k sounds nice and all, but at this point in time even Nintendo and MS sell without pushing these things.

ps4 needs to be a multitasking beast before anything else, thats all i am saying.
#18 (Edited 1126d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Drithe  +   1126d ago
IF Sony charges over 400 bucks for a new system this time, you can say goodbye to Sony in the gaming market.

End of Line.
superterabyte  +   1125d ago
Even if Microsoft charge a similar amount because to have as good specs as have been rumored they will have to.
Bellcross  +   1126d ago
Holy S@#$ 4GB of GDDR5 in a console?

That's madness!

make it happen Sony!!!
koston3647  +   1126d ago
ps3 blu-ray drive is 2x i believe?
what are the advantages of faster drives?
how fast are blu-ray drives now/2013?

Bellcross  +   1126d ago
You can find BR drives up to 12x for $50US now so it's way faster and cheaper this time around.

a faster drive allows data to be read faster which leads to faster load times.
Lucas25  +   1126d ago
say the specs are true, which console will have better performance?
superterabyte  +   1125d ago
Very similar specs but it could be said that Sony may have the edge on the CPU. I wouldn't bank on these specs being true tho.
FlyingFoxy  +   1125d ago
Similar to this/last gen, as in Xbox may have the better GPU and PS4 may has a better CPU. So they kinda balance out to be near the same.
ABizzel1  +   1125d ago

Yeah the specs. are very similar, but not knowing exact details we can't say for sure.

CPU: Could go wither way. The Steamroller APU should be more powerful than the Xbox's, however MS will likely have the CPU overclocked and running with 8 cores instead of 4 could put it up there with the PS4, however, if the Kinect rumors are true then it should fall behind the PS4 simply by dedicating a core to Kinect and OS.

GPU: Based on the APU's Sony again should have the advantage. However, what really determines things will be which mobile GPU's Sony and MS uses. The best would be the AMD 8900M series (7850 - 7870 performance), but they aren't out yet. The 8800M series would be good, but not 8900. If say MS goes with 8900M and Sony with 8800M then MS will zoom past them in the graphics department.

RAM: Again it really depends on speeds and the amount, but for the most part Sony has it again. GDRR5 is significantly faster than DDR3, and unless MS is going with something clocked well over the standard 1600 then Sony will take this as long as they go with 4GB of GDDR5. However when it comes to OS and multitasking MS should win. (If sony goes with 2GB GDDR5 then they'll likely add in 4GB of DDR3, which again pits them neck and neck, but gives Sony the gaming advantage).

Best Overall: Neither. Sony's specs just have a bit more insight to them. But MS could have higher clocks on everything in order to maximize their console performance which could push it pass the Orbis specs. However, it doesn't really matter, because the difference will be negligible and similar to how the PS3 and 360 are now regardless of which system ends up being the most powerful. But as I said it all comes down to the CPU speeds and modifications, which GUP they go with, and how much RAM they use. Until we know those hard facts we can't say for sure. But I will say these specs. aren't hard to image as being the final build for these consoles, and would fit the $399 - $499 range depending on the GPU.
extermin8or  +   1125d ago
They tend to have access to these parts yonks before their commercial release. Plus they often 'jailbreak' and customize the graphics cards and CPUs to optimize their performance. I can't see either company risking not using the 8900 series GPU's just incase the other did and to stop pc's outdating them within weeks/months of their release....
ABizzel1  +   1125d ago
I agree, if they go with anything other than the 8900M series then they're already far behind PC gaming and once 2014 - 2015 comes PC gaming will receive another jump in terms of GPU performance, putting it further ahead of console gaming every 2 years that follow.

6 years into the consoles life cycle PC gaming will be near photo realism with all games as long as the developers take time to maximize performance and graphics for PC.

PC mods currently get PC games looking photo real, but images what they could do with games that naturally look that good. Scary :D
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1125d ago
I really want this rumor to be true but its not and there is an easy way to prove it.

Sony releases their own corporate financial data to the public. In this data you can clearly see a lack of new R&D spending for the past three years.

But the real "smoking gun " is the lack of increases in manufacturing, which would clearly precede the release of a new console.

Now before you call me a troll and get your panties in a bunch make sure you seek out this data and see for yourself. With all the great ps3 exclusives coming this year, and a new model ps3, I believe Sony is going to stick with their current system just a little while longer. They still need to recoup some massive financial losses. (In the billions, and no, they haven't been recouped yet.)

Now that doesn't mean sony wont talk about or even reveal the ps4 at e3. But a release in 2013 seems very unlikely.
BitbyDeath  +   1125d ago
"Sony releases their own corporate financial data to the public. In this data you can clearly see a lack of new R&D spending for the past three years. "

"But the real "smoking gun " is the lack of increases in manufacturing, which would clearly precede the release of a new console."

Disproven, what else you got?
MrJonathan  +   1125d ago
Bitby you have no idea what you're talking about. Neither of those articles disprove anything.
BitbyDeath  +   1125d ago

First link proves PS4 dev kits have gone out, which disproves no R&D has taken place otherwise they would not exist.

Second link proves Sony have stopped PS2 manufacturing, there is no sudden increase in manufacturing because PS4 simply took the PS2's place, and if you know your history when the PS1 stopped that is when the PS3 began manufacturing. Hence why there is no difference.

Best of all they are real links, real facts, where as multigamer is just going off theories.
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FlyingFoxy  +   1125d ago
I'm interested in the consoles, but nothing really so far is different enough to not want to game on a PC which is better.

I'll see what games are being made for the consoles, i'm betting Xbox will have the usual boring Halo rehashes though.

I miss games like they had on the 64, Banjo Kazooie and Conker.. something unique with adult humor instead of the same bs over and over.

Maybe i'm off MS consoles because i much prefer FPS games on PC, but in that case i'll wait and see what Sony has to offer.
Adolph Fitler  +   1125d ago
@ Solid_Warlord....
Wow, fanboy goggles or what. Now, in your fanboy eyes & hands, multiplats like Crysis 2 (which were identical in all departments) PLAY BETTER....Hows that one work? I understand controller preference, but your not speaking of that...Your trying to somehow convince yourself (because mommy won't buy you a PS3 to sit alongside your 360) that somehow, 2 identical games plays better on one particular machine.......hilarious. Thats like me being a big enough douche to say EVERY game looks & plays better on PS3, as it's hard to play the 360 version when you have RROD syndrome..........actually, thats not comparable as at least my BS has some air of truth to it, as nearly every 360 made in the 1st 3yrs of production suffered RROD. But, as I own both, I find it laughable to keep harping on past crap.
Maybe if your still playing the 1st Fifa released on these consoles, along with the 1st Madden & a few other bodgily ported games from when PS3 1st launched, then you would have a point with your BS......But, you don't....your just carrying on like a sheila, as you are aware, but suffer heavy denial about PS3 being slightly superior in specs....

At least I was honest in my earlier post, in saying that Gears & Unchartered cancelled each other out in, if you wanna get all uppity for one side or the other, I will give my preference, this should say it all, I have all 3 Gears games & am yet to finish any, I have all 3 Unchartered's & I have finished 1&2 & will soon finish 3. Why??? Because Unchartered plays a lot better, smoother, fluid feeling, more dynamic & colourful in artstyle, waaaaaay better lead character & stories to accompany him, & I find the PS3 controller far better, & more comfortable after prolonged use.

And, Halo 4, yes, looks good, looks slightly better than the last Halo.......But your a tosser with no firm grip on reality if you think it looks better than Kilzone 2, even, let alone 3.
Killzone is still the benchmark title visually for this batch of consoles, so suck it up that won't change until the next gen machines hit.
And, as an owner of all Halo's (except Reach) on 360, & KZ1&2, I prefer KZ's gameplay more, by a country mile.
But then again, both feel less polished control wise than say COD or Crysis 2, as Halo & KZ only run at 30fps, & anyone with half a brain knows that a well done 60fps game always feels superior to a 30fps game.....they just feel more fluid, as they are.
So, sorry, but Killzone 2 is still the Heavyweight graphics champ of this console generation. Even as pretty as Far Cry 3 is, it is nowhere near as technically pretty as KZ....FC3's artstyle is what wins it browny points, & the horrendous pop-up & 30fps is just a stark reminder that we are ready for Durango & Orbis.
Belking  +   1125d ago
"Even as pretty as Far Cry 3 is, it is nowhere near as technically pretty as KZ....FC3's artstyle is what wins it browny points, & the horrendous pop-up & 30fps is just a stark reminder that we are ready for Durango & Orbis."

Dude, do you do realize that far cry3 is an open world game? If killzone and Uncharted were open world games they wouldn't look as good.
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talisker  +   1125d ago
I love this myth that open world games must have worse graphics. It pops up in every fanboy rant and just shows how technically illiterate most fanboys are.
ziggurcat  +   1125d ago
the next playstation WILL NOT launch in 2013, people... why do morons keep insisting that it's going to be out this year? where is the evidence to support such claims? oh, that's right... there's no indication from anyone other than armchair gaming "journalists" that think it's coming out this year.

we'll get an E3 announcement this year, but that's it.
stefan771  +   1125d ago
I doubt we will even see that
5eriously  +   1125d ago
This year, next year, it will be here soon enough that's all that maters and at the right time to ensure proper development. It's to be expected that it will be the best specked console technically by far. We already know that it will have the best exclusives and AAA titles. At least until then PS3 owners have a lot coming to keep them busy until the PS4 arrives so there is no real rush that may lead to bad decisions. The 360 owners are desperate for a new console upgrade as currently the 360 is in solid stagnation and it begins to show. Microsoft have all but abandoned their core gamer's and neglected their desire for more action.
stefan771  +   1125d ago
There's no way this is true. Why would devs announce games for the current gen into next year? How would the PS4 even have games if they don't have dev kits with PS4 specs yet? When have Sony ever announced and released a new console in the same year? Why would they start now?
uweuioidfb   1125d ago | Spam
gustave154  +   1125d ago
Krazy Ken and Krazy Kaz should announce the PS4 together
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