Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition Coming to Xbox 360, Achievements Outed

Achievements for the yet-to-be announced Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition have been revealed.

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-Mika-2016d ago

It true and I'm so glad I waited. This was honestly the only game I found interesting in the 3ds library. I'm glad It coming to consoles. Better controls,up scaled graphics, trophies, better online. This is going to be the best version of the game.

Zechs342016d ago

Best version of a game that hasn't been confirmed...


daggertoes832016d ago

yea this was the only reason i was thinking about getting a 3ds but now i dont have to. This is real and its also coming out for the ps3.

Scisca2015d ago

I think it's gonna suck. I think that since this game has been designed for a 3DS, so a very limited console, it won't transfer well to a home console. They would better just release it on the Vita. I know I'm not going to bother with it otherwise.

FarCryLover1822016d ago

I believe this!

It is real.

EddieNX 2016d ago

Meh , Game already has in game achievements on 3DS...

I truly loved this game on my 3DS , It's like the spiritual successor to Resi 4.
This game is litteraly good enough looking to just uprezz and call it a day...

The faces and character models do not look like they belong on a handheld. Amazing!

Myst2016d ago

Agreed found myself loving every moment, I gotta say the 3D wasn't as bad as I tried it every now and again. Kind of feel like going back to play it a bit more now...

EddieNX 2015d ago

The 3D turns Anti aliasing and couple of other things off , But it's a good trade off because It looks great in 3D , But looks sharper in 2D.

RTheRebel2016d ago

hmm that dualpixels rumors are all coming true
if this is true then its coming to ps3 as well and maybe vita

phantomexe2016d ago

The old post said ps3 and xbox. Best RE game i have played in awhile.

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The story is too old to be commented.