No, You Go to the Kitchen

This is observation made by a contributor about improper behavior of some gamers and a possible way to resolve it.

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360ICE2011d ago

I thought pretty much every game since the dawn of time took a strong stance against sexual harassment. But apparently that's the future.

Oh, the weird future. Where sexual harassment can get you banned from servers and human being have two arms and two feet. What's next, Sony will keep a separate report button for sexual harassment? And everyone else too?

And not to be a total dick, but isn't this getting a little redundant? I feel like I've read the same post a thousand times (not overdoing, btw. 1000 times. No joke). The topic is important and all, and more voices are great. All power to you. But at some point it became less of a heads up and more of a deja vu. Go back to the writing board.