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Destructoid: "Multiplayer in Tomb Raider? What the hell, right? As strange as it sounds, it was pretty easy to get into here at a preview event during CES 2013. The characters and locales come straight out of Tomb Raider's single-player, though it looks like producer Joe Khoury and his team at Eidos Montreal had a bit of fun building a multiplayer game around them."

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Holeran1987d ago

Looked interesting from what I saw of the multiplayer. I'm thinking they are definitly heading into the right direction with it.

TheRealSpy1987d ago

Looks pretty underwhelming. Looks like Uncharted MP.

I hate drawing that comparison because i'm a lot more excited for this game than any Uncharted game, but the MP does nothing for me.

HarryMasonHerpderp1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

It should never of had multiplayer.
Regen health, no swimming, quick time events, direct scenes from Uncharted and a feeble Lara Croft, this is not Tomb Raider.

DeadlyFire1986d ago

Could be bad and could be good, but I do not expect excellent MP. SP might turn out awesome. I am doubtful MP will. Very few games from Square Enix have ever had multiplayer other than final fantasy online.