Violence versus sex in video games

Society tends to oppose violence and sex in games. So, why does violence sell so well while sex is almost absent? Anton Wegenast takes a look.

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BillySpandex1990d ago

I don't want to give the impression that I'm a dirty young man, but I love that gaming has grown up. I love the fact that games like Far Cry 3 and the Witcher 2 have tried to treat their adult fans as... ADULTS. The fact that violence in games is tolerated and sex is frowned upon has to be one of the strangest hypocracies ever.

However, on one hand I do understand. Games are generally created in two countries where the attitudes towards sex, the female form and nudity have to be some of the most backwards.

The countries in question - Japan and the US. The irony is that up until the 1940s Japan's view of sex was fairly liberal. After the war, and with American puritanical views, their attitude hardened.

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TopDudeMan1990d ago

Ack, sex in games makes them realistic and have a more believable story, I think. But I wouldn't want to see the day where there are games based solely on sex.

claud31990d ago

violence is my favorite, sex is so not needed in games. It's pointless

ayabrea931990d ago

I think as long as it serves the story and is handled maturely then developers have the right to approach sex.

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