Kamiya's Replies To Kotaku Cross The Line

Hindman of Game Revolution writes:

Imagine it another way. "Women" is by no means an offensive word, right? But acknowledge that in this world, men and women probably say, approximately, an equal amount of completely inane bull. Right? Right. So now imagine that several times in a row, females ask you, a male, a string of stupid questions. Is it okay for you to respond with "No! F*** off! Gah, damn stupid women!"? Hell no it isn't. That's a jerk response, right there, because even though it might not necessarily be true, and even though you might not have ill feelings towards all women, it looks like the reason for your dismissal of the question is the fact that it's being asked by a woman.

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StifflerK1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I have no respect for flame baiting sensationalist sites like Kotaku, and it's good when devs make an example of them.

Kamiya, he's a good game designer, but I can't say I have much respect for him as a person. It's not just this incident - going off most of his comments and interviews I've read over the past few years, he really seems like a bit of a jerk.

Still, he makes good games....

rainslacker1962d ago

The best thing he could have done was to release an official statement and leave it at that. He could have put his own personal views into it and allowed the community to discuss it for him. It would have served his purpose much better than carrying on a discussion on twitter...quite possibly the worst place to try and push your views.

MikeMyers1961d ago

Am I the only one who really doesn't care at all about this feud? I'm interested in the final product, not the bantering that goes on in interviews, tweets and so forth. We've seen it before and we will see it again but it's just the games I care about and I make my decisions purely based on that.

But it seems some people want to get involved more so than others. We'll see the petition signs up soon enough telling people not to support the company/person or don't buy the game. Ridiculous. This is like boycotting Mel Gibson movies because he acts like an idiot outside of acting. Who the **** cares. I'm sure there's people right now digging through his garbage outside in the back alley looking for anything that's breaking news!

rainslacker1961d ago

The feud itself doesn't concern me at all. I haven't really followed it other than a couple articles I saw on it.

The lack of respect by the media towards developers in general does concern me. Which is why I said if he felt the need to respond it would have been better to do an official statement and leave it at that.

VileAndVicious1961d ago

True...he can be a bit if a jerk.
I still rember when he flew off the handle a few months ago because some fans had apparently been bothering him about Devil May Cry.. Lol it was funny but a bit immature...

Kamikaze1351962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I would normally say this is pathetic, but Kotaku had it coming. They post a LOT of nonsense and they took a hit at the guy with the original headline that got him upset. We all know they are desperate for hits, but it's the lowest of the low when you're taking a hit at the sort of people who are the source of your income - exclusive interviews, early hands on for reviews, beta/alpha access, etc.

But with that said....he's kind of taking things too far.

J86blum1961d ago

Everyone knows Kotaku is full of it but when you take time out of what your doing to attack it then clearly you are doing nothing worth much yourself. why pick on the kid everyone knows is full of it. clearly its a insecurity thing now.

Summons751961d ago

No they don't. If anything he gained more respect for saying the things he said.

Blacktric1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I don't think the writer knew what the hell was he talking about anyway.

"But the point Kamiya's internet defenders are missing is this: He's using the term in a way that sounds like a man's foreignness is grounds for disregarding something he said."

Isn't that the point? They accused him of "not understanding" the PC platform and how it works. He replied back to them, calling them "foreigners" that don't understand why he does the things he does, which was completely fine. He knew Kotaku is a sh*tty sensationalist site along with everyone else that had two ounces of brain. He could've easily explained them why they are wrong in a calm and intelligent manner but that wouldn't have stopped Kotaku from dismissing it like they always do. This is the site that has editors that kept claiming they did good journalist work by publishing a fake article created by NeoGaf users to lure them. And they were the only one to fell for it except for one other third grade gaming news site that no one ever heard about.

Edit: Another thing from the original Kotaku article;

"Again, this statement (Kamiya not liking Cloud technology), while baffling to many in the Western world, is completely in line with the standard Japanese line of thinking. Japan is a country where CD rental is still a booming business despite that we live in a day and age where MP3 downloads are readily available."

All of this is just pointless. You don't write a whole article about a japanese developer not liking cloud tech or not being close to PC gaming or development. He never said; "I think Steambox is useless and going to fail.". He only stated that he doesn't have close ties to the PC scene thus can't provide any opinion regarding that. But Kotaku just had to write a whole article about it based on two of his tweets while trying to make him look like an ignorant guy who shouldn't be developing games.

Pozzle1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Tbh, it looks like the author just wanted to use Kamiya's comments as a soapbox to talk about Japanese nationalism, xenophobia, and how he (as a foreigner) was treated during the Japanese tsunami. He hasn't really presented a new viewpoint, and has completely ignored Kotaku's similarly negative representation of foreigners (i.e. Japan).

Hell, just look at the articles under the "japan" tab on their site...

- "When You Can Rent Friends, You Are Never Forever Alone"
- "Hey Ladies, Want Long Legs? Go to a Japanese Arcade."
- "Human Butt Pillows Are Both Expensive and Creepy"
- "One Last Gasp of Cosplay Insanity"
- "In Japan, Dominos Has Kobe Beef Pizza"
- "The Guy Who Made Bayonetta Is Clueless About Valve and PC Gaming. That’s Common In Japan."

And those are just the ones posted this week alone. I couldn't be bothered searching for the articles about porn actresses, panty vending machines, and obscure hentai games. I mean, it's not like Japan has tens of thousands of years worth of rich and beautiful history, thousands of surrounding islands, multiple languages and dialects, different regions with different cultures, and over 100,000,000 citizens; all with individual personalities, looks, and opinions. Nope, it's all about cosplay, butt pillows and ladies with long legs.

God, is it any wonder Kamiya called Kotaku "stupid fucking foreigners"? His comments might have been unprofessional, but when douchey idiots who write about butt-pillows and Japanese legs attempt to "educate" non-Japanese people about your nation by using broad generalizations and your own quotes taken out of context, no wonder Kamiya got pissed off.

GSpartan7771961d ago

Twitter serious business since Twitter.

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