PSLS PlayList January 12th & 13th, 2013: Phoenix Edition

Every Friday, the staff here at PSLS will let you know what we’ll be playing for the weekend ahead (PlayStation-related or not), while also asking you what you’re playing this weekend. For this reboot though, we wanted to do something special. In addition to what we’re playing this weekend, you’ll also find out the games everyone at PSLS simply cannot wait to play in 2013.

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Wedge191958d ago

Interesting to note how many people are going back to their old backlog and playing those games! Gotta get as much of it out of the way as you can before all of the amazing titles this year!

TrendyGamers1958d ago

Yeah, before you know it all the big games will be here.

dbjj120881958d ago

I'm playing Earth Defense Force on my Vita.