GTA 5 Trevor Voice Actor Possibly Uncovered

GR - "By now, it's no secret that Grand Theft Auto 5 will do something that's considered a first for the series; and that's having three protagonists that will all be controllable by the user in the game."

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Cam9771295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Talk about harassment...! Why somebody would repeatedly harass somebody for what is likely disclosed information is beyond me.

ame221295d ago

This whole story is just sad. Knowing the voice actor's identity, what difference does it make?

karlowma1295d ago

Putting your phone number on Twitter is roughly equivalent to scrawling it on the wall of the world's busiest public restroom.

It is pretty despicable that these nobodies are harassing the poor guy, but hopefully he learned to value his privacy a bit more.

digitaleraser1295d ago

I'm still waiting for them to reveal what character Gilbert Gottfried will be playing.

-Gespenst-1295d ago

I thought he sounded a bit like Bob Odenkirk...

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