Does It Matter if the PS3 Overtakes the Xbox 360?

Push Square: "According to sales estimates released by the International Data Corporation earlier this week, the PlayStation 3 is now the second-best selling console of the generation. The research firm predicts that Sony surpassed the Xbox 360 in global shipment figures this December, putting the platform ahead of Microsoft’s machine for the first time since its release. But while the report has provided the fuel for a range of heated forum debates, does it really matter which system finishes on top?"

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NukaCola1865d ago

Nope. The only thing that is important is the PS3 sells. The PS3 has some of the most amazing exclusives and even with next generation coming, Sony is releasing so many new fresh games that continue to innovate and blow minds. Microsoft can sell all the 360s they want. I want the company that makes the best games to be successful so we don't lose those amazing IPs. And I am glad to see Sony still after all these years, doing wonders.

Abash1865d ago

Its really funny how there are so many "Does it matter" articles, I mean that alone shows what a big deal the news is.

And yes, it matters for next gen and is a victory for Sony with all they did to overcome the PS3's launch woes. PS3 beating 360 shows they turned what would have been a flop if it were anything but PlayStation into a success.

Launching a year later, less advertised, and *still* sold at a higher price yet it beat out the 360 that had so many advantages over it

StrongMan1865d ago

Haha, I knew this would happen. For the past six years it's been nothing but sales matters but now that the PS3 has beaten the Xbox NOW the media says it don't matter. Funny that.

The Playstation brand is an unstoppable juggernaut. A $600 price tag couldn't stop it, "no games" couldn't stop it, bad 3rd party ports couldn't stop it, "no cross game chat" couldn't stop it, "PS3 exclusives don't sell" couldn't stop it, "bad controller" couldn't stop it, doom articles couldn't stop it, lack of 3rd party support couldn't stop it,

Beware my PS3 brethren, the media will push the "sales don't matter" articles hard now. They saw this coming long ago and that's why they started pushing NPD numbers hard all of a sudden. They want you to believe that NPD is worldwide numbers.

Just watch the media and fans of the competition flip flop now.

Root1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )


"For the past six years it's been nothing but sales matters but now that the PS3 has beaten the Xbox NOW the media says it don't matter. Funny that."

They've done this for ages, look back when the PS3 first was released...first it was

"PS3 has no games"

When it did have games at launch but even now Sony give us more exclusives

The it was...

"Sony doesn't support gamers like Microsoft does"

Even though the PSN is free and Sony seem to be the only company left to still give a crap about core gamers.

Then it was...

"Sony's blu ray will die off...blu ray is going to be irrelevant in the future"

Now look at it, the crappy DVD system that MS uses holds some multiplatform games back, and no I don't mean performance wise I mean content wise, it's probably the reason we have so much DLC cut.

Next it was...

"The 360s graphics will get better and better...Sonys graphics at the minute are crap and won't be better"

<looks at Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and the last of Us> .....nope that hasn't happened

and so on

Point is every time Sony overcame the things MS fans bashed Sony for they changed the rules and made it into things which Sony hadn't done better it or achieved yet...

Money the company has and makes
Stock market value

but I mean look at it...non of those things mean anything to, sorry THEY SHOULDN'T mean anything to gamers yet because die hard MS fans like to keep changing the rules when Sony does one over them this is what it's turned into

Now that Sony has overtaken the 360, they are trying to say it doesn't matter.

See how this all works.

raytraceme1865d ago

It definitely does matter as sony still supports the ps3. The 360 has really lost all 1st party core support which I guess is going towards next gen. But honestly even next gen i dont see new ips from microsoft as i do from 3rd party and sonys 1st party. For fps and graphics whoring i have a pc. For exclusives i have a ps3 so as long as sony supports their platforms with AAA ips they will have my support. And this can only happen if people buy into the ps ecosystem.

GribbleGrunger1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

I can't help but wonder why it was that 360 owners and the media kept telling us the PS3 would never catch up when it actually didn't matter. I'm never seen so much flip flopping in all my life lol. Clearly, as you've rightly pointed out, the level of this sudden switch and the growing army of those that wish to shout 'unimportant' at every opportunity, are hurting for some very odd reason. It's not as if suddenly the 360 isn't relevant ... or is that how they see it? Perhaps the combination of all those delicious PS3 exclusives and now this has somehow made them question the validity of their argument over the years, and now they're suddenly realising that it wasn't blind Sony fanboys that predicted this but reasonably minded Sony fans who just followed the facts, and looked beyond the NPD wall surrounding America.

Of course the question now becomes: By how many consoles will Sony outsell the 360 when this generation ends? That's a question we've waited a long time to ask. I'd say 25 - 30 million when all is said and done. Oh, people will disagree ... say it won't happen, and then when it does: well you know the drill. And do you know what? I reckon when the 12 years is up, it could well be sitting above the Wii too.

pixelsword1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

It matters only because it mattered every month before when these same "journalists" would post the sales and make articles on how the Playstation 3 is being creamed.


This is the media bias PS3 fans have been talking about...

slimpickens1865d ago

It's feels like a dang kkk gathering in here. Why is it 6 to 7 years in and we still have people trying to prove a point that obviously no body other than the few on these sites care about? I mean grown grown freaking men in here gloating over there ps3 lol.

Outside_ofthe_Box1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

And now it doesn't matter anymore... when it shouldn't have mattered in the first place. Sales shouldn't matter to gamers, but that hasn't stopped gamers from calling the PS3 a failure because it went from 1st to 3rd sales wise. Hasn't stopped gamers from saying "Oh how the mighty have fallen" which is not referring to Sony failing to deliver a quality gaming experience this gen because it has been the opposite of that, but is referring to sales.

This is obviously reminiscent of the "PS3 has no games" label early on in the life cycle. All of sudden it became "Exclusives don't matter" "Being exclusive doesn't mean it's a good game" "Mutiplats are still available on the console" "Multiplats are better than a majority of the exclusives anyway" "Most of the games that interest me are multiplats" etc, etc, etc, etc, etc...

What is even more amazing is how people are trying to down play it. Yes the PS3 was expected to dominate sales wise before it's release, but what was the expectation for it after its first year of release? I don't need to tell you the answer to that.

Just because all three companies were prosperous this gen does not mean Sony failed. When it is looking like you may push 90-100 million+ consoles when it's all said and done how can you say that's a failure? It's failure just because MS and Nintendo are looking to push 90-100 million as well when it's over? Lets be real here.

ChrisW1865d ago


The Playstation brand is a juggernaut... But if all of those things you mentioned were handled better, the PS3 would've surpassed the 360 much earlier.

And because of such hard lessons learned, I'm interested in seeing the initial outcome of the next generation.

Septic1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

For those rejoicing on Sony coming second this generation or finally beating Microsoft for third place, put your minds back to one generation before this and the advent of this generation.

Honestly ask yourselves, did any of you anticipate Sony to be relegated to third place for so long? Did any of you imagine the 360 to put up such fierce competition?

For those many members on here that appear to have been embryos 6 years ago, let's recap: Sony had a huge monopoly on the industry. With the monumental sales of the PS1 and PS2, it was a behemoth that had the mighty Nintendo on the back foot. Microsoft's first entry did really well but it appeared to be clinging on the market and were it not for Halo CE, there might not even have been a 360.

Now I distinctly remember how, when the 360 came out, how everyone, including some staff at 360 magazine were discussing how the PS3 would completely obliterate the competition once it was released. The rest is history and here we are, on the cusp of the next generation where Sony has finally, supposedly, surpassed Microsoft.

So in defence of the author, it is a relevant question to be asked, simply by virtue of how late in the game this overtake has happened.

In my opinion, of course it still matters and Sony do deserve the success they have achieved by making good for their mistakes earlier this generation. But comparatively, this is a far cry from Sony's previous reigns contrary to what a lot of people on here are saying.

insomnium21864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

My god I'm almost crying here. So there ARE other people out there who went through the same s*itstorm as I did hailing for PS3 back in the day..... hold on I need a minute here....

Okay there. Here we go..

@ septic
Here are some truthfull answer to you from my perspective

"Honestly ask yourselves, did any of you anticipate Sony to be relegated to third place for so long?"

No I didn't. I didn't even care until the x360 camp started BSing about PS3 failing but honestly I didn't think it would take this long. It seems the financial downturn has played some part in it though.

"Did any of you imagine the 360 to put up such fierce competition? "

No. I didn't think that after the hc-bombardment and public chest beating MS would make a 180 turn and go for casuals. From a business standpoint it's been a huge success. I don't see why hc-fans should rejoice for it though.

"how the PS3 would completely obliterate the competition once it was released"

There were articles like this? All I saw was "PS3 is doomed" cause of the pricetag. It had all the "bells and whistles" nobody wanted supposedly and BD was dead on arrival. You must not have been on N4G if you saw any pro ps3-articles in 2005-2007.

" this is a far cry from Sony's previous reigns contrary to what a lot of people on here are saying"

Who is saying? There will never ever be such a situation like it was with PS2. Do you know why? Because other manufacturers have stepped up their game. And all the while when x360 fans rejoice for "teh doomz" of PS3 due to the friggen lost marketshare Sony walks laughing all the way to the bank knowing they have sold over 100 million consoles 3rd time in a row in a few years.

Man I can't get over the comments of Strongman and Gribble and Nuka and Root etc. Some people on this site has been SO vocal about the things you guys said to be untrue I almost lost all hope in mankind. Where are you vega, maniacmayhem and buddies. Oh and Nukeitall and my favourite ben grimm. Where art though....? How crazy am I now? MMUAHAHAHAHAH!! cough! errr... sorry for that....XD

AsimLeonheart1864d ago

I agree with you. The media has been very biased towards PS3 this gen. They have been highlighting even the most minor of its failures and downplaying even the biggest of its achievements. For years XBOX fans and media were bragging about XBOX sales lead and now that PS3 has wiped that lead even after launching one year late, it suddenly does not matters. Talk about hypocrisy. Microsoft talks about NPD numbers like US is the only country in the world. I think they should talk about Japanese sales numbers. Those should be some interesting figures to boast...

Rhythmattic1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )


I just couldn't be bothered replying to each paragraph you wrote with bullet points, and nulling each with my opinion....

So i disagreed instead.

BTW, PS3 doesn't have CGC... Leverage when you need it.

Irishguy951864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Sorry but this gen is a HORRIBLE loss for sony. Sony lost over half their user base to Nintendo and Microsoft

Edit---oh and before people try to BS about Nintendo appealing to Casual this gen, Sony also did that last gen. Ps2 was 'the thing' to get. Like the Wii became.

Septic1864d ago


Ah yeah that's a proper mature response right there.

Pretty much sums up the attitude and mentality of most people on this comments page.

The pure fanboy drivel on here is plain embarrassing. Some of these posts talking about 'Sony brethren' etc would make you think you came across some sort of cult.

pablo-b1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

lol "my ps3 brethren" dear oh dear.

really who gives a f*"k except for the usual zealots on here.

"Perhaps the combination of all those delicious PS3 exclusives and now this has somehow made them question the validity of their argument over the years, and now they're suddenly realising that it wasn't blind Sony fanboys that predicted this but reasonably minded Sony fans who just followed the facts, and looked beyond the NPD wall surrounding America"

i cant even believe that i am replying to this nonsense. just reading the first 10 comments is enough to make you shake your head in disbelief at the menatality and pathetic fanboyism that is displayed in the comments section day in day out.

no one from sony reads the posts on n4g, there is no chance that sony are going to hire you. you dont work for sony. you are not going to get any money from being part of the "ps3 brethren" (lmao how sad). you are going to get nothing...

so why the f*"k are you on talking rubbish and ready to die for a megacorp and its products???

Eyeco1864d ago

Yeah I agree I mean when you look at it most of the PS2's best selling games was casual crap like , Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Fit, Mario Kart,Wii Sports resort, Just Dance etc

nix1864d ago

i like the start of this thread... so many back to back "Well said" comments.

congrats sony and thanks a lot for the exclusives.

Kurylo3d1864d ago

Truthfully I think it doesnt matter at this point.

Common sense dictates either way this generation was technically a loss for sony. They went from behing the uncontested console with orginal xbox being nothing. Now they split their market share with another company. Thats bad news anyway you think of it.. even if they are doing good, they should be doing twice as good. Therefore anyway you look like it its been a victory for microsoft. They took half the market from sony.

BattleAxe1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

When the 360 had more sales, then it mattered to the gaming media, but now that the PS3 has sold more units it doesn't matter to the media. The hypocrisy shown by the gaming media is pathetic. If the gaming media were truly objective, then we would see articles titled "PS3 The Comeback Kid" or "Sony Shows the Power of the Playstation Brand", but instead what we get is "Does It Matter if the PS3 Overtakes the Xbox 360?"

Sarcasm1864d ago

Of course it doesn't matter, because of the launch dates.

Xbox 360 Launch in Japan/U.S. - Nov 20/21 2005
Xbox 360 Launch in Eu - Dec 2 2005

PS3 Launch in Japan/U.S. - Nov. 10/17 2006
PS3 Launch in Eu - Mar 23 2007

So that puts a 1 Year head start in Japan/U.S. for the 360, and a 1 year 4 month head start in Eu.

Any questions?

1864d ago
Kurylo3d1864d ago


I never knew it was a race. There isnt a finish line... there is the customers and the bottom dollar.

Anyway you look at it, Sony as much as i prefer them... they got cocky this generation and let go of half of their fan base to their competitor. Microsofts customers should be sonys. Microsoft was well played this generation in terms of taking over.

Sonys arrogance put my on microsofts boat before i got a ps3 later down the road. Regaurdless of who came out first.. that really means nothing... like literally what does that matter, the years dont equal extra revenue do they? lol. There both probably going to come out with their next console around the same time. Is that the start of a new race for you? lol

This isnt a race to the top, its how much market share you can take. Microsoft gained a huge market share. Sony lost a lot of its market share.

horndog1864d ago

Silly kid if you gamed last gen and ownef a ps2 you would know that it was sony coming into this gen with so much advantage over its competitors. MS was the underdog but sony fked things up so bad it made it look like MS had the advantage

omi25p1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

The PS3's out sold the 360?.

Huh, don't remember reading any official statements.

I guess what ever anyone says goes.

So while you're all arguing and saying you're sob story's of how hard this generation has been and how Sony the multibillion dollar corporation was bullied by everyone.
Il be sat here with both my PS3 and My 360 Laughing.

SilentNegotiator1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

A more mature audience took over from the "PStree third place!" group, that's why. PS3 fans didn't care about sales as they played amazing original games (plus the multiplats) then and they don't care now. Fans including myself are happy to see that in the end, the system with exclusives, free online, a better disc format, open HDD format, etc sold more pieces of's a matter of principle, but much less people are rubbing it in from the PS3 fanbase than did the 360 fanbase.

So what? If the PS3 is still behind a million, it still has more working systems and still sold at a much faster rate.

BlindGuardian1864d ago


the fact that the PS3 outshipped 360 means that the PS3 was NEVER in second place, it always outsold the 360, the only thing that changed now is that PS3 caught up with 360 in total sales after launching a year later

Dee_911864d ago

haha first exclusives dont matter
now the ps3 overtaking 360 dont matter

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miyamoto1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

A Three Feat Back to Back Grand Slam

That is why it matters.

Its not winning the game but how you played the game.

Sony has stayed true & steadfast despite all the negative stuff thrown at it.

I am sure that matters to a giant like Microsoft... a lot!
What matters more to M$ is losing two generations straight despite having more money.

It matters for the launch of the next PlayStation & the next Xbox.

This proves to the investors to bet and renew their faith on Sony.
This proves that Japan can withstand the pressure from the

This proves that they by doing it themselves out of great responsibility, they had a winning strategy by planting new game IPs and ideas themselves to fill the gaming industry with variety and diversity; games of all types for everybody.

Thank you for all the negativity thrown at PlayStation because it woke people up to voice their opinions about the truth about the PS3 and 360.

It was a blessing in disguise for PlayStation. And it actually helped Sony by the overwhelming support of opinionated gamers rallying to support Sony worldwide. Gamers learned how to dig up the truth, facts and fight for the truth and their opinions.

I supposed M$ has learned its lessons not to buy out the media never again because it backfired on them.

But knowing M$, I expect a massive retaliation from their camp to jack up their numbers & so he vicious cycle continues.

wishingW3L1865d ago

Wii is still ahead by around 20 million consoles you know....

Hellsvacancy1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

So what, the Wii isnt even regarded as a "next gen" console like the PS3 and 360, the Wii U is, the Wii U plays next gen games, like COD and Assassins Creed etc

So the "fight" is between Sony and MS

Zool 081865d ago

As Sony said this is a marathon, not a sprint seems to ring true:-)

Consoldtobots1864d ago

im curious as to why people expect anything more from a bunch that has taken cheapshots, outright lied, ridiculed those of us who wanted a fair and balanced discussion of the industry, intentionally downrated and misrepresented the quality of early playstation title and still do to this day.

if anything being sore losers falls right in line with their behavior. I think what is lost on the more kind spirited and somewhat naive of our playstation brethren is that this was never a friendly competition for the good of the industry. This was an outright declaration of war where they intended to take no prisoners. For the good of gaming as a whole they are now on the losing side and soon to be on the trash heap of wannabe's of gaming history.

N4g_null1864d ago

Please stop turning gaming into some thing it is not. These are platforms of tech used to make games that you are suppose to use all of that drama on.

There seems to be more drama queens in gaming than gamers now. Hardcore use to mean skilled gamer now it is just brand loyalty.

The only reason why I can see this finally mattering is because you didn't want to be wrong.

The truth is the ps3 is at $250ish now it's going to sell a lot better. It's games from the past 6 years are $19! It is finally going to sell really good now. Many said it was a mistake to use the cell as a gpu. Luckily they fixed that with the rsx. We needed a price at or around ps2 launch. Not the price of laser disk that no one asked for hardly. Ps2 had a monopoly because they made a key componet of making a game cheap, disk price.

Then we had the cell problem. Every one had a ps3 game delayed while gears of war was coming out. Oh and the unreal engine, you know the engine that a lot of modders grew up using doesn't work on it to well. We saw a year and a half delay. Ps3 fans where put in a bad place then. So much was promised so much was not even dilivered. So many where told that yes the ps3 was way more powerful but programmers are lazy. Six years later we have games running at 15-20 fps that are harold as the great ps3 games. All except killzone where slow paced pick your own adventure games and killzone was even merged for a while so it moved slow.

The best game on ps3 was star hawk or some thing lol. I can not even remember it now. It was an actual game though which took skill. What was most annoying was story gamers where not really gamers otherwise they had a xbox360 for online play... Which arguably is the only real form of gaming in gaming now. If the cod franchise would have skipped the system it would have been neo geo status.

Looking back Sony just put to much hype out there. Kaz is right they did not have a focus. Monopolies tend to do this to companies. Sony silver bullet has always been their media formats. They also excelled in a few chips yet have very forward r&d. Just look at their full vr head set. What about their auto 3d round tv? Will cloud gaming give them an edge when they have to go up against nvidia?

This matters simply because we need to see the old Sony that gave us formats we all loved gamers and publishers.

Gamers where addicted to playing the games back then. Now they are addicted to social memes as if this was a spectator sport. Alot of what the naysayers was right and Sony should build a real plan to make all gamers happy not just their first party fans that mostly like story gaming. Pc gamers need to be in there along with arcade gamers. Skill is addictive. Not hype, that is more like a myth.

I think Sony has learned its lesson and I also think they should wait till they have another media win again. To the fans remember to learn from the lie. N64 fans did, rrod fans did. Just find your fun but it may not be everyone cup of tea. Thus it will not always be wildly successful.

These are all opinions though. The best way to test them is to invest in them!

1864d ago
miyamoto1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

This is why I support the PS3.

Sony has done a terrific job at keeping the pirates at bay. Its a legitimate success driven by legitimate software & legitimate gamers unlike any other video game system before it like the Xbox 360. A first in video game innovation history marred by piracy.

It was not a flawless victory though and it is still a hard fought battle along with keeping up with M$, Nintendo and the global recession & some USB dongling out there. It caused Sony so much time, money & effort investing in Blu-ray, PS3 & PSN security measures, constant software & hardware updates & adjustments stripping the PS3 to the bare essentials.

But ultimately Sony has achieved their goal!

Sony has kept the whole PlayStation ecosystem in control. They reformed many pirates and frustrated many hackers. They gave hope to many publishers, developers & retailers that a decent anti-piracy in gaming can be done. Compelling EA & Ubisoft to make exclusive deals. They even made Gabe Newell eat his words and jump on the PS3 bandwagon with Steam along with Epic Games, Crytek and other PC developers.

With this legitimate success Sony has also laid the anti-piracy ground work for the next PlayStation console. Talk about long term planning.

Yet Sony & PS3 is still being ignorantly criticized in terms of sales figures without considering this important factor.

PS3 might not sell as fast or as many as the PS2 but this time its sales figures, its profit, its attach rate & its success is truly legitimate.

I lived in Third World South East Asia where in many generations, many gamers like me pirate games since the Family Computer, Mega Drive, Super Famicom, PSONe, PS2, GameCube, Xbox 360 to Wii.

But the arrival of PS3 changed all that.

All though we are a poor country but many gamers here actually bought legit games for PS3 & - the reason why PS3 has done so very well overall worldwide.

When it comes to quality and quantity of hardware & software and anti-piracy the PS3 is the true victor in every sense of the word.

PS @ DK2

huh? try to read my post again....

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Thatguy-3101865d ago

Exactly. I mean it's good that they didn't die out this Gen because of all the obstacles in the beginning and I solute Sony for handling it well but I'm just happy for the games I receive from the system. The exclusives is what matters to me and in the end I'm truly satisfied with my ps3 whether it's the most or least sold console.

N4g_null1864d ago

Right there is a gamer!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Can't wait for e3!!!

Sony has the best console 3 gens in a row! Not bad!

I think ps4 will be huge mainly because they know it has to be.

NateCole1865d ago

exactly. At this stage i am still excited about upcomming PS3 games like i was back in 2007. Sony just keeps giving and make hardcore gamers happy and to me that is what matters.

As for PS3 overtaking x360. Take that you Sony haters lol!

Awesome_Gamer1865d ago

100% agree with you guys.

lfclee1864d ago

The only thing that should really matter is getting them trophy's!

xtremeimport1864d ago

Yes, I think it matters.
If for nothing more than to show SONY that, while they took risks trying to innovate and be different, it ended up paying off. Even when things seemed pretty dark for them. Now just imagine, if it launched at a lower price, had better advertising for not only the system, but its top exclusives. I hope they learnt a lot this gen and apply at least some of it to their next system.

But, it also just matters that it sells. In an industry thats all about making money, that obviously has to happen. Its refreshing to see a big company take a risk and actually lose money in order to be original.

kenshiro1001864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Wow...this is funny. The media has been bashing Sony to death for a good few years and when the tide starts to turn, they're saying 'does it matter if the PS3 overtakes the 360'? Really?

I'm sure it would have mattered if it was the other way around, right?

Hypocrisy at its finest.

And for the people saying that the Wii is the real winner, no one denied that. But in terms of second place, Sony won the fight.

Tales RPG addict1864d ago

I agree both PS3 & 360 are great. All I care about is GAMES more than anything overall.

1864d ago
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smashcrashbash1865d ago

Stop the does it matter articles please. It mattered to everyone when the 360 was ahead so why does it suddenly not matter the moment the PS3 slips ahead? And it never seemed to matter either that the PS3 many times was ahead worldwide and it only seemed to matter that the 360 was ahead in NA.You guys remind me of children who suddenly don't want to play anymore once it looks like they might be losing.And also stop trying to make it seem that the Xbox 360 has somehow surpassed everyone else. They didn't.They haven outsold either the PS2, PS1,Wii and now the PS3.So just stop. If the 360 pulled ahead of everyone like the PS2 did I would be impressed and admit defeat but they couldn't catch the Wii or shake off the PS3 even with all the advantages they had. I done see how that is considered so great.The PS2 took more gamers away from Nintendo then the 360 has taken from Sony. And even worse it is going to be even more uneven next gen with the Wii U being a HD console.

TheRealHeisenberg1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

You feel better now? Can you sleep in comfort now that your beloved console is possibly on top? I play mostly on my PS3 now and I can tell you that I for one will sleep better than I ever have now that the "Champ" is here!

This applies to most of you; you know who you are too.

@ kellymiester

There will be none of that Wii stuff up here. Sony has to be on top. Alllllllllllllllllllllways!!!!

CynicalKelly1865d ago

"2nd" People seem to forget the Wii is still number one.

Outside_ofthe_Box1865d ago

kellymiester, you reminded of the times when certain people reduced the whole 1st, 2nd, 3rd places to just Win and Lost, but somehow there were two winners and only one loser in that tier system lol. MS and Ninty were winners and Sony was the loser.

pixelsword1865d ago

The Wii sold as much as it did because it started off at a cheap price.

You ain't selling one Wii if it started off at $600

Eyeco1864d ago

In the UK when the wii launched it was around £170 that's dirt cheap for a new console the PS3 launched at £425 thats almost 3 times the price, you also have to take into consideration that without the Wiimote and it's obvious mass appeal to casuals you could argue that the wii would have flopped because realistically nintendo's I mean look at the Wii's best selling games for christ sake

IAmTheBest351864d ago

and look at the ps3's best selling games for christs sake. call of duty games. whats your point?

kenshiro1001864d ago

Hey kelly, so now we're harping on the Wii being the winner?


Eyeco1864d ago

Thats the best you could come up with ? Its a fact that MOST of the Wii's best selling games is casual crap, I se allot of people calling COD a casual game, if that's so then what on earth do you call MOST wii games ? you can't compare the two,

I mean at least the people that play COD, go on to play other games or at the very least play cod daily, do you honestly think the 85 year old senior in the retirement home ever picked up a wii mote again ?

In fact look who plays on those games these people aren't gamers they never play these games again, theres a reason why despite the huge sales figures of those games and the Install base surprisingly the Wii has the lowest attach rate of any console this gen, in fact according to a Nielsen figure it's also the LEAST used console this gen. When you look at the main demographic(non gamers) on the console it comes to no surprise

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rainslacker1865d ago

While I'm a admitted Sony fan, I still think we should not dismiss the accomplishments MS has made this gen. They went from being a rather niche machine, to being a major player in the market. For that fact alone they deserve props.

They gave real competition to Sony this gen, something they haven't had in quite a while. It certainly affected PS3 sales, and that can't be denied. Sony stayed true to what they always have, and for that they are now being to speak.

pixelsword1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

I agree; this achievement (no pun intended) is not knocking Microsoft at all, I congratulate them for holding on to second for so long. I don't have an issue with them, and I don't have an issue with 360 fans as I am one of them. I only have an issue with a lot of game journalists and a number of gaming sites because they made the numbers an issue and now that the numbers are working against them, all of a sudden it's not an issue for whatever reason they want to attempt to give.

I don't know about this particular website or writer, as I am not familiar with them, but IGN is definitely one of them.

Ezz20131864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

achievement unlock "ps3 overtake xbox360"

i kid i kid
don't bubble me down lol

N4g_null1864d ago

If ms never listened to epic then the xbox360 would have been a Zune monument. Unreal 3 was a normal mapping beast! Most people didn't even have the right gear at first to even make the games!

You have to give Sony props for the cell "idea". With out the cell faiiling along with the larrabee gpgpu systems would not be where they are. CPU hives never took off out side of system on chip designs ethier.

The Xbox was a matter of choosing the right specs for the price, releasing early enough for your price to fall when developers needed those 5 million copy sales. Pleasing the ps3 fanbased was a real gamble. We never got the super compiler from IBM but the tools did get better.

Now why would this matter? Sony already has gpgpu code ready technicly. Now they just have to choose the right price and platform for developers.

Also do you see a pattern forming. You win a few gens then you fall and you have to continue making games for an old following.

MRMagoo1231864d ago


It would be a trophy tho not an achievement, why would MS get an achievement for losing there foot hold lol

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Seraphemz1865d ago

LOL!!! NOW it doesn't matter who is better, but before it was " how can SONY make a comeback" " What SONY needs to get back on TOP"....funny how things change.

get2sammyb1865d ago

The article's not an attempt at undermining the PS3's success. It's just a discussion about whether it's really important that the PS3 takes the lead at this stage.

Seraphemz1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Of course it is. As in anything, it doesnt matter what place you are in the begining, its where you finish.

All these years SONY has been bashed about being in last place, even though 360 had a year out before PS3. And now that its doing better than the 360 sites like IGN and this one want to make it seem like it doesn't matter what place its in....

just saw that you wrote it...

Also,there's something to be said about this site since its the same dumb site that wrote Sony should make LESS EXCLUSIVES...

Edit : Just saw that you actually wrote the article..

rainslacker1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

It was never important. That's the problem. For years the media has been making it important. It isn't something that has quieted down over the past year, just a few days before the initial prediction came in there were doom sales articles on this site. Now a few days later it isn't important.

I do think some people are taking it to extremes on the Sony side. But honestly I understand where they're coming from.

When next gen rolls around, this same kind of crap is going to happen all over again. Is this same media, and naysayers in forums, going to accept articles such as this one to prove that SALES DO NOT MATTER AND NEVER HAVE!

5eriously1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

YES! it is important that Sony takes the lead, better even I will end my telly only a year from now or when the eXbox360 stops shipping to be fair to Sony. Also we all know Sony will not stop the PS3 love yet, look at the PS2 only stopping now. So AGAIN YES! it's important for me personally for all the bashing I had to endure because I bought a PS3 and were convinced (rightly so) that it was a better console and on the end will be the outright winner in lifetime sales. I will support Sony when the PS4 arrives and will only ever consider a M$ box when they return to core gaming and proper AAA titles and decent support an NO! I do not think Hallow XXX will ever sway me.

I just hope one day we would know how many repeat sales were generated due to the RROD saga, that would change the estimate sales true numbers drastically.

Majin-vegeta1865d ago

360 (fan girls logic)

2005-2008:It's all about the exclusives.
2008-2012:It's all about the sales
2013-...:Ummm we pay to play on shitty p2p servers so we automatically win.

And yes it does cuz year in year out you would hear the PS3 will never surpass the sexbox306 bla bla....

Seraphemz1865d ago

I think in 2013 its more about " wait till the next xbox..."

sandman2241865d ago

It only matters for fanboy bragging rites.