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TPR: "100s of hours of replayable content await you in the most satisfying gaming experience in years."

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KimikoGaming1986d ago

Persona 4 Golden, in my opinion, is by far the greatest game for the Vita thus far. Despite it being a remake of a PS2 game.

I approve of your review. =D

UNCyrus1986d ago

The added content alone makes is a worthwhile purchase.

KimikoGaming1986d ago

I actually like the new card and fusion systems. The game is easier and a lot more fun than I remember it being on the PS2.

I definitely prefer Chie's new voice actor though. Teddie's new voice actor does a pretty good job at sounding mostly the same as the old voice actor. XD

TheoreticalParticle1986d ago

New Funky Student content alone makes it a worthwhile purchase.

1986d ago
TooTall191986d ago

How similar is this game to P3P gameplay-wise?

vegetassj511986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Battle system/other world wise it's pretty much the same with some improvements(ex: when you die you restart from the floor you are on instead of from your last save). When you are out in the real world you can now walk around instead of the point and click on P3P. I think it is better overall gameplay wise than P3P.

MizTv1978d ago

I live this god damn game